Charlie Sheen stars as Charlie Harper on Two and a Half Men.  Charlie is the typical bachelor whose life takes an unexpected turn when his recently divorced brother, Alan, and nephew, Jake, move in to his Malibu Beach home with him.

Charlie is extremely successful as a commerical jingle writer and does very well with the ladies.  He mostly has flings and very rarely has girlfriends during the show.  Though he seems cold, he definitely takes care of both his brother and nephew.

Charlie Harper Quotes

Yeah, hi. I'm watching your commercial cash for gold and you just showed a woman selling her wedding ring for $500. No, I don't want to sell gold, I want to meet her. She's hot and we know her marriage isn't working out.


Lyndsey: Oh, God. You saw "Cinnamon's Buns?"
Charlie: Not all the way through. Though I'm very familiar with the bakery shop scene in the middle. You know, with the frosting gun?

Two and a Half Men Quotes

Judith: Don't you think you've had enough to drink at the magic show, Evelyn?
Evelyn: Excuse me, darling, but some of us deal with our boredom and depression the old-fashioned, non-prescription way

Evelyn: I'm deeply hurt.
Alan: With me or Charlie?
Evelyn: Charlie.
Alan: Great, come on in