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Liane Balaban has been cast in a major Supernatural Season 8 role.

The actress (Alphas) will recur this fall on The CW favorite as Amelia, a love interest for Sam described in casting notices as someone with a tortured soul, but also someone who proves to be "brave, sweet, smart and sarcastic."

She's also a doctor.

Liane Balaban

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She's uggo. If I were Jared's wife I would make sure she was uggo, too.


great!wt abt dean?he shud hv serious love 2,hw abt melanie 4m da ep da mentalist?


please tell me she won't be riding around in the back seat the whole season


love interest is alright...but the story should always remain about the winchester brothers and none else...please!!!


I always thought he only had a thing for blondes. Dean is supposed to have a thing for brunettes ;-). At least in my world he does.


NO! The Real Liane Balaban is tqitter acct >>> " @LianeBalaban_ "


Official Acct Liane Baladah is @lianebalada


First, I like to say the finale was excellent I feel it was fresh and very different. I hope the this up and coming season in the fall with follow the same. On that note as fan I would like to see a few things like a possible car cash with the impala and a whole new look to the windchesters like as if they were going down the same paths of John Windchester and Bobby Singer. Also, I feel that the impala needs to stay in the series until the end. But, I wouldn't hurt to keep it under raps until in a hid out and Sam drives and truck like his day or another muscle car like another mopar until Dean comes back or not just out of respect.


Forget her! Bring Jo back for Dean!!! :)


She looks like Sam's type. In fact Jared's type. I guess Gen should be glad that she met Jared first!

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