True Blood Clips: A Better Way?

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Is there really a better way? Are humans, including Sookie and Jason Stackhouse, truly just good for food and nothing else?

Bill tries to convince his progeny of this new way of looking at the world on Sunday's "Sunset."

Is Jessica buying it? Not exactly. But what can she do to save her friend and occasional lover? You might not believe the solution she comes up with in this clip:

But Bill and The Authority will have bigger problems to deal with than Jessica. Look for the military to get involved with their movement this week, as certain carnivorous by Steve and Russell from "Gone, Gone, Gone" were caught on video.

Watch this sneak peek to get an idea of what that may mean for the growing human versus vampire war:

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Just an aside - the caption sounds like Bill and Jessica are friends and occasional lovers not Jessica and Jason. When I first read it I freaked out because I just love the father/daughter dynamic between Bill and Jessica.


Bill is a spineless follower. He believes whatever he's told to.


UnVamp?????? seriously??????? Well, since Ball has went EXTREMELY WAY OFF from the books I guess this could happen.....................


I read that some people think Jason will be turned and then "un-turned" (or turned back?) by some means. That made me wonder if the show will have a season where they introduce some manner of making vampires mortals again... It would introduce some interesting would Bill (or Eric) give up being a vampire to be with Sookie? (and the best thing is they can always just re-vamp them later to re-establish the status quo)

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Bill: Roman is no longer with us.
General: How?
Eric: He couldn't get with the program so he had to go.

Jason: You gonna be ok?
Sookie: Kind of strange to find out you were sold to a vampire 300 years ago.

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