Weeds Season 8 Premiere Review: On Life Support

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Upon the conclusion of the Weeds Season 7 finale, it was unclear whether Showtime would pick up this long-running hit for a final season.

As a result, creator Jenji Kohan was left in the difficult position of penning an episode that could serve as either a season finale or a series finale, setting up a cliffhanger that placed Nancy Botwin's life in jeopardy.

If Showtime gave Weeds the axe, viewers could assume Nancy died. If Showtime renewed Weeds for Season 8, the show would have a couple mysteries to solve off the bat:

Did Nancy survive? Who was the shooter?

Both those questions were answered on "Messy," but not much else went down on tonight's premiere.

Nancy's In The Line of Fire

Yes, Nancy is alive. And despite the beeps, sounds and numbers we saw/heard to conclude the premiere, she will be remaining alive.

As for the shooter? Apparently it was Peter Scottson's son. I can't say I saw that coming. I can't say I care very much, either.

Clearly, based on Nancy's past, there was no shortage of suspects. I'm not sure who would have made for a satisfactory would-be assassin, but the offspring of a husband we all forget about awhile ago definitely does not qualify.

Will this act, and the realization that she really has ruined so many lives, make for a final season that focuses on a regretful, changed Nancy Botwin? If so, the revelation will be painted in a much different light, as one step toward a reformed heroine. But I just don't see that happening.

Kohan is on record as saying she doesn't believe people ever really change, leading me to think Peter's son won't play much of a role aside from simply answering the question of who shot Nancy.

Nothing from this episode really gave us much an idea of what we can expect going forward. It was really all just filler, with various characters doing and saying the things we've grown to expect from them: Doug was inappropriately dirty; Andy had sex with someone other than Nancy while still pining for Nancy; Shane cursed; Silas sulked.

Not very much in the way of plot development, that's for sure.

Unfortunately, Weeds is limping to the finish line. It remains a groundbreaking series for Showtime and I've always admired its bold attempts to change up its format. No one can ever accuse this series of just chugging along, content with the status quo.

But there hasn't been a clear direction for a couple seasons now. The characters have mostly worn out their welcome. I'm all in for the final season, I'll do my best to keep an open mind, but perhaps Weeds and Nancy would have been best served if they were not revived.


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I cant get enough weeds! I love the actors and the story lines! Go WEEDS!


So happy to see the theme song back.


WEEDS for me, with its up's and down's still remains a pivitol show and should be appreciated by all it's fans. After it is gone we will not see another show like this for a while (if ever again). The show has balls, and it's additude is sarcastic and witty, it dares to talk and poke fun of some of the issues that we as americans see and ignore (what can i say, were good at it?), remember "el andy," or corrupt DEA agents (not so fictional i bet) and plenty of other memorable moments. This show no matter how much criticism is spued by fans with sticks up their asses, this is still my favorite show, and is perfect for all tokers and non-tokers. Sure season 1 threw 3 will always be my favorites and most comically (i have to be honest, giving up conrad and heylia was a bad idea, i mean they kept dean, doug, issabele and others... why not the black cast?)entertaining. Again it will be missed by me and other true loyal fans, and for all the other haters out there, fuck your self, i think "everybody loves raymond or something" like that is on for you...


I thought it had some good moments last year! The first episode was rather boring! I hope they step it up a few notches for the finalle! I think Six Feet Under had the best series finalle of any show ever!


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Yeah the last paragraph was a little harsh, though I understand where you're coming from. And at least you're not one of those 'I hated weeds after season 4' people. The show is about the characters, not the setting or even the storylines... Last season had a cop and Ms Price-Gray gunning do Nancy only to fast forward to CT. The only way to watch/enjoy the show is if you like the characters... That's why I love the show. Also I hope Shane beats the piss out of Scotson with a croquet mallet.


that's a lot of carping for a brilliant bit of comedy writing. There's so much more to life than car chases. This premiere episode stopped to smell the WEEDS and I found it a elegant bit of scripting. A laugh a moment. (And as far as plot advancement--I wouldn't mind at all if Nancy marries a rabbi, thus completing the story arc.) Whatever could have made it better!


the theme song WAS well worth it !!


The return of the theme song made this episode well worth it

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