Supernatural Season 8 Spoilers: Angels vs. Demons!

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We already know that Sam will have a love interest.

What other Supernatural Season 8 scoop can Executive Producer Robert Singer tease for fans of The CW favorite?

In a special Comic-Con themed issue of TV Guide, Singer confirmed a season premiere time jump and said the brothers will quickly be reunited - following events on the Supernatual Season 7 finale - because fans don't exactly love when they're separated.

Supernatural Comic-Con Issue

As for the Season 8 theme? Think Raiders of the Lost Ark, the producer said, adding that we'll see plenty of the prophet Kevin, along with Crowley, and:

"It's about Kevin and the tablets and the word of God. It's basically an angels-and-demons year. It's not apocalyptic, but about who can gain control and keep demons in Hell or angels in Heaven."

This special issue of TV Guide is on sale now, and Supernatural will hold its Comic-Con panel on Sunday, July 15. TV Fanatic will have a reporter on the red carpet and plenty of time with Supernatural cast members.

Fire away now with questions you want to see asked of them!

UPDATE, 7/30: Lauren Tom has been cast on Season 8 in a role described as both important and "intense."

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I want to see more of Lucifer, Mark Pallergino did an awesome job and it was something different. But I hope they continue the angel/ demon fight all these new weird monsters just thre threw the show right of the rails !! Excited to see what season 8 will bring though!


what we need to see is crowley to get whats coming to him god can let lucifer out of the cage for just this little time .so lucifer can show crowley ho the rightful owner of hell is.we could also bring in the idea of the anti-christ and the false prophet but i guess maybe we should wait for that in season 9.they could also see the angel of death not the horsemen the angel of death or aka the holy spirit to cleanse the earth of these lo life demons but he can spare oh maybe meg because afterall no good deed goes un punished. ..i


WoW, Supernatural not playing on Pro7 on 2013??( Supernatural spielt nicht mehr in Pro 7 erst glaube mal nächstes Jahr)


What ever happened to Sam's powers? I thought the demon blood was just "dumbo's feather".


Micheal vs Lucifer battle build up was the best. Hope those two can have re-match in season 8. Don't really care for Sam's love only thing is he doesn't forget about his brother. Dean hurt is not as cool as Dean jokes.


I was hoping we could get at least a couple ep's with Dean in Purgatory. Would have been nice to see what it's like and if Bobby was there. But it sounds like Dean will be out of Purgatory in the first episode. Love the Angel/Demon storyline, though. Really hope we see more of Pellegrino. His portrayal of Lucifer is great!


really hope that they have the other angels back like Gabriel and Balthazar!!! They were suber cool angels.


Supernatural is awesome,the methods of getting rid of ghosts and calling demons are somehow real,but... demons trap? no such thing.I like the fact that Castielle is back ,but hate the fact that lucifer is in his head.I like Dean's jokes season 8, more Angels vs demons


oh i love supernatural but i am not totally interesting sam's love for seaosn 8
i hope dean and cass will become the bestest and funniest friends again.Purgatory is so amazing


I have seen every episode of supernatural, and so excited that they are coming back on. I don't like that they put dean in pergatory but he is bad ass, he'll get out. With this angel's and demons thing. I hope that they bring back a lot of people like some of there demon friends they have made along the years. Maybe there parents, past girlfriends

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