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Gossip Girl Episode Synopsis: "High Infidelity"

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We've already seen the promotional photos - and posted some Gossip Girl season 6 spoilers - but now the CW has released the episode synopsis for the second installment of the season, "High Infidelity."

It reads:

  • Trying to prove herself in adult society, Serena hosts the Central Park Conservancy’s big gala, of which she is now the newest Board Member, and she and Nate  both learn something shocking about their significant others.
  • Blair prepares to debut her new fashion line, but a rival from her past holds the key to her future.
  • With the help of Georgina, Dan lands some meetings with publishers, but he must decide if he is willing to sacrifice his integrity in order to get his work published.
  • Meanwhile, Chuck tries to persuade Amira (guest star Andrea Gabriel) to help him look into his father’s past, even if it means jeopardizing Lily and Bart’s relationship.

Barry Watson guest stars as Steven and Sofia Black-D'Elia debuts as Sage.

Check out our photo gallery from the episode, airing Monday, October 15, and share your comments on it below. Gossip Girl Season 6 begins a week from Monday!

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Mmm... this seems quite interesting.
First of all, I think that Serena and Nate will find out that Sage and Steven are daughter and father.
Secondly, as soon as I read "rival" I thought of Jenny. I don't know, I think that Poppy could be considered Blair's rival, but just "indirectly". I mean, yes, she was her rival as far as Serena's friendship was concerned and maybe she seeks for revenge because Blair (helped by Nate, Chuck and Georgina) took her down, but I'm not so convinced. I know that the actress who portrays Poppy said that she wasn't there because of Serena, but I still think that a major rival for Blair should have been Jenny, not her.
Thirdly: Dan, dear Dan... come out of your world where everything is perfect and stop acting like a victim. If he really publishes that book, that will totally confirm my idea: he is an immature douche.
Finally, as far as Bart and Lily are concerned, I don't care whether they stay together or not, as long as Lily doesn't get back with Rufus. I never liked him. Serenate fans, although I get your POV and I hate Dan so much, I think that Derena will be endgame. In fact, as confirmed by the callsheets, they will share some scenes in 6x07/6x08, and they could probably be romantic scenes (she spends the night at his loft, after drinking champagne). Moreover, you have to admit that Serenate won't make so much sense, since Serena (but also Nate) hasn't had feelings for him for two years. Don't get me wrong, if they shared strong feelings for each other also in season 4 and 5 I would totally root for them, but we have to be realistic, so unfortunately it won't happen.


so... even now, when Dan has already decided to compromise himself to put out a more scathing account of the upper east side, even now he can't win. wtaf???


i think nate and ivy could be the endgame too. at moment both are really similar lol.. nate hooked up with diana, catherine. our ivy will hooking up with rufus and william. sounds similar?:-)


Ermergerd! I love Jenny to return too. Marco, thanks for supplying that info. Poppy then really after Blair this time. You're right, SERENATE beautiful couple. Hope they would happen in the end. Consider this my high five to you!


@ G. Singular, I'm very very sorry, but Nate is going to be in love with Sage! Playboy remains palyboy! Look at the pictures that have been released from the set!


@ Marco, @ G. Singular, Hahahahaha, both of you are wrong! In season 2 Poppy Lifton is a crook who with Gabriel managed to trick Serena and Lily, Rufus and Lily’s friends and with fraud steal a large sum of money! Serena and Blair with Chuck and Nate, ie. NJBC trying to recover the money, but fails and Lily send Serena in jail. Serena out of prison saves her prince - Dan, and they go to the prom together. Meanwhile, Chuck brings Georgina. And to make it short, Poppy escapes and for her moves Georgina, who eventually manages to get the money from Poppy and return to Rufus, ie. Dan to be able to go to college!


@g.singluar HIGH FIVE :D ... Plus I heard that poppy didn't come back for Serena this time but ... Idk why she's back :| and don't weird I ship SERENATE TOO :D perfect couple :3 Hopefully Jenny comes back ><


Marco, my guy! You are right. Poppy has been Blair's rival to Serena's friendship on Season 2. SERENATE! SERENATE! SERENATE! Haters gonna hate. I don't care.


@zoran poppy was Blair's rival ... They were rivals for Serena's friendship ... It doesn't really say if the rival has something to do with fashion even thought she modeled for Blair's mum's fashion show but yes , poppy was Blair's rival because of Serena and instead of them fighting it was Blair and Serena who fought...


Don't think about it, unleash hell Dan!