Vampire Diaries Producer Teases Season Premiere "Death Sequence," Major Delena Moment

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Alaric Saltzman may be dead (moment of silence, fans...), but Julie Plec has made it clear in a new interview that one of the history teacher's final acts will play a key role on The Vampire Diaries Season 4 premiere.

"[He] told a lot of details about a lot of people that in the first episode back we’ll see have created a little bit of a domino effect,” the producer told Entertainment Weekly at the Television Critics Association press tour, adding that a “powerful, surprising death sequence” will take place on October 11.

Other tidbits/spoilers revealed by Plec include:

  • Delena supporters should especially look forward to episode four of the new season: “There’s a really interesting moment between Damon and Elena where she’s acting a little bit out of character and they both get caught up in a moment."
  • Klaus will quickly return to his body... and continue to cause problems moving Forwood: "Things are going to be evolving and changing for all points of all triangles on this show.”
  • Bonnie will desperately try to prevent Elena from transitioning. We somehow doubt she'll succeed.
  • Hot vampire sex may be on the way between Elena and a mystery man, but it doesn't go down on either of the first two episodes at least.
  • We'll see various Originals return throughout the season... but should we NOT refer to them as Originals? "Esther’s creation of the original vampires was predicated on a spell that she already had, so where did she get that? And what does that mean?” asks Plec. “Does it mean that there are vampires that pre-date the original vampires?”
  • Look for Klaus to have some kind of agenda that involves the new hunter in town.

Which of these storyline has you most excited? Who might be involved in the aforementioned death sequence? And, seriously, how much will you miss Alaric?!? Sound off now.

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Damon and elena forever...
Why writers are still making stefan and elena together...if 90% are DELENA FANS!!???!??!!


Yeah you know wat elena n stefan deserve each other with there borin love no!! Scrach that damom deserves elena so he can pimp her up but first she shud suffer there shud be a point were damon leaves to give her time to miss wat she really wats (damon) then she wil know that its really damon that she loves.


I wonder if Julie or any of the cast members ever browse these forums and chuckle at all of us freaking out over ships.


I'm excited about this season. Elena is painfully boring as a human and with Stefan and you just knew that couldn't last for the show to remain popular. She's a vampire now and that means she'll be "bad" yay! Hoping hott vampire sex will be with Damon but Elijah is def a contender! As for Forwood....I still love them but I actually see something in her and Klaus. IDK I'm torn but I like each for different reasons. Klaroline is so disgusting its naughty lol but I heart Forwood :) Main point is I'm beyond over Stefan and Elena, its time to move on and grow up


ELijah in season 2 was badass, in fact he is more than Klaus.
In season 2 we had great scenes involving Elijah taking on multiple enemies, the vampires who wanted to deliver Elena to Klaus, ELijah VS the werewolves in the Salvatore house among others. Still have we seen Klaus in that kind of situations??? NO...!!! What happened against the werewolves he tried to turn in the woods beginning season 3? What happened against Micheal? He did not show any resistance against Tyler/Stefan/Damon when they dessicated him.
He should have been some big villain with crazy high power as was Dark-Laric/Evilaric. Instead he's more of a Chit Chat threatening villain.
Dark-Laric was in fact the greatest Villain the show had for long time.


This "trailer" is barely a trailer at all, it pretty much just recaps what happened in season three, which we all know already. And although i like Caroline, i think the tv series should be more like the books, in which Caroline wouldnt be a vampire. And im glad that Elena has finally been turned into a vampire, just like the book, although her character is pretty crappy and the writer could definitely have done better, i think they should work on that in the next season. I dont think Elijah should have had such a soft spot for Elena, but i did like that they had a friendship.


Great points @Fruit Salad


I really want elena with stefan.... don't get me wrong damon is hot but she loves stefan she made her choice it should stay that way. please don't ruin the one good thing. I mean of chouse make them work for it but they deserve to be together.... Please keep it like that

Fruit salad

Hm, I might have been a little harsh below: let it be known that I, of course, still love Elijah, his face is too pretty to hate. It's the utter ridiculousness that is Elejah that I hate. And I hate how the writers make half of his scenes all about Elena, and that physically hurts to watch. Whoever(I'm looking at you, Plec) came up with that letter at the end of All My Children should get fired for character assassination. If they wanted Elijah to have a love interest, they should have gone with Katherine, Pearl, hell, even Rose. Someone who is NOT an eighteen year old girl in high school. It's weird and awful and I want it off my screen. Elijah is an amazing character. It's a horrible waste to have him fawn all over Elena, and the sooner the writers(and Daniel Gillies) realize this, the better. It's not yet too late.


Klaus was more impressive in season 2 along with Elijah, but I still think he's the shit. Unf ♥

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