Grimm Review: Welcome To The Pack Hank!

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On "Bad Moon Rising" we were faced with a Hank we hadn't seen before, one falling apart and being torn apart by internal demons. But the real surprise was coming for Hank later when Carly turned in front of him and Nick gave up the... Wesen. 

The good news was Hank took it much better than Juliette did when she learned the truth. Hank was just a boatload of happy to learn he wasn't crazy. Was I the only one who laughed out loud when Hayden went all tough guy, turned Coyotl, ran toward Hank and Hank just punched him in the face? 

Coyotls are like the bad gangs of the Wesen world; more specifically, they're the semi-hot, brutal, redneck bad boys who are kind of like werewolves. But their real advantage is that they can catch humans off guard. Hank expected him and the dude dropped like a bag of rocks. 

Ladies and gentlemen, Hank finally earned his stripes and I will never have to moan about his ignorance again. I am one happy viewer.

Nick & Hank to the Rescue

But what about everything else? Given the emphasis placed upon Juliette's segregated memory, complete except for the most important person in her life, I was surprised there was so little of Renard in the episode. "The Kiss" clearly wiped Nick out of Juliette's mind, but did it replace him with Renard? I was dying to know exactly what role he was going to play in Juliette's new life. How dare they leave us hanging!

Considering how smooth the previous two episodes flowed with regard to story, this one was lacking. Don't get me wrong, Hank's being brought into the circle was very well played and timed so he wasn't angry or vengeful about being kept in the dark for so long. That could have been a rough road, but instead it was a treat.

Dropping the ball on Renard, his bastard-of-the-royal-line reveal and that he took Juliette away from Nick without even thinking about it this week was just odd. When they spoke of Adelind and her mom briefly, they could have at least dropped us a piece of unripened fruit to toss around while the rest of story stayed dormant. It didn't have to be juicy.

That Renard didn't think about it made me wonder if he even knew exactly what that kiss was going to do. If he did, would he have let Juliette wake up and go home with Nick?

Might getting information about Nick be the big plan? If so, surely there could have been a spell that would have left her memory in tact. She had just learned the secret, after all. That would have been more helpful in a dirt sifting scenario than starting from scratch. 

Ah well, I'm nitpicking. It's exciting to think what Hank might bring to the inside now that he knows the full story. He'll be meeting everyone again for the first time, which will be fun to explore. Grimm Season 2 has started out with great momentum and moved from "sure, I'll watch it" to "must see" on my viewing list. 

Be sure to come back next week when Nick McHatton returns from his hiatus to review another all new episode of Grimm!


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@joyeful - I feel bad for Nick, too. However, his relationship to Juliette is simply not interesting to me. I'm more intrigued with how he and Hank will handle their detective duties while getting more involved in the wesen conflicts. Juliette seems like such a minor distraction that her selective amnesia is, to me, more a blessing than a curse. Recall how anxious & disturbed she seemed with the truth. Does Nick really need this woman in his life? She didn't seem like she would be an asset or a help to him. This is not a condemnation of the actress by any means. I just think her character has been written in such a way that she is dispensable. I want her to move out and Nick's butt-kicking mama to return.


Rosalee made it clear that Adalind's potion caused memory loss. When she had Nick put the drops in Juliette's eyes Rosalee said it was not to wake her but to stop the memory loss. This episode, Nick wondered whether it was Adalind's plan to wipe him out specifically. So it seems like the spell Adalind used was not just to wipe memory in general but to wipe memory of Nick. So I don't think Juliette's memory loss has anything to do with Reynard's kiss. That was what woke her up, not what caused the memory loss. Since Adalind's mom didn't explain much about what was going on with Juliette to Reynard, there's no reason to believe he knows anything about the memory loss.


Sorry I'm late....been a busy week. Okay, so apart from the lack of Renard shirtless rage, I really liked this episode. This was the best showcase Hank has gotten since the series has started. I still don't think the actor is that great, but I was convinced enough to enjoy the show. The best scene I think was the last; Hank's just so grateful to not be isolated. I relate to that. Hank now knowing about the Wesen world makes him a GREAT ally for Nick. We already know he's okay with fudging a few forensic details (see Season 1), so at least Nick has someone watching his back. I really wish Juliette and Nick had more chemistry - I'm finding it hard to root for them. Though I did feel bad for Nick at the end.

Ronald simkins

@Artimisia You are completely correct. "Pure of heart" is the key not like Happily Ever After's "True Love". It was quite clear that the "Handsome Prince" purged some real evil from him.


I, too, was wondering if Juliette is going to be attracted to Renard now that he kissed her awake. I have a feeling she will be smitten with him and that Nick will have to figure out a way to win her back. That said, I find the man who plays Renard much more attractive than Nick anyway, so I won't complain if we get to see more of him with his shirt off...just sayin'
Anyway, this episode was pretty upsetting to me in that the Coyotls planned to rape that poor girl and they were bent on torturing her first by lowering her down a well, which made me rather ill. I was hoping Nick and Hank would just shoot that whole pack dead. And I am also glad that Hank now knows about Grimms and Wesen. He can be more in control of his emotions now and be of help to Nick


Having just watched the movie "The Vow" based on a real event where a woman lost her memory for the 5 year period including her husband and marriage, I found this quite touching, especially watching Nick struggling to give Juliette her space. No doubt about it Nick is not just a pretty face, he is a fine actor. The storyline about the coyotl was quite intriguing. Will the daughter and her father be able to return to the life they had made for themselves or will knowing the truth change the teenager. I don't expect to find out but it is interesting to contemplate. Next week's previews look and sound great. Can't wait!


Actually, I looked it up, and no there isn't any mention of love. Here's a transcript of what they said. C is Catherine Shade, R is Renard. C: Looks like someone’s having a bad day.
R: Where is it?
C: I’ve got it right here.
R: How do I give this to her?
C: You don’t. It’s not for her; it’s for you.
R: What do you mean?
C: It’s a purification process. The person who wakes her has to be pure of heart. It’s challenging finding someone like that nowadays, so we have to do it chemically. The more pure of heart you are, the less painful the process.
R:What are these lumps?
C: It’s better that you don’t know. And since you’re barely human, you’re in for quite a ride, sweetie. Quite a ride. ...So, okay. I concede the point about him becomind pure of heart. I don't know what that'll do to him. But I maintain that there's nothing in that to say Juliette's gonna fall in love with him.


Good episode. I agree, the series does tend to leave things hanging for a while at times.


Artimisia, I am pretty sure it was said that the potion Juliette was given would make her love the one who kissed her. Anyway, I love Grimm and I look forward to watching every week.


And as for the Juliette thing, we don't know that Renard kissing her is going to make her fall for him. Sure, it worked that way in Sleeping Beauty, but there's no guarantee that the Grimmverse works the same way. This show has often taken fairy tales and turned them on their heads. The only thing Catherine Schade said was that someone "Pure of Heart" had to wake her. Nothing about true love. In that same vein, I don't think Renard's character will change much because of the potion. After all, Schade didn't say it would *make* him pure of heart, she said something like "since that's so rare, we fake it chemically" that leads me to believe that it was a temporary effect. I think he'll be back to his old scheming in no time. Oh, and she said he was "Barely human." Not "Almost human." Not "Half human." Barely human...and in the context of talking about his morals. So I don't think that's conclusive proof of *anything*, species-wise. ...It's possible I'm over-analyzing this show. :)

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