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Pretty Little Liars Round Table: "Single Fright Female"

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With just a few days remaining before we learn who killed Maya on the Pretty Little Liars summer finale, the TV Fanatic Round Table has convened to breakdown "Single Fright Female."

Gather around below and join Leigh Raines, Teresa Lopez, Nick McHatton, Christina Tran and Carissa Pavlica as they relive one episode and look ahead to another...


How long will it take someone to tell Ezra he has a son and will he be angry to be the last to know?
Leigh: Dude, Ezra is finding out next week. Maggie will come see him, Aria will answer the door, fallout will happen.

Teresa: I totally agree with Leigh. Aria will get busted and then Ezra will be incredibly angry. This could be a disaster for their relationship. 

Nick: Leigh's got it covered on this one. It won't take long for Ezra to know.

Christina: I'm with the rest of the gang. Ezra is going to find out next week. Not only will Aria be left regretting what she did, but Ezria will be over.

Carissa: It might wait until next season, giving it time to really fester. Blissful ignorance will lead to even more anger about not being told.


Being that it was the episode before the big betrAyal, were they trying TOO hard to set up Paige?
Leigh: Obviously something is up with Paige that we don't know, I just feel bad for Emily. I don't know why A would have it out the worst for Emily, I feel like she was Ali's favorite so maybe that's why?

Teresa: We all know that this show loves red herrings, but Mona was the obvious choice last season, which made most of us dismiss her. I'm guessing Paige is probably dangerous.

Nick: Paige has something she's hiding, obviously, while it may not be an A personality I do think it's something connected to A.

Christina: I'm with Nick on this one. It's too easy to assume Paige is betrAying the girls.

Carissa: Until this episode I was certain Paige killed Maya. But now it seems too convenient. Nate the Nut is a better fall guy, but maybe Paige will just kill him.

If Paige isn't the big betrAyal, who's your second choice?
Leigh: Nate or Wren. Nate is definitely not who he says he is. Wren has always been shady. Also he obviously isn't too helpful is Mona is just walking out of Radley next week.

Teresa: Nate would be my second choice because he's been acting major cah-razy lately. He's not taking Emily's rejection to heart, and he might not have taken Maya's too seriously either. He seems like the type to be overcome with jealous rage.

Nick: It's probably someone we haven't seen in a while. Lucas, Noel, but Nate certainly isn't off the list. Second choice is still Alison.

Christina: Wren and Nate. Both strange dudes with undetermined purposes.

Carissa: To be completely off the wall, I'll say Caleb, but only because his personality did such a turnaround to keep Hanna in his life. 

Every once in a while Jenna seems comes through for the liars. What did you think of her warning them about Paige? Real or red herring?
Leigh: Real. Jenna is a quiet and shrewd observer. I think her ill will is more towards the other liars than Emily.

Teresa: Jenna could have just as easily been talking about Nate (as many of our readers have helpfully pointed out). She wasn't sure who was with Emily, just that she wasn't alone. Since she just saw Emily and Nate together earlier, it's possible she meant Nate. It's just easier to think she was talking about Paige because of all of CeCe's warnings.

Nick: She was purposely cryptic, and combine that with Nate's newfound knowledge that she isn't blind and he's now just as guilty as Paige of something.

Christina: Real. However, I want to know what Emily's "friend" did to scare Jenna like that.

Carissa: Real, and I like when she shows that side. I do wonder who she was talking about now, though. I just blindly thought it was Paige!

Nate is still in Rosewood because ...
Leigh: ...he wants to meet the girl that Maya was leaving him for. He was never Maya's cousin. He was her boyfriend.

Teresa: ... he doesn't understand what lesbian means. 

Nick: ... to send out maximum creepage vibes.

Christina: ... we need another person to be suspicious of. With him, we are up to umpteen.

Carissa: ... someone has to be killed during the betrAyal! (fingers crossed)

Carissa Pavlica is a staff writer for TV Fanatic. Follow her on Twitter and on Google+.

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be because he dated Melissa, then Melissa dated Ian. So he was at church to kill Ian. Ian saw Spencer and wanted to kill her because he though she killed Ali out of jealousy (he flirted Ali). Wren saves Spencer from Ian then takes Ian and kills him making him write on the note that he killed Ali and that was an excuse to have committed suicide. But what reason has Wren to be A from the start of everything? I don't know what to think anymore lol!!!!!!! Also I think in the next episode Caleb will kill Mona because he thinks she is A and wants to save Hannah!


