Pretty Little Liars Round Table: "Remains of the A"

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There's no way Ezra could have anything to do with the A Team... right?

We found ourselves asking that question following the latest Pretty Little Liars episode, as Round Table panelists Teresa Lopez, Nick McHatton, Leigh Raines, Christina Tran and Carissa Pavlica are here to breakdown "Remains of the A." Won't you join them?


Spencer's father is back. Will the Hastings secrets ever end?
Teresa: It looks like there's no end in sight for the for the Hastings' family secrets. First, there was Jason, then Melissa, and we still don't know what that private investigator found out about Ali's disappearance and Melissa's possible involvement. So, why was Spencer's mom defending Garrett? It seems like the parents suspect that at least one of their children was involved in some way.

Nick: I've lost track of all of their family secrets, so what's another one? I'll just continue to enjoy Toby and Spencer make out.

Leigh: No way, Spencer's family has as many secrets as Gretchen Weiners' hair. And that's a lot. They are the shadiest family and Spencer is pretty strong to put up with it. Even though she looked like she was cracking at the end, she will bounce back.

Christina: Probably not. Spencer had a major breakdown this week, but like Leigh said, I know she will bounce back sooner than later.

Carissa: I was surprised to even see Mr. Hastings. I thought he had moved out. Isn't it weird that Spencer's parents are never in the same room at the same time? They may have more secrets than anyone on the show at this point.

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What do you think of Spencer and Jason working together to find A?
Teresa: I think it's great that Jason and Spencer have finally started talking about all this Ali drama. I don't think Spencer should trust Jason 100%, but he's opened more about the N.A.T club and he might know more than he thinks about this new A.

Nick: It's an interesting pairing because of their family ties, but I would prefer it be with Toby. I don't like that the ladies keep their leading men out of the game; the plot would open up so much if the circle of trust went a little further!

Leigh: I like that Jason and Spencer hang out, but what about the reward he allegedly paid out? Do we fully trust Jason? Sometimes it feels like we can't trust anyone except the core four. I also agree with Nick that it's crappy Toby is left out of the loop. This is why Hanna lost Caleb, I don't want to see Spencer lose Toby.

Christina: I didn't mind it, but I would also have preferred she didn't keep Toby in the dark. Can any of these girls have a real and honest relationship? Then again, they are the Pretty Little Liars...

Carissa: I love it, and even more so that it digs at Mister that they are getting on so well. I totally agree on letting the boyfriends into the circle, but let's face it... not gonna happen. Our liars have a blind spot when it comes to understanding some lies are better left actually said.

Who is still on your A Team?
Teresa: I definitely think Lucas is involved in some way. Other than that, I'm guessing Melissa, Mona, and maybe Holden now. I'm wondering if he even has a heart condition. I don't know about Ezra. I want to believe that he's innocent, but his behavior has been a little suspicious lately.

Nick: Lucas, Alison, Mona, Wilden, and Holden.

Leigh: Jenna, Lucas, Mona, Holden, Wilden...maybe Melissa?

Christina:  Jenna, Lucas, Wren, Mona and Melissa.

Carissa: Mr. and Mrs. Hastings, Melissa and Alison. All the others are a ruse.

We're always seeing A in black gloves and either eating or drinking. Do those items have anything to do with the identity of A?
Teresa: I just think A is very careful about leaving evidence behind, which is why that blood on the anklet is so important to him/her.

Nick: Ultimately, I think these point to Alison being A. The way Alison always portrayed herself seems to speak to these snippets at the end, and, while I believe there's a team of As, Alison loves to use others for her dirty work. The ending seems to indicate that Ali could be communicating with her As via the newspaper; remember when Spencer figured out Ali and A were communicating with with the classifieds section?

Leigh: Not really and it's also pretty weird. Considering this heat wave I'm living in, if I saw someone in all black with leather gloves on 24/7 I'd be creeped out. Like why are you wearing gloves indoors? You're clearly a serial killer. Come on now.

Christina:  I'm not sure. I always find the closing minutes very strange. I think A is definitely the puppet master, but I don't think all of the scenes are clues as to who he/she is. They just seem so random at times.

Carissa: I'm with Nick on this one. I think there are clues that, if we were the girls, would lead us to know it was Alison. If I went back and rewatched, would I learn she liked a specific fruit? Played at drinking a certain cocktail? Plus, Sasha Pieterse is a full-time cast member now. I'm reading into it.

