Pretty Little Liars Review: A Sock Drawer With No Socks

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After one slow week and a lackluster party, Pretty Little Liars THANKFULLY offered another exciting installment this week.

"Remains of the A" shot suspicious evidence at two characters who have mostly escaped scrutiny lately: Ezra and Holden. Ezra's relationship with Aria has mostly shielded him from our accusations and theories (although some fans have been distrustful of his appropriately timed arrival in Rosewood). Holden was another mysterious character until he came clean about his heart condition and carpe diem approach to life

But all the goodwill these characters built up could be thrown out the window as this episode makes us ask how much we should trust them. Or rather, how much Aria should trust them.

Angry Hanna

Could Ezra be A? Or one of A's minions? 

Let's take a look at the evidence. Aria finds stacks of cash in his drawer and, unfortunately, we had to wait until the end of the episode for her to ask him about it. Granted, this is a major improvement for the series. It used to be that we'd have to wait weeks before one of the girls would work up the nerve to just ask about suspicious behavior. But Aria is comfortable enough in her relationship to be open and honest with Ezra about what's bothering her (just not about the A drama).

Ezra's excuse seemed really lame. It was like he came up with it really quickly and then tried to distract her by acting so pitiful and embarrassed. And it worked! She immediately felt sympathetic for him and cuddled up on the couch. BUT Ezra shot a look back at his sockless drawer. Where did he get the money?

The most likely source is Jason's reward. Jason made his check out to cash, and that certainly seemed like large amount of cash sitting in Ezra's drawer. Any other thoughts about where it might have come from?

In other relevant revelations, Emily began having more flashbacks about the crazy night she wound up next to an empty grave. Apparently, at one point she stopped at a diner. Must've been a long evening. What was interesting about this memory was that she wasn't with Jenna; there was a man with her. This guy had a mysterious stamp of an eye on his wrist, and Emily saw this same stamp on Holden's wrist at the church dance.

What was Holden doing at the church? Was he following the instructions Hanna left with Garrett's mom? It seemed awfully coincidental that he would pop up again in the same place that the girls set up to trap A. We haven't really seem him since "CTRL-A." But we're not even sure that A read the note. Wilden intercepted it at some point and decided to wait around at the church, as well as harass the Marin girls. That guy is the biggest creep on the show! (and that's saying a lot!)

Holden definitely knows something. He tells Emily he saw her girlfriend once at the club where he got the stamp, but runs off when she presses him for more information. Emily can't quite remember the face of the guy with her at that diner; she can remember the back of his head and even that image is a little fuzzy. It could be anyone, but the hairstyle seems to suggest its Holden...or maybe even Ezra. So, who was with Emily at the diner?

Other than offering us some great suspects to consider, the episode also delivered a key piece of evidence. Jason finally tells Spencer the truth about the N.A.T. club. There were three members that Jason knew of him: himself, Garrett and Ian. Ian did the videotaping, but Jason thought that maybe Ian was taping for someone else too. And there were other girls involved who might have been setting up their own friends. Sounds like something Ali might do, right?

The brother and sister team, Spencer and Jason, find out that April Rose is an antique shop. The store has a some pretty damning evidence too - Ali's anklet. Luckily, they turn it over to the police. But the evidence doesn't help things out in the way Spencer expected. Instead of proving that Garrett is a killer, the anklet actually does the opposite. It has blood from both Ali and an unknown third party. Spencer has a very uncharacteristic breakdown when she finds out that Garrett's case has been dismissed.

Wow! That's a whole lot of stuff to think over before next Tuesday's installment, so be sure to check out our PLL Round Table later this week as we explore some of our big (and not so big) questions from the evening.


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I have my suspicion that Aria is A. Her and Ezra never get hurt, she still has the red coat and she never seems worried. Lets not forget the other three liars agree that Aria is the best liar of the four of them. Plus she found the pills she could of easily framed Lucas plus she was inside the house the night Emily got drunk and drugged. I don't think Spencer killed Ali, I think she is just frustrated of the situation, and how every time she thinks she has the answer it's another dead end.


