Teen Wolf Review: Unkindness of Raving

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The action never seems to stop on Teen Wolf, and that was no different on "Raving." Both sides made plans, neither of which worked out how they had wanted, and a couple of people were hurt in the process.

The first - or the last, as it was how the hour ended - was Mrs. Argent, who took the bite from Derek after attempting to destroy her daughter's boyfriend. That's what she gets, though. You can't mess with Scott McCall. When you do, you get bitten, literally.

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Derek coming to Scott's rescue was awesome. Ever since they first met up way back in the beginning, it has always been nice to see their connection come to the forefront. Derek was seriously worried about Scott, and when the latter uttered "I'm not alone" I can only hope he was referring to his quasi-pal Derek.

As for Mrs. Argent, I guess this is the first of a number of big surprises that J.R. Bourne teased to us a few weeks ago. "There's going to be a tragedy, something that the Argents are going to have to deal with," Bourne said back in June. This is certainly something they're going to have to deal with.

You know who is also going to have to deal with something? The family of that girl that the kanima and its master obliterated. She just got sliced up like Thanksgiving turkey.  

How about this master, though? Dead? A ghost? Undead? Revived? What's going on with this person? We learned - thanks to the help of the Stiles men - that all of the victims were 24 and may have been in the same class. It seems as though they all may have ganged up to kill this master so he is seeking his revenge.

How exactly that is happening I'm not sure, but watching this kanima master gets its revenge is more entertaining than seeing Emily Thorne seek hers, so I'm not going to complain.

Mrs. Argent and the random 24-year old that was murdered took the brunt of it this week, but everyone else at the rave was in danger as well. That included Allison, who screwed everyone by spilling the beans to her family. I know blood is thicker than water, but wouldn't you rather share a glass of tap with Scott than see your mom's blood spill out on the floor?

On top of that, Allison also went out on a date with Matt! I know Scott told her to, but come on girl. How you gonna treat our boy Scotty that way? All I know is that when Topanga told Cory to go on a date with Lauren, it was a trap. Boy Meets World references aside, I hope you enjoyed yourself Allison!

Who didn't end up enjoying himself, even though he had the important job, was Stiles. He was mainly responsible for getting his father fired... sorry, on a leave of absence. It killed Stiles, and you could see it in the emotion on Dylan O'Brien's face. Great work.

Before it ended with the reveal of Lady Argent's bite, the vet and the guidance counselor were chatting it up about some high level intel. What do they know? And What do they have in store for everyone else?

What did you think of "Raving?" What was your favorite moment? How do you feel about Mrs. Argent's bite? How about Allison telling her fam about Jackson? What are you most excited to see happen next? Let us know in the comments!


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-yes i considered that issacs brother had something to do with it, or they killed his father in place of his brother. im not sure
-i agree with everyone that gerrard is something supernatural and those pills keep him from turning or keep him alive possibly.
-i really dont want alison to freak out and become a crazy argent but its going to happen now because of her mother who i think got bit on purpose because i don't remember derek biting her! and you know shes going to lie about killing scott!


Momma Argent has already proven the she will harm herself to further her own goals. She may have deliberately gotten bit so she could force her husband to act against Scott. Possibly Gerard bit her.


Okay, I feel like i'm either stupid and i missed something, or you all missed when Stiles' dad said that Isaac had a brother who died and would be 24... Am i the only one who thinks that his brother must be the master? I know they said he died at war but still... it kinda fits... he was in the same class as all those kids and he's dead. It's perfect. Is there something I'm missing, or did everyone just forget that part...?


Grandpa Argent definitely has his own supernatural secret since he could not cross the line of ash. I agree with the others who said that those pills that he is always taking must be stopping him from transforming.


ok well clearly the teacher is the master people come on..the his car was the one with the bumber sticker and has been shown in the last two episodes..also i belive the kids in his class that are all 24 must of pulled a prank or something on him somethin that "murdered" him not this is not the type of murder that he is dead but something they did that hurt him emotionally or mentally now he is getting his revenege by killing the students.


the scene with stiles interrogating Jackson/kamina was such a well done scene. such a beautiful piece of work, with the lighting, staging, acting and all.
AMAZING! it was also great to see the wolf pack coming together: scott/isaac and derek/scott. clearly setting the stage for the next great battle. can't wait to see how lydia and peter are involved!


could it be that the chemistry teacher was Jackson's father who was supposedly killed in an accident? maybe the 24 yearolds somehow caused the accident. but that doesn't explain how the chem-teacher would have been brought back to life. on the other hand, we know that the kanima master was killed. my first thought was that it must be peter, but he was technically killed by Derek. but maybe someone else from the Vale family, who was killed in the fire could be the kanima master, and perhaps the 24 year olds were involved in the fire. but is it even possible for an unknown character to be it? or maybe grandpa argent was killed for some reason and is popping all those pills to "be alive."


One more thing that occurred to me last night: wouldn't the master have to know about Jackson's bite in enough time to bypass his wolf transformation and turn him into a kanima first? Even if that wasn't the case, the master would have to know about Jackson being the kanima long before the others in order to become his master. Throw in the fact that he is supposedly a dead 24 year old who was killed by all of the victims and I feel my head start to rotate on its own. WTH, people? Could there be 2 possible masters?


Freaking WOWSA! Episode 8 blew me away. Soo many questions that my head hurts just thinking about them!
1. If the victims were all 24 & in the same class together & the master said they killed him, then I don't think we've been introduced to him yet b/c the only other person around that age on the show is Derek & he's still alive.
2. Gerard coldn't cross the line of mountain ash. WTH is he, then? Whatever it is, I think the pills must help him resist transformation.
3. The guidance counselor must have lied to Allison about the Latin translation for "master" on purpose to throw her off track. She also didn't like the vet's soft spot for the wwolves. Is she a hunter?
4. What IS the vet? He must be some sort of a witch who is caught in the middle. He cares for Scott, so I hope that works in the wwolves' favor.
5. Take THAT, Mrs. Argent! I heard a big growl when Derek bit her, so I think he was able to make the bite count. Will she live long enough to transform? I can hardly wait for next week! This show has the BEST writers ever!!!


to be dead, though. Maybe the issues Jackson has to sort out in order to finally turn into a werewolf make him susceptible to the injustices inflicted on supernatural entities in general/former kanimas in particular. And maybe this temporary skill somehow reunites him with Lydia who seems to be a major trump card in reviving the deceased alpha or at least do his bidding - whatever that may entail.

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Teen Wolf Season 2 Episode 8 Quotes

Isaac: What are you some kind of witch?
Vet: No, I'm a veterinarian.

Careful gentleman, something wicked this way comes.