Palmer to Become Acting Medical Examiner on NCIS

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With Ducky temporarily on the shelf following his heart attack, and Brian Dietzen promoted to series regular, things will take a very interesting turn for Palmer when NCIS returns September 25.

Look for Jimmy to step in as acting medical examiner ... for better or worse.

"He really has to take over the reins, [and] it points out both Palmer's strengths and weaknesses," executive producer Gary Glasberg tells TV Guide, hinting that this storyline may span several episodes.

"They work so brilliantly together as a team ... [But] Palmer is assuming a certain role. Inherently, there are moments [of conflict]. There's a great episode down the road when Ducky has to rediscover his mojo."

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NCIS Season 10 kicks off in just under a month with "Extreme Prejudice." Share your comments below on what you make of Ducky, Jimmy and anything else on your mind as we gear up for new episodes!

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So JP is acting up, wheres the problem. Gibbs ia marine nco and in any army the nco's are the mothers to their unit particularly to young officers. In the scenario JP is acting up and replacing Ducky, who is definitly an officer, so Gibbs is not going to bully Jimmy he will support him. He may have a few harsh words but when it comes down to it he will take the line from the episode where JP saw the murderer and ended up crashing his car into the suspects pick up. There was the offical b******ing but followed by the write home comment and a smile. See if I;m right


This is my favorite show of all time, have NEVER missed an episode and watched it over and over. Please leave all the characters just as they are. All these other good shows turn into soap operas and bastions for political correctness, PLEASE do not screw this one up !!!!!!!


SMS, if you cant remember an episode when Gibbs showed compassion to his team member besides Abby, you are not watching closely. Go back and review the past seasons. It's there. Gibbs is a Marine, he acts like a Marine. Believe me I have known a number of Marines and he is true to form. Once a Marine, always a Marine. That's the way it is. I respect them, every one of them. I think that is what I like about this show so much. It is very military oriented, but not combat like all the war movies. I get too upset if I watch too many of the war movies. I can't imagine what it must do to men and women who live through that experience. God, I have such respect for these people.


@fuju season 10 didnt start yet,i have the same problem.


I love N.C.I.S. That would b cool Jimmy Palmer being acting M.E. while Ducky recoperates from the tragic news he got.


I luv all ncis carracters...i have seen 1-9 seasons but i cant find a wedsite that allows me to watch 10...i hate spending all my free time looking for a good website that doesent cost :( i have used "watch series" to watch 1-9 but...well i explained already (cant watch 10). :(


I have watched NCIS from day one. I love all the characters the way they are. Please don't start making good guys, bad guys and vise versa. Then the show will becme like a soap opera and we all know what happens do soap opera's now. I love Ducky and he is real when it comes to his role, he cannot be replaced no more than any of the other actors on the show.


I am glad Jimmy is acting ME, i love him, will be glad when ducky is back i love his stories


OMG return of NCIS on the 25th of sept ive been watching season 1 to 9 {all episodes } again and again ... i miss u guys all of you ... the whole main cast and also Fornell , FRank and all the father there ... ncis makes me laugh and cry ... total happiness ... i cant wait for the premiere.. i consider it as agift on my 57th birhtday which will be on the 24th sept ... thanks for the happiness you are giving ...


@SMS,...oh, you've missed the boat or some of the episodes,...Gibbs has some of his 'human' side more than you think. That's the beauty of it though: between Harmon's brilliant acting and the writing/producing, he'll always show his Marine-like discipline on the front side of him, but his caring side comes out at some times that are really precious when interacting with his team. It will be interesting to see how Jimmy P. 'earns his stripes' with Gibbs when he's given more M.E. demanding responsibility.

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