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The DPD finds pictures of Simon in Jai's safe house.  Annie admits to knowing him, and reveals everything she had been through with him.  They want her to bring him in, and she agrees to help.  When she meets up with him, a shooter makes an attempt on his life.  They escape, and she asks him to come into the CIA with her.  He says no and she lets him walk away.  He later shows up at her house and asks her to run away with him.  At first she says yes, but then decides against it.  Lena then comes in and shoots the both of them in the chest.

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Where can I find the music used in this episode?


I was upset when Simon got shot. I was hoping they would be able to work side by side.


He just didn't have time to pull it out and use it. His gun was normally at his back. Can't exactly out draw someone when your trying to push your g/f out of harms way and grab your gun before the other person already has their weapon drawn.


Simon has gun on him all the time and doesn't in this one instance come on.

Covert Affairs Season 3 Episode 8 Quotes

Annie, bring me back a Cinnabon.


Auggie: On a scale of 1 to 10, how big a deal is this?
Arthur: Knowing Jai, 12.