Wednesdays 10:00 PM
"The Time of the Doctor"

It's the Doctor Who Christmas special! This will mark the final appearance of Matt Smith in the title role.

"Day of the Doctor"

Welcome to the special Doctor Who 50th anniversary special. This episode brings together many old stars of the show.

Doctor Who Finale Photo
"The Name of the Doctor"

Doctor Who wraps up Season 7 with an aptly titled finale this week: The Name of the Doctor.

"Nightmare in Silver"

This Doctor Who episode features the Cybermen. It marks their first appearance in over a year.

"The Crimson Horror"

Bodies with waxy, glowing red skin are found in Victorian Yorkshire on this episode of Doctor Who.

"Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS"

The TARDIS is headed toward disaster on this episode of Doctor Who. Time is ticking down until its end.


The TARDIS touches down this week at Caliburn House. Once there, Doctor Who meets a professor and a psychic.

"Cold War"

The Doctor and Clara get stuck in an underwater battle in this episode of Doctor Who.

"Rings of Akhaten"

This episode of Doctor Who marks Clara's official first outing, as she asks to "see something awesome" and is not disappointed.

Doctor and Clara
"The Bells of St. John"

Doctor Who is back on BBC America. This is the first new episode of 2013.