Are you piecing together Emily's lost night any faster than the show is? Share your scenario, if you have one.
Teresa: I still can't figure out what Emily did that night, except that the evening was way longer than I originally thought.†

Nick: So, Emily got her flask spiked, had some food with Holden, took a ride with Jenna, and then found a shovel at Alison's grave. That's all I got.

Leigh: Well she was basically roofied, someone picked her up and then she was probably deposited at that diner with Holden waiting for some other kind of pick up, probably by Jenna. I don't think Holden is A really, but I think he is indirectly working with them.

Christina: Oh, Emily. I'm piecing together her long night just as fast as the show is; however, I'm also wondering why Emily isn't more adamant about what exactly happened to her. First off, I'd be asking people working at the diner if they remember seeing me and who I was with. Secondly, I would have never let Holden sneak away so easily. It irks me how patient she's become with trying to figure out what happened to her.

Carissa: The Hastings family, sans Spencer (it was their cabin after all) roofied Emily, dragged her around town and set her up as a grave digger for some unknown reason, leaving her with Alison, dressed as Maya, in a strange Twin Peaks-like diner.

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I miss my dolls= immd= Ian, Melissa, Mona, Darren(the detective)!


I definitely don't think Ezra is working with A. At least not directly. I think he has his own storyline going on separate from A. He's definitely lying about something but I think they aren't connected.
I too have lost track of the Hasting family secrets. There are so many and it's getting so convoluted at this point, it's hard to keep track.
I do like Spencer and Jason working together. I do think he has his own agenda though...
I'm thinking Jenna, Lucas and I'm beginning to think the detective is somehow involved. Whether it's directly or indirectly, I'm not sure. Weren't the girls suspicious that the A Team could have a cop involved?
Emily's lost night does need to move along. It's not quite realistic and it doesn't make any sense. It feels like it's dragged out.


real, healthy, mature relationship cause youre supposed to be honest &open in relationships.


Not to mention how thier illegal relationship has already gotten him fired and if her parents found out that they were still secretly dating and having sex, shed be in soo much trouble.She always talks about how she loves him/they love each other and she tries to act soo mature but conviently forgets that true love is not doing things to hurt the one you love _like how by them dating has gotten him fired once and could again and he could go to jail maybe be sued and he wouldnt be allowed to teach(which he loves) if it became public about thier relationship.She shouldve stayed away til she was 18 and he worked not at her school before dating him.Plus A has gone after him/them(,season two episode 20 A tried to have Byron catch them together & season one Ella getting tickets to the same event they were attending),Spencer &Hanna broke up with thier bf to keep them safe from A so Aria should too, not to mention that she hasnt been honest/open with him about A so its not a teal, healthy or mature relationship cause youre supposed to be honest and open with people you love, people youre in relationship with.


Arias my favorite character, but late season two she was getting on my nerves the way she froze out her dad after she &Ezra come clean to them & he dissaproved,she was acting like a snotty whiny brat cause she didnt get her way(her dad dissaproved of Ezria ,she was forbidden from seeing him).It amazes me how she acts like everyone/her parents should just be cool with and roll out the welcome wagon/throw a big party for the fact that shes dating her teacher, a man whos 10 or so years older than her and ignores that its wrong &illegal,especially now that theyre having sex. Anyway, I hope its not Ezra cause Arias ruined her relationship with her parents her dad especially and soo much more for him and thier relationship.


1. I love Nolan North from his soap opera days, so I was happy to see him. I agree with Carissa that it's starting to get a little weird that the Hasting parents are never in the same room togethor. Makes me wonder what else they're hiding.
2. I'm in agreement with Teresa on this one.
3. Wren, Melissa, Lucas, Jenna, Garrett, Mona and possible Ezra are all being blackmailed or manipulated into helping A, whom I'm guessing is probably going to turn out to be Ali's long lost twin.
4. I think the gloves are just to avoid leaving evidence behind. As for the eating/drinking, it may be a clue, it may not.
5. I'm not putting togethor any faster than the show is giving it to me. But I gotta go with Christina on this one - Why isn't Emily asking more questions of the diner waitress about if they remember her there that night, or Holden about the secret parties? It's almost like she doesn't want to know.


1.No they are Hastings after all 2.I like it I could look at Jason all day 3.Wilden Wren Lucas Holden Noel Byron Ted Nate and maybe Ezra I'm thinking the A team is connected to Hollis in a big way and that the A team are doing all of this because their pervs 4.maybe


1.No they are Hastings 2.I like it I could look at Jason all day 3.Wilden Wren Lucas Holden Noel Byron Ted Nate and maybe Ezra I'm thinking the A team is connected to Hollis in a big way and that the A team are doing all of this because their pervs 4.maybe

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