Burn Notice Review: Picking Up The Pieces

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How do you keep Burn Notice from going totally dark and depressing after an event such as Nate’s death? That was one of the questions asked of Matt Nix after last week’s episode, to which he replied that there were some fun episodes and good humor coming up. 

This week "Reunion" brought us our first dose of the enjoyment, as we finally got to meet Sam’s girlfriend Elsa. After years of Sam talking to her on the phone or mentioning her in passing, Nix provided an unexpected sweet treat. 

And it was totally worth the wait. She is successful, smart, and if Charlie Harper is any judge, beautiful. Had you asked me to describe what Elsa might look like, I’m pretty sure I would not have picked anyone near as lovely as Jennifer Taylor. Way to go, Sam! Now we know why you have been keeping her under wraps, you’re afraid someone my try and steal her away. 

Sam & the Loan Shark

We also met Elsa’s son Evan (Brando Eaton) who is your typical rich kid screw up that Sam and Jesse have to help get out of trouble. Of course that trouble was in the form of Loan Shark Morris. Richard Burgi has been turning up on a few of my favorite shows. He seemed so at ease as Morris I thought he had been on the show before. I was stunned to find out this was his only appearance. 

While the Three Musketeers were out trying to keep Evan from getting broken knees, Fiona and Michael got a lead on Rebecca. I was thrilled, as she was first on my list in last week’s Burn Notice Round Table as the person who shot Nate and Anson.

I’m not surprised often by shows, but I completely did not see her turning up at Michael’s place to give up to him and convince him she wasn’t behind Nate’s death. My second shock? Him letting her go. Watching her leave told me two things right then:

  1. Rebecca is going to turn back up, I’m betting to help Michael.
  2. We are all going to be completely shocked when we learn who killed Nate. 

Finally, we had Nate’s funeral service, (or at least the end of it). Was anyone else taken aback that neither Card nor Pearce made it to the service to support Michael? I was surprised Sam was flying solo given that we finally met Elsa, But then again they may have still been working on the "liquid family counseling" that Sam left them.

What did you think of the first episode following Nate’s death? Did you find it odd the episode was titled "Reunion" and we barely touched on Fiona and Michael being back together? Was Michael somber/sad enough? Is Michael going to a dark place given he told Fiona not to use beanbag rounds and he shot Rebecca? As always, stop by our Burn Notice quotes section to see if your favorites made the cut!

Musical Note: The song playing at Nate's service is "By My Side" by William Fitzsimmons.


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Though it was a sad episode, it was still a great ep, where the surprises just kept on coming...I was astonished that Rebecca gave herself up to Michael and that he let her go, and while I am thrilled that Fi is out of the clink, I am surprised we didn't get to see more of Fi and Michael spending quality time together after being apart so long. I think Michael should marry Fi, because it is obvious that they are deeply in love and would sacrifice anything to be together.
And can I just say that Bruce Campbell is the best?! Yes? Well, he is...I just love his character Sam and I love his consistency as an actor and glue that holds the show together


I think they have a lot of places they could go. He finished with Anson, but since someone show both Anson and Nate, Anson might not have been the head person who burned Michael afterall. We need to find out who shot Nate and why, so I'm sure thats good for a few episodes. Most people were thinking it was Rebecca, and I went along as well, but I had said that I hope they would not be that obvious. I'm glad the writers did not disappoint. I agree Rebecca will be back. Pearce should have been at the service. I'm glad we see Sam's girlfriend finally, she should make it interesting. I wonder if the spoiled rich kid gets in trouble again.


Twice in two weeks I cried. First when Micheal told Maddie that Nate had died and Micheal kissing his brother's forehead (after Maddie had)in the last episode.


Good episode. Reunion was an inaccurate title.


@Michael, check out the interview with with Matt Nix I linked, he actually touched on how he can keep the show going.


@Ra I see now thanks, So could it be Fi people that she use to work for


Watch it back, mike was wearing a vest if I'm not mistaken.
Very good episode, very emotional at the end. Burn notice always has a place to go. I knew it wasn't Rebecca it couldn't have been. It would not have made sence.


wasn't Michael Shot in the arm that he hold his gun with how come no blood was shown I wonder how they can keep the show going because I though Michael was no longer Burn


Sometimes i wish this show would go darker.

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Burn Notice Season 6 Episode 7 Quotes

Sam: Don't sweat it. We'll work together like Butch and Sundance, right kid?
Evan: Who's that?
Sam: [blank stare]
Jesse: In one minute the power to those cameras goes out. You two are doing the 100 yard dash. Stretch out those hammys.

Fiona: Thank you for not giving up.
Michael: Consider it pay back for the thousand times you never gave up on me.