Weeds Review: Swimming with Sons

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Dear Nancy Botwin: I'm very glad you're trying to get your life back together. I'm proud you seem more interested in spending time with your son these days than with fellow drug dealers.

But can you try to make this attempt at redemption a tad more interesting?

Because following "Only Judy Can Judge," I'm not sure what I'm meant to be invested in at the moment on Weeds.

Nancy and Stevie

Let's go over the show's main storylines at the moment:

Nancy is trying to act as a normal mother. But it's tough. Her family's life has gone on without her. She's distant from Stevie. Jill is an awful sister. All intriguing character points perhaps, but where's the tension? I wouldn't exactly describe this arc so far as "gripping."

Shane is a cadet in the police academy. I probably like this story the best. His relationship with his fellow training officer is cute and there's potential in a member of the law-breaking Botwins actually joining the right side of the law.

But, again, why should I be tuning in next week? Nothing from this storyline makes me anxious for a new episode.

Doug is... well, Doug. Always comedic fodder, he just seems to be bouncing from one ridiculous set up to the next. He's starting a charity, he's popping Ambien, he's defecating on his own front lawn. Not really sure where any of this is going and not sure I care a whole lot.

And that's my general issue with the final season of Weeds. We're one-third of the way done and there's no real direction at the moment. The identity of Nancy's shooter was definitely a letdown, there's no real enemy lurking. It's sort of just Nancy and her wacky relatives circling one another as they go about their general, unusual lives.

What does everyone else think of the season so far? Are you into it? Or do you agree there's a lack of drama/urgency here?


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your crazy, I love this season and yes I do love just watching them live thier normal lives. I mean we gotten 7 seasons of crazy botwin, its about time we see them settle down, I like seeing Nancy try to go back to normal and do right by stevie, Silas is doing well with his weed bussiness, shane is trying to be a cop, jil and andy are trying to make it work out, I find it all very well and simple to watch, its the final season, i rather not see the botwins go out on a bad note, i want to see each one of them happy plus this was not supports to be the last season, the writer of the show had plan season 9 to be its last so she had this whole season planned out to lead up to season 9 but SHOtime at the last minute change thier minds and told them this was the last season so they had to change everything they wrote for season 8.


Jill is NOT an "awful sister". Nancy is an awful, awful person. After 40-odd years of manipulative narcissistic behavior, Jill has seen it all and had enough. She's the only character on the show that doesn't seem to get off on Nancy's abuse and keep coming back for more.


I am really happy that Weeds is going back to its roots.(no pun intended at all)I hope we get some updates on past characters like Celia,Isabelle,Conrad,Guearillmo(opps..can't spell that..no idea),U-turns fat little brother,the housekeeper,and Heylia.The show needs to ditch Jill,this character is not interesting and is mean but not in a quirky

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