I though of it again. Maybe Paige and Nate were the obvious to think that Jenna would mean. Maybe Jenna meant CeCe. Remember when CeCe called her phone to pretend she was Nate's girlfriend? She changed her behavior immediately. I have so many theories about what has happened in the show... but the writers have made it very confusing. It's like anything you could think fits the story. Very well written scenario! What I think most often is that everybody has reasons to do stuff.
The NAT team got bullied first by A. That's why they took videos. To find who's A. Toby might have killed Ali because she saw him abuse Jenna. People don't know who killed Ali because Ali kept the abuse a secret in exchange for Toby to keep the secret about Ali starting the fire. So these people bully everybody and mainly the girls because they are searching for Ali's killer who they think is the A person. And here it gets very confusing so.. I don't know. I think Ezra and Caleb are not A.
Wren could be because he dated Melissa, then Melissa dated Ian. So he was at church to kill Ian. Ian saw Spencer and wanted to kill her because he though she killed Ali out of jealousy (he flirted Ali). Wren saves Spencer from Ian then takes Ian and kills him making him write on the note that he killed Ali and that was an excuse to have committed suicide. But what reason has Wren to be A from the start of everything? I don't know what to think anymore lol!!!!!!! Also I think in the next episode Caleb will kill Mona because he thinks she is A and wants to save Hannah!


To nikki if jenna was scarred of him why did she date him?


I believe Nate is Maya's ex boyfriend and stalker and he was the one who killed her outside of the cabin. I think that Jenna could have seen him through the windows to remove Maya's body and he saw her too and thought she was blind so ok. But she wasn't. That's why she looked at him so frightened when she was getting into that taxi outside of school when he said he knew she could see. I think Jenna could see most of the time in the show. I don't think she killed anyone. I believe Paige or Cece or Toby killed Ali.


The whole reason I watch this show is for Ezria. While I do think it'll happen similar to what Leigh says, I do hope it won't be the end for Ezria.
I do think Nate might not be who he says he is but I don't think he's necessarily part of the A team. He may definitely be guilty of something though.
Paige seems too obvious which makes me think she's just nuts.
I do remember seeing two A's at the end so we know we are dealing with at least two people. Jenna was always a suspect in my book so I am not sure if she was being sincere with her warning or if she was trying to throw the girls off track. I would like to believe she was being sincere.
I think the whole A storyline is getting a little too convoluted.


If Paige killed Maya, wouldn't she have probably killed Nate after she saw him kissing Emily? Cuz she saw Maya and Emily kiss- and so maybe she killed her for that. But wouldnt she then kill Nate for kissing Emily?
I also think that Jenna was telling the truth and talking about Paige or Nate.


1. If they do it end of season something will happen where they get back together or A will threaten her with the knowledge and she will tell him her self.
2. The set up on paige was insane I there trying to point to her I think there is way way more to that story.
3. There is a very good chance the betrAyal is going to be one of two options 1 it isn't the type of betrayal everyone is thinking it will be... or 2. its wren because hes not expected by the mass but think about it when did he show up, how is he always involved... There is something up with him... I think he might have been hooked up with Ali even at one point.
4. It was Real I think maybe about nate or Cece...
5. Nate is sticking around cause i think he has leverage on jenna...


No clues to it being Wren????? Seriously? Are we watching the same show?


First of all,mhis name is NOL, not NOEL. ok? Second, im in love with leigh!! I totally agree with u tht nate was her boyfriend!!! U r amazingly smart and cool and clever!! And i think its not even possible tht its Wren. The little clips at the end of the shows cant be things wren wuld do. If it is him then i would be upset becuz there have been no clues as to it being wren. I do 100% think nate is a team and mayas killer, but no way is he alisons killer. Maya came becuz ali was gone, nate came in third season. Ali's killer is lucas, i predict, and i think lucas runs the a team, although he doesnt make many appearences nowadays. And i LOVE, LOVE LOVE LOVE FREAKIN LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOOOOVE emily. Like im in love. Seriously. I dont care if shes gay, shell make an acception for me, like she did nate. I cry wen she cries, no matter what. I also cry when spence cries, becuz shes surpose to be the strong one, but aria and hanna cry to much, so i grew to get ovr it.


1. Uh please let it be next episode, I'm sick of this storyline already.
2. Shes just another Toby, wait a few episodes and Spencer will be hooking up with her.
3. Obviously Nate is the guy from true north that wouldnt stop texting her, but that doesnt mean hes part of the A-team. I'v always thought A was Ezra, but I cant even begin to guess anymore. But if its Toby I will die.
4. Its about not about Paige! bitch be harmless.
5. HAHAHAHAH 'he doesn't understand what lesbian means.