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NCIS Season 10 Premiere Pics: The Manhunt Is On

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The manhunt is on for Harper Dearing in the Season 10 premiere of NCIS.

After the terrorist's bomb rocked the Navy yard and decimated the team's headquarters, the emotionally and physically distraught team must pick up the pieces and hunt for the elusive suspect.

Richard Schiff returns as Harper Dearing, a foe who struck with almost unprecedented force in last season’s cliffhanger finale, sparking a cross-agency manhunt for the vengeful criminal mastermind.

Below are a few pictures released by CBS offering us a glimpse of the first NCIS Season 10 episode. Joe Spano guest stars as Tobias Fornell. Click to enlarge and comment below ...

  • Tiva and Fornell
  • Abby NCIS Season Premiere Photo
  • Tiva and Gibbs
  • Gibbs After the Bombing

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I honestly do not see what tony aηd ziva did so evil tht gibbs aηd the entire wold shoud be down there throats, the get everyone out the building aηd theγ themselves were getting out wheη the bomb stopped theϻ only sad theγ took the elevator but I doη't waηt gibbs to yell at theϻ, I'm so sad for ducky right now I cried wheη he heard his family coud be dead n had the heart attack, gibbs went back in wheη he as well was told to get out all the agents were in the building its the writer's fault theγ made it tht way thts how it shoud play out so stop blaming my team...


Everyone is flipping out about how Tony and Ziva took the elevator, but does it really matter? The script writers had them go in there, so there would be some drama for them at the start of the next episode, rather then being outside and perfectly fine, which would have been boring.


I guess some people do not like Tony and Ziva but at times there are charaters that bring a bit of romance at the end of a really strong and sad episode. Whatever happens with them it does not have to be in our faces until the end.NCIS is about justice in relation to evil. I do not want to lose any charaters but I want to see them evolve.


Mgee is alive has signed on for two more seasons


where's McGee??????? you dont see him in the video!!! please tell me that hes okaii, it wont be the same without him! also ziva and tony look like there dead close to kissing in that video!!!


I love the way abby and mcgee get along. I hope they can hookup. Zeva and. Tony also.gibbs and the doctor.






I just hope we the NCIS fan stop getting the middle finger and get what we want for a change so sick of the fake fans getting everything their way look at what has happen to be Bones and Castle


I love the show and watch it every hour its on tv, I am just happy that no one is hurt or dead. As for Tony and Ziva oh well things happen, as for getting in trouble how many times has Gibbs told them to leave but as a team they stuck together no difference now. Vance knows his limits and so does Gibbs and they both know that team Gibbs is a great team a little weird but over all a great team and I dont think that Gibbs will allow the Tony and ZIva thing to progress. He loves Ziva as a daughter and we all know how protective he is !!!