Palmer to Become Acting Medical Examiner on NCIS

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With Ducky temporarily on the shelf following his heart attack, and Brian Dietzen promoted to series regular, things will take a very interesting turn for Palmer when NCIS returns September 25.

Look for Jimmy to step in as acting medical examiner ... for better or worse.

"He really has to take over the reins, [and] it points out both Palmer's strengths and weaknesses," executive producer Gary Glasberg tells TV Guide, hinting that this storyline may span several episodes.

"They work so brilliantly together as a team ... [But] Palmer is assuming a certain role. Inherently, there are moments [of conflict]. There's a great episode down the road when Ducky has to rediscover his mojo."

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NCIS Season 10 kicks off in just under a month with "Extreme Prejudice." Share your comments below on what you make of Ducky, Jimmy and anything else on your mind as we gear up for new episodes!

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that's is good news i like Palmer but also ducky he is good for ncis esp as their adviser, Gibbs been hash is his character the team fears him but also loves him as he is, he should not change


Gibbs is a man not a woman he is also their boss not their friend he suppose to treat them like a adults not like 2 year olds


I agree with Aurora B, I'm a little tired of Gibbs being nasty to everyone except Abby. I can't remember one episode that he showed some compassion to his team. He does defend them to outsiders, but really 10 years of getting whacked on the head. Writers: they are not kindergarten children. Good luck Palmer, I'm pretty sure the writers are going to make it tough on you so they can bring back Ducky (who we all love).


I hope that Palmer will grow a pair and not let Gibbs intimidate him anymore. The whole "Gibbs is a big bully" schtick is getting a little old.


this good for Palmer it have his Character and it help Ducky (I hope not gone to Long)


I wonder if Gerndal will come back to visit Ducky that will be cool


I know that Ducky signed a two year contract but I hope that his heart attack does not mean he (his character) is on a slow check out from the show. I have a feeling that the heart attack from season 9 and the beginning of season 10 is just a way for the writers to allow the fans to get acquainted with Palmer being permanent head medical examiner for NCIS. Hum! Interesting; season 10 needs to start already.


Ducky is alive!!!!!!!!!!!! thats great,can't wait to see Palmer work!!!


Me too - so ready for the new season of NCIS!!!!!!


Bring on Season 10!!!!!!!

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