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"Dinosaurs on a Spaceship?"

Those were only a few of the things we encountered on Doctor Who this week. He had a gang! That's new! Seriously, could a Doctor be any cuter than Matt Smith? I think not. As he was traveling through time picking up his gang, including the Ponds with special guests Brian (Rory's dad) and Nefertiti, among others, he was so excited I wanted him to materialize in my living room.

Please note: I realize if Rory and Amy are married, they should be referred to as the Williams. It's The Doctor who calls them the Ponds and I'm not going to argue the point!

Dinosaurs on a Spaceship Photo

The best addition to the trip, by far, had to be Rory's dad. He had some of the best Doctor Who quotes in the episode. Typical British humor that makes me truly laugh out loud. Check out this beautiful exchange between the boys:

Rory: Did you just have that on you?
Brian: Of course. What sort of a man doesn't have a trowel? Put it on your Christmas list.
Rory: Dad, I'm 31 years old. I don't have a Christmas list anymore.
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I have very little to impose by way of review of this episode. It was just a fun romp and a great time. The robots were awesome. Once they started talking, they were not at all what I expected. Their interchanges with The Doctor and Rory were hilarious. Thankfully, they were not only funny but the most horrible shots in the universe. 

The Doctor playing with the triceratops, who was busily smelling Brian's balls you dirty birds...and then licking his face was a treat. How often do we get treated to a dinosaur that isn't hell bent on killing every living creature it comes in contact with? Not very! He also turned out to be quite the transportation device, making an exciting episode even sillier as The Doctor, Rory and Brian rode him through the spaceship.

That same silly, fun triceratops was the subject of a dramatic turn later, when Solomon had his robots shoot him to prove he was willing to take out anything in his path to get what he wanted. Even something as valuable as the dinosaurs he had confiscated the ship to steal. If you know anything about me, you know that scene was difficult for me to watch: the big, watering eyes of the playful triceratops as he lay dying. Observing the missiles attack Solomon's ship was a joyful event.

The biggest revelation of the hour was that Amy felt The Doctor was going off of she and Rory. They both promised they'd be there for each other until the end of one or the other, but we already have the news that just isn't true. It was a bit of foreshadowing that she's getting tired of putting her life on hold to wait for the sound of the TARDIS, especially when the time between The Doctor's visits is growing.

Ten months was long enough of a wait that Amy gave up her job, just as she gave up the one before it, both times using her wait for The Doctor as an excuse not to settle into her life. When Rory and Amy wanted to go home instead of onto the next adventure with The Doctor, the look of sadness on his face was hard to fathom. In the back of my mind, I kept remembering that we had a peek into his future and new companion in last week's premiere and not to despair. 

Much like Rory's dad and his new life of adventure, even when Amy and Rory decide to step aside, we'll continue on with The Doctor and find new thrills along the way.


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Was it me or there was a hint of nervous sadness on the Doctor´s eyes when Amy told him something about he seeing the end of her? Maybe he knows that they will be leaving soon...


The robots were voiced by David Mitchell and Robert Webb of UK "Peep Show" fame as well as their own comedy sketch program "That Mitchell and Webb Look". David is also a team captain on LMFAO UK quiz show "Would I lie to You?". As you can tell I am a bit of a fan.


@Nicole, you're right. I didn't even think about the dark Doctor because I was so enjoying everything else. But the changes coming his way are most certainly affecting him. I think it's really interesting to watch his slow progression to something darker, all while trying to be over the top funny to keep anyone from catching on. Just took me a while after watching to spot it. Thanks for the heads up.


I'm surprised the review didn't mention anything of the dark Doctor (although we did in the comments). The "silly" episode really threw me for a loop when the Doctor basically executed Soloman (I must say that actor had more lines in this one episode of Doctor Who then in the entire Harry Potter series, haha!) While the doctor has such a good heart and is silly and brilliant, especially with Matt Smith (David Tennent did a much better?/more frequent dark "scary" doctor) it's a little unhinging to see that dark doctor now.


Ok so I'm not usually a fan of the silly one shot episodes but I have to say this was done really well. I just loved having Rory's father along and that interchange between the father the son and the trowel was great. Although I really didn't find the two robots funny I do love the return of the dark doctor (and who didn't deserve that more than solomon) and the start of the disintigration of the pond relationship was good. Not something that would normally be seen in a silly episode like this. Just an episode done really well. Bring on more Who!


Entertaining and fun.

Aint born typical

Doctor Who is about the only show I know that can combine silliness, heartbreak, and sexual inuendoes into an hour long adventure through space and time while also making a statement about evils of inhumane greed AND tops it off with the Doctor doing something he has done before when seriously pissed off: playing a judge and an executioner. Basically, a great episode that leaves you full of emotions for hours later and one of my new favorites. And how awesome were all of the Ponds?


Loved it! Have no idea why some people are down on it. Two great stories in a row. Lets see if we can make it three next week. Doubt it can be four since I've heard nothing about The Power of Three. Based on budgets of the other four episodes I wouldnt be surprised if this were a small scale episode with maybe a few sets. High concept. Who knows? Could be amazing. Then it would almost certainly been five great stories in a row.

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