Doctor Who Review: The Power of Three

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"The Power of Three" pounded home the change on the horizon in what is sure to be the last semi-fun episode to feature Amy and Rory as The Doctor's companions. 

Time literally flew by as Amy and Rory lived their lives without The Doctor, doing normal things such as committing to being in a wedding as a bridesmaid and Rory accepting a full time job at the hospital. With every passing moment, the reality draws nearer; a choice between real life and life with The Doctor is going to have to be made.

Sinister Black Cubes

As earth was littered with groovy little black boxes that seemed benign at first, and then became some of the worst nightmares earthlings could imagine after they had finally come to terms with living with the strange little invaders, the cold hard truth was that a race was attempting to wipe the blight of humanity and the plague of their existence from being.

It was brilliant to hear The Doctor standing up for his companions and their people as the hopeful bunch that we are, always fighting for love and happiness.

As Rory and Amy spent more and more time away from adventures with The Doctor, he was never far from their hearts. Holidays, anniversaries, and special occasions brought him back like a long lost family member, but he was never far from their thoughts. As they found themselves further engrained into the lives of "normal" human beings, they began to question their future with him, but I really don't think they had any ideas of cutting their ties with The Doctor.

The Doctor, on the other hand, seemed to savor every moment with Rory and Amy. His memories of their faces being his first and their lives being intertwined were heartwrenching. The Doctor's love for them far outweighs anything he needs or wants from them, but instead counts for everything he hopes their lives to be once he is gone.

At the end, the amazing Brian was there to tell Amy and Rory to stay the course. Don't let the opportunity to live such an amazing life pass them by when he knows what mediocrity and normalcy will mean. The Ponds will never know normal lives, but they will always remember the extraordinary ones they lead with The Doctor.

I know this didn't address the oddities of the episode at hand, the fun of the cubes, The Doctor playing Wii, painting fences or doing yardwork. It just felt greater than the sum of the whole of all of those tiny parts. They were fun, and cute and to some extent even frightening, but the most frightening thing at all is the thought this journey is coming to an end. When The Doctor laid out that they were his first faces, how could any of us imagine a live wherein he lived without them?

When it came down to it, once Rory's dad knew the enormity of the lives they lead with The Doctor, even he couldn't imagine a life where they didn't have the advantages and made a push for staying power. After the fun he has had recently, he must be thinking about his own future and what it will be like to go back to being plain ole Rory's dad again. Who could blame him?

With Amy and Rory certain that they can maintain a future that will include a crazy life with The Doctor and their own normalcy, it won't be long before we determine what it is that brings this precious house tumbling down. It could be anything, couldn't it? What is your guess? Maybe The Doctor's wand cures Amy's infertility. Could they lose someone close to them and fear losing even more time away with The Doctor? Might they understand their importance in keeping The Doctor safe and remove themselves for the best of all parties involved?

I have no bloody idea, but if tonight's tender conversations are any indication, I expect tissues might be in order for the next outing of Doctor Who. How about you?


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With all of the heavy foreshadowing, it seems impossible to believe that "the Ponds" are going to walk out of the Doctor's life. Something more tragic seems to be in store- especially after the conversation about "what happens to them" and the Doctor's promise saying "not them - never them" and promising to protect them. Also, Amy's (and Rory's) history with the Weeping Angel's seems destined to end in tragedy. It's as if the former Weeping Angels episodes were set-ups to their exit episode. We'll see.


Brian was great. There were some good parts but overall it was poor.


Well I loved this episode. I thought it was fun with really great moments between Rory, Amy, and the Doctor. I liked the Brigadier's daughter turning up too.


The reason this episode didn't seem that exciting is because we've seen it many times before - a seemingly benign thing turns out to be aliens invaders - adipose? Dummies come to life?


The writing for this series has been poor. Like last week's episode (Town called Mercy), this week's offering seemed to rely more on Smith's seemingly intentional parodying of the role as the sole source of entertainment rather than the script itself. The closure to this week's edition was particularly bad and it almost seemed as if the writing team couldn't be bothered to come up with an interesting ending.
In terms of Matt Smith, you do get the impression that he has grown bored with the role and I wouldn't be surprised if the next series was his last.


Another 2 interesting things about this episode was the return of ron weasly's dad as rory's dad and the intro of the Brigaderes daughter. Hopefully she will be back even if he will not. The coming atraction shows amy and rory falling from a building. Will this be there end?


I agree, "Town called Mercy" and "Power of three" are my least favourite episodes of 11th Doctor. They just seem so... unfinished. The cubes were not as exciting as they could be.
Next week we see weeping angels in NY so THAT should be fun :)


What is with Doctor Who this season? The episodes seem strained and flat. Rory's dad is cool though. He seems like the only one that is actually acting, and not stiff. I love Doctor Who, but the actors seem to be just going through the motions.


1 star :(

Aint born typical

This was probably my least favorite episode of the season. I think it started out great. Invasion of Earth episodes are always fun. But then it lost focus. Maybe it should have beem a two parter or maybe certain things were unnecessary like Doctor painting fences and playing wii, but there should have been more conflict and more Doctor brilliance. I miss the Doctor being brilliant. Like he was in the Christmas Invasion (in series 2). And that Doctor spent most of the episode in a coma...

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