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Just when Jenna is able to get closure and move on, "Another One Bites the Dust" swoops in and upends the whole table.

At this point I’m a mixed bag of emotions. I’ve had my feet planted on both sides of the fence when it comes to who Jenna should choose, and while I completely agree with this storyline – Jenna and Matty’s history has to come out to Jake before any progress can be made – it’s hard to see Jake continually get the emotional backseat.

A Truth Bomb

Here’s where my mixed feelings come in: Jenna just finished professing her love for Jake, she had the closure she was looking for from Matty and Sadie emotionally devastates Jake. The look of fear, anger and sadness on Jake’s face was heart-wrenching as he put the pieces together.

Jenna’s narrative when talking about Jake not only proves her closure with Matty, but parallels Lacey to a great degree thanks to the introduction of Ben:

Jenna: Gone were the secrets and heartache of my past. I was looking at my future. | permalink

As we’ve come to find out, Lacey had her own Matty and Jake: Ben and Kevin. As we know, Lacey and Kevin became pregnant with Jenna, and the rest is Awkward history. However, is that where the parallels stop? Or is there something greater?

I’m going to guess that Lacey’s relationship with her own leading men was very similar to Jenna’s (her quote last week certainly seems to lend some credence to that), and Jenna is repeating history. Ben or Kevin could have ended up sabotaging the other’s relationship with Lacey, just as Matty was (or is) trying to do.

Jake doesn’t seem like the kind of guy for revenge, so the how is he going to deal with the newfound information?

Next week is going to be a lot of fun.

Other thoughts:

  • I’m missing Ming and her Asian posse.
  • Where is Lacey’s head at right now? Jenna makes a good point that she is married, but the Kevin is currently keeping his distance from her. Lacey is having a hard time dealing with her loneliness, and Ben is certainly a nice distraction. I hope Ben is going to be a catalyst to getting Kevin and Lacey back together rather than being an antagonist to their relationship.
  • Team Radie continues to be flawless. They are made for each, and I can see the romantic comedy tagline already: “She’s plain evil, and he’s just a philanderer.” However, I still hate to see Tamara continually get her heart broken over it. I can’t believe I’m going to say this, but I loved Tamara and Jake’s scene together. Could Jake send over a helping of revenge by way of the Awkward playbook: the best friend? Although, Tamara is way too good of a friend to do something like that.

Before we head to the comments, here is tonight’s winning quote, courtesy of Tamara:

TI need to get out of here. Emily is so far up my butt I can taste her, and if that isn't craptastic enough I keep seeing Sadie and Ricky. They've been raping each others faces all night. | permalink

Now, what did you think of tonight’s Awkward? Is Jake going to get revenge? Is Ben going to try to get with Lacey? Is Aunt Ally’s love of the word bitch as a nickname for Jenna a term of endearment? Let us know in the comments!


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What if Jenna doesn't choose either one, whether Matty & Jake...that ending would suck really bad.

Anna maria

:( I hate it that Jake found out this way, he didn't deserve it..I hate Sadie for it! Jenna should have been the one to tell him, and told him face to face whatever she told him on the phone! Jake is so sweet, I feel so bad for him! Matty may be hotter but he treated her terribly and kept her as a secret, why did he do that?! (I doubt Ben was that awful to Lacey!) Jake is definitely the better option and should be end game! I love him and Jenna together and I hope they can work it out!


For me Matty and Jena does have chemistry but my problem is that i do not believe matty when he said i love y.. he only seems interested to Jenna when he loses her and he is not a good friend either :P But i do not like Jenna this days tooo ... She seems so interrupted with her problems that she does not care or it looks like it about her bffs Grow up Jennaaa


I know Jake really is sincere and from the start felt for Jenna and wasn't ashamed to be seen with her, but as a girl it's difficult to recover from a heartbreak and all of the things you ever suffered from your past whatever it is you had with your last person with whom you had stong feelings for, and Jenna is doing that she's coping, she felt very hard for Matty and when she finally realized she was wasting time he was never gonna wake up and stand up for her, he realized it was time, but it was too late.
Now it's sooooo SAD that Jake had to find out VIA SADIE/SATAN that the girl he loves and his bestie hooked up all summer long and had intense feelings for each other.


Yes, but they even said that Ben left after she got pregnant with Jenna.


Oh Please let Jake and Jenna get together! He's loved her from the start!! Her friend was flawless in this episode and I loved it. Here's to hoping these two stay together!!!!


Actually Jenna is 16...she turned 16 last season


I think they should make a story line about ben possivbly being jennas dad. it has been 15 yrs since theyve seen eachother and jenna is 15. makes sense.


Tonight's episode was action packed in the comedy sense of the show tonight! Those final minutes were nail biting! I can't wait for next week.

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Awkward Season 2 Episode 7 Quotes

I need to get out of here. Emily is so far up my butt I can taste her, and if that isn't craptastic enough I keep seeing Sadie and Ricky. They've been raping each others faces all night.


Gone were the secrets and heartache of my past. I was looking at my future.