Covert Affairs Round Table: "Glass Spider"

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We reviewed the most recent shocking episode of Covert Affairs on Tuesday. We showed you what the showrunners had to say about the “big move” on Wednesday. Now it’s time for EVEN MORE analysis!

Staff writers Carla Day and Dan Forcella are joined by Tiffany Vogt of The TV Addict in this installment of the Covert Affairs Round Table. Read their answers to the burning questions below, and then leave your answers in the comments!


What was your favorite moment from the episode?

Tiffany: That ending was pretty spectacular.  Lena coming in and shooting both Simon and Annie was jaw-dropping.  Perhaps I should have suspected Lena from the get-go, but they surprised me.  For those of us who watched the first season of "24," it was just perfect. 

Carla: This was my favorite moment not because of what happened, but because it was a shock and showed that Covert Affairs is upping their storytelling. Lena coming to Annie's and shooting Simon and Annie moved the show from a feel good spy show to an intense thriller.

Dan: Is there another answer? That Lena betrayal was amazingly good.

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What could Annie have handled better in her Simon situation?

Tiffany: Her biggest mistake was actually falling for Simon, though after watching their romance play out this season, it is easy to understand why she did.  He risked everything for her -- and that is guaranteed to win any girl's heart.

Carla: Not gotten into the shower with him in the premiere. That said, Annie's personal journey has made her a more compelling character this season.

Dan: She shouldn't have thought so long and hard about whether or not to run away with him. They should have just taken off from the jump, and they never would have been shot up by Lena.

More tense: the meet at the mall? Or Annie deciding on Simon's proposal?

Tiffany: While the meet at the mall was high exposure and risky, I felt more torn up watching Annie trying to make up her mind on whether to accept Simon's offer to run away with him.  Love over duty is a tough decision and given how difficult it has been for Annie to find someone to love her just the way she is, Simon's offer was incredibly tempting.  We felt the agony of her decision.  Nicely done.

Carla: Definitely Annie deciding whether she would run off with Simon. Piper Perabo was amazing in that scene. Annie's agony was difficult to watch and showed how deep the relationship had become.

Dan: I'll agree with you two that the decision was much more heart-wrenching, but to be difficult I will say the mall scene was more tense.  I was expecting bad things to happen even though they didn't.

What do you think Lena's motivation was?

Tiffany: Lena is one power-hungry bitch.  She's not a traitor at heart, everything is just a game to her.  It's just horrifying that she saw Annie as a tool to be used and then disposed of so coldly during Lena's quest for absolute power.

Carla: I read an interview with the creators, so I know the answer to this question. No spoilers from me.

Dan: She was probably motivated by the fact that her turn as a traitor ended in death back when she went as Nina Myers.  This time she REALLY wanted to make it work!

Give this season of Covert Affairs a grade thus far.

Tiffany: I'd give Covert Affairs a solid "A" for this season.  They took big risks and were willing to follow through on them.  It has been a painful season watching Jai blown up, Auggie having his heart ripped out (figuratively), and Annie falling in love with the wrong guy.  But it made it feel more real and like the stakes were higher.  It made us invest more in their lives and the ramifications of their choices. 

Carla: A-

Dan: A for effort but B+ for execution.  The ideas have been great, and the plotting awesome, but I don't think everything has been as awesome along the way as I expected it to be after the premiere.

What has been your favorite episode of the summer?

Tiffany: Auggie-centric episodes are always the best. I loved "The Last Thing You Should Do."  It put Auggie in mortal danger and allowed Chris Gorham to shine.  Loved that episode!

Carla: This was by far the best episode, though the decision to have longer arcs this season has made most episodes heart-stopping at one moment or another. The show went from a sweet spy show to a spy thriller this season and while remaining true to the characters.

Dan: This one.

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Yes, bring Simon back. He is the reason i've kept watching so far. Can't say how disappointing i am :'(


Oh ya, I give this whole season of programs an A+ with a few an A. Great Acting espically Auggie. He would be killer in tough situations if you got him off the desk and in the field.
Give him some donor eyes or some way he can see. He has so much potential, out in the field.


I loved the show until they changed Annie when she went to work for Lena who was totally reckless. Annie became a different person. Too much me and not enough of we as in making her own decisions instead of working and listening totally to Lena, giving away all her secrets, including personally and love interests. I understand Lena was her boss but they acted like peers. And, will you get Auggie and Annie together somehow? And maybe he could get eye surgery, and get him more involved. The program where he was kidnapped was great.


1. My favorite moment: when Simon asked Annie to join him.
2. What could Annie have handled better in her Simon situation? I don't know what to say. Falling in love with another spy, a Russian one is not the best thing to do but she's human too.
3. More tense: the meet at the mall.
4. Lena's motivation: she's a double agent, she want the cake and eat it too. I guess she has a lot to do with Jay's murder, she wanted Simon and Annie dead.
5. A+
6. There were a few already: all the episodes with Simon and Eyal.


The show has become something of a bummer. If you are going to copy Burn Notice, than please do a better job. Westen is a hack of a better character than Annie. Prior to this year the show had major differences. This year it is just a remake of Burn Notice,


Bring Ben back.
There are too many love interests in Annie's path. I sort of gave up when Ben got out of the picture. The character is not genuine. Too promiscuous to be a reliable spy. I think.


Is Lena perhaps Simon sister?,,,,And double agent. And why bring in Simon and kill him off so quickly?


What was your favorite moment from the episode?
Had to be the ending. What could Annie have handled better in her Simon situation?
NOT fallen in love with him....... More tense: the meet at the mall? Or Annie deciding on Simon's proposal?
Annie deciding......but as anyone whose watched this show from the beginning should know, Annie has a very deep passion for this job and she would have never given it up. What do you think Lena's motivation was?
POWER and possibly jealousy.......what else? Give this season of Covert Affairs a grade thus far.
Sorry but I don't agree with the contributors to this article. I'd give it a solid C. They definitely picked it up in the last episode but let's see if it continues........ What has been your favorite episode of the summer?
The Glass Spider.


This season has been great. The spy vs. spy games with Simon have been very compelling. I am very upset that he has been apparently killed off.


Yes it was shocking and on-the-edge of your seat, but I think there are enough "thrillers" on TV with the blood, etc. I miss it being the feel-good spy show, and was disappointed with this episode. Though Lena was suspicious from the first, I don't think the story was built up enough to then have her be the killer--they didn't set that up enough. This whole season just didn't "fit" for me. Annie changed too fast for real life, from going from the loyal-love-your-job character who is trustworthy with friends, to falling for a criminal who may have been involved with killing your friend and betraying everyone? This season just isn't working for me. It has gone from the feel-good exciting spy show to more of a sleazy, violent spy show, and I don't know if I'll continue viewing--there's enough shows like that already on TV and Covert Affairs, up until now, had been a refreshing change,.

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