NCIS Season Premiere: Behind the Scenes Elevator Pic!

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We're less than a month away from the premiere of NCIS Season 10.

After the terrorist's bomb rocked the Navy yard and decimated the team's headquarters, the emotionally and physically distraught team must find their bearings - and elusive suspect Harper Dearing.

There are also some interesting subplots brewing, as we know.

Might there be love in an elevator in the aftermath of the explosion? Here's a new behind-the-scenes photo of Tony and Ziva (Michael Weatherly and Cote de Pablo), first published by Entertainment Weekly ...

Love in an Elevator?

NCIS executive producer Gary Glasberg has hinted that the post-bombing trauma may bring Tiva closer than ever ... does that mean entering a romantic relationship? Should they? Share your views below.

For more visuals from the upcoming premiere (Tuesday, September 25), click to enlarge another behind-the-scenes pic of Cote and Michael, and CBS' promotional photos from "Extreme Prejudice" ...

Tiva Behind the Scenes
Director Vance Pic
Extreme Prejudice Pic
Tiva and Fornell
Tiva and Gibbs
Gibbs After the Bombing
Abby NCIS Season Premiere Photo
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I'm so excited for S10. I'm also a big TIVA fan, but concerned about McGee and Ducky as well. But, as far as TIVA goes, I think that Tony is Ziva's best friend. It just hasn't been said out loud yet. It obviously has been a slow growing friendship. And, I really think it grew after the episode where she punched Ray in the face (I watched that scene about 20 times over). I mean Lt. Burris' husband said it himself 'cherish these moments'. I really do think that if it came down to it and something happened Tony or Ziva would take a bullet for the other. Ziva wouldn't leave the building without Tony in the S9 finale and I think truth serum or not Tony would have told her that he couldn't live without her in Truth or Consequence. They love each other now, but as friends. A lot of fans hate it, but I think they should get the heck over it! Oh, and to the person who thinks this is the finale season! LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL! WHATEVER! State your source!


Nat, please ignore Michael, he doesn't speak for anybody but himself, really. @Michael, if you have the people and show on your side, then why do we see signs that Tony and Ziva will be getting together sometime in Season 10? I, for one, can't wait to see Gibbs and Ducky take a step back and let the 'kids' step up and show that they have what it takes to make a great team, in Season 10. Also, I'm looking forward to the elevator scene, of course, as I want to see how Tony and Ziva handle things. Poor pictures and he wasn't in the promo....that tells me that he's hurt....but I do hope this means we'll see more of McGee. Can't wait to see Palmer and how he handles things. Looking forward to Abby meeting her brother again in the 2nd episode. Real excited to see the man that Gibbs is named after in the 4th episode, as well as Jackson Gibbs.


@lillianr i was shocked when you said english is not your first language you write better than most including me.


@nat ignore michael hes not worth it and belive me you have most fans on your side these trolls who spread hate should be banned.


Yes Tony and Ziva should be together. AS someone who has watched this show from day one -- and loved it -- it is what will be! I realize that we get the haters from time to time, but as stated they are ones who literally like to "poop" stir and get our goat -- just ignore them. NCIS is character driven.. We know the plots, they are secondary.. yet they always bring out more of what drives the character. Watching Ziva and Tony progress has been fascinating and lovely. As far as Gibbs, I will say what I said before, he is almost secondary now to the story, you see Tony and Ziva, Tim and Abby taking more of a lead -- it's how it should be!! Sooner rather than later it will be time for NCIS to wrap it up and allow these fine actors to move forward.. as long as they allow our characters to have that ending we all so wish for. This will be a great season.. sad, happy, tears, and


@nat your are a class act you just keep believing that if it make you sleep at night I have more people on my side then you do plus I have the show on my side I know you think your right and perfect but here the thing CBS is for adults, you sound like a fan of those CW shows


Yes Yes Yes. I love Tiva


Actually, nothing more needs to be said, that hasn't already been said. The actors themselves have already stated it, since the beginning of the show: The "crime of the day" is JUST filler. The REAL Draw IS the characters themselves, and it has always been that way. Ever single cast member has described NCIS at some point or another as being about the characters...not the "storyline". That is both the key to NCIS's success as a series, AND it's "Achilles Heel", in a way. Fans zero in on the characters and their personal relationships with a microscopic lens - NO detail is missed. The devoted fans know these characters like the backs of their hands..not so much the crime story of the week "surrounding" the characters.


the funny thing is that English is not my native language, I even don't live in an English language country and I have never lived:) You, liking my English, have made me feel kind of happy:) One of the things I like about NCIS is dialogue:)


@lillianr you wrote what i wanted to write but just couldnt put it into words you are so right.