Tiva and Gibbs
Cote de Pablo as Ziva, Michael Weatherly as Tony and Mark Harmon as Gibbs on the Season 10 premiere of NCIS. "Extreme Prejudice" airs September 25, 2012.

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are you joking? you say you are fanatic, but you write tiva? it's ziva inteligents!


I'm happy to see Tobias still with the group
I'm very happy that jamie lee curtis is hopefuly permanently gone
I'm sad that vance is still there - he brings down the group - non supportive and mostly seems at odds with the group
I'm anxiouly waiting the returm of this great program


the moment i learned that ncis season 10 is coming this 25th september , i am so very very excited seeing them again all of them safe from last episode of till death do us part ... if ducky was in pain in that last episode ,, i too had chest pain endlessly crying and i find myself praying for all their safety. i almost forgot its only a show ... well welcome again NCIS ... im an avid fan from the philippines a 57 years old married woman my whole family loves NCIS including my husband working in riyadh saudi arabia .. i need to update him of the status of NCIS when ever we chat .. he brought with him uploaded season 1 to 9 complete episodes and now waiting for the season 10


looks like none of the main players got hurt looks like tony has a bump on his forehead and a cut lip but its hard to tell from the photos.

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