I don't think Ezra has anything to do with A or the A team; I think the cash is a way of introducing the new ark of his family coming in and adding a little more to his character and relationship with Aria. Holden's appearance was really strange; we haven't seen him in a while and out of the blue he just pops up and makes small talk to Emily like they're best buds or something. Either he has something to do with it or the writers are just trying to throw us off. I still think Wren totally has something to do with this whole thing and I think he is the one letting Mona out of the ward, or helping her on the inside. I think he was the one who put the pills in Lucas' bag while he was visiting Mona to make it look like him. I love Spencer and Jason working together, and really hope he has nothing to do with the A drama.


Everyone seems to be debating whether it was Holden or Ezra at the diner with Emily, but is there any chance it could be Wren? He hasn't made an appearance in awhile, but the pills that Emily was drugged with are also used to calm down psychiatric patients (as she said in her research), and Wren was always at the psychiatric hospital. He has dark brown wavy-ish hair, so he could fit the blurred image. Perhaps he's doing Mona's bidding?


I dont think Ezra is A, but I do think he used to be part of the "A team". Ezra just so happened to meet Aria at that bar in the pilot and begin teaching that same time right when they found Alison's body. I'm not saying Ezra killed Ali but I think at first he was part of the "A team" and now wants out of it. I think he was hired to stalk Aria and at first he did but then fell in love with her. Ezra did give a creepy look at his drawer. Maybe he just did that because he was scared that Aria would find out what he did.
Remember when Hanna, Spencer, and Emily went to that freaky doll store at night? Where was Aria? She was with Ezra. Ezra could have known that A was going to attack the girls that night and made sure Aria was not there. When Hanna got hit by the car Aria was with Ezra, (I know that doesn't really have anything to do with it but still)
I also think that Spencer was the one who killed Ali. That's the reason why she was crying last night because she thought it was all over. BUT... I think Spencer thought she killed Ali but she didn't and the twin was the one who killed her.
I really think they are doing the twin storyline. Jason has said many things hinting at there being a twin.
I think Lucas was the one in the diner with Emily that night, but I don't know why. And I think when Holden said he used to see Emily's girlfriend there a lot, I think he was talking about Ali...


SERIOUSLY....when did ezra and aria move in together? and i thought ezra got a nice new job...why is he still answering ads?


I know this idea might be a little weird and some people might not like it but... what if the girls killed allison together. This would explain why A or the a team would spend so much time and energy on destroying them. Otherwise, it doesn't make complete sense that people would go to all that trouble to torture girls who were just friends with allison. It could be explained by them losing their memory or something. Idk this thought has always been floating in my mind


The writers love Ezra too much to put him in the A-team! Also you are too quick to judge him!It is known that his family is wealthy and i think that the whole drawer thing is the entrance point for his family.They said we will meet them and i think their story starts now.In my opinion they will give Ezra a whole new story ark !


Why would Ezra have any interest in being A or one of the A-Team? It doesn't make sense. Mona at least had a motive but I really don't see one for Ezra. I don't believe that the money really came from the sale of his granddad's car but I do believe that he's just too embarrassed to tell Aria where it's really from and that's the reason he lied. What interests me is who Jason gave to money to and what that person told him. There was no mention of it at all.


I agree with Two Viviers, having Ezra so suspicious all of a sudden doesn't necessarily mean he is A. I mean, we complain all the time about the four girls accusing people too quickly, so we shouldn't jump right to Ezra. Honestly, it probably has something to do with his family. As far as we know, he has little to no motivation. Just because something would come as a surprise, doesn't mean it is a good plot device.

Charmed jenna

The dude at the diner could still be Lucas, I really doubt it's Holden for some reason. Also I don't know about you guys, but I still don't trust Jason, he lied to Spencer about the reward and suddenly he's working just as hard to help her. Something smells fishy. Season 3 is turning out be my favourite season so far. I'm really enjoying the girls taking control and Aria hasn't managed to annoy me once this season.

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