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I really liked Royal Pains when it started. I guess I watch out of loyalty. They have taken great characters and made them lame characters. Hank went from being dumped by his hospital, dumped by his fiancee to being this all knowing all powwerful docotor who can diagnose you from the spots on your neck and the tilt of your head. He has this great concierge doctoring service that is basically running because of his brother. Evan was getting a little pompous. He accused Eddie of thinking only of himself and thats what he was doing. I like that he apologized to his Dad. I like that the General accepted Eddie and enjoyed talking to him. Evan forgets, Eddie is the son of a very wealthy man, he knows how to shmooze. I might be the only woman on the planet to say this, but I read 50 Shades of Grey and could not stand it. I cannot believe they are going to do 50 shades of Divya. That right there shows the writers can not write for themselves.

Here are a few story ideas that they should try. Bring the long forgotten fiancee and her husband to the Hamptons. Let her see what she missed. Let her need hanks medical genius.

Lose Dr. Van Dyke. And build up Dr. Sacani's position. I would love to see him and Divya become great friends and fall in love. Ther is miles of stories there.

Have Paiges birth parents turn out to be young. They were too young to keep her but married later on and had more children.

By the way where are Marisa and the baby?


Now that you've mentioned it, just what has this season been about?
Your correct when you say there's no continuity. After Hank and Boris' blow up last week, you would have thought that would have been front and center in this week's episode but it was not.

I had to laugh at the reference to Fifty Shades of Grey with "Fifty Shades of Divya" for next week's episode......

The only plot twist that was presented was that Paige is adopted.

I think the writers must be getting bored with this show.

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