Grimm Review: Past, Present and Future

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If there’s one thing Grimm does well, it’s making unlikeable characters actually likeable (remember my disdain for Juliette?), and "Quill" accomplishes just that with Hank. 

Congratulations on joining the pack. Hank! You’re official off the “I don’t care about you” list!

Monroe & Rosalee Are Shocked

The big differentiator with Hank is that his knowledge of Wesen and the world in which Nick now lives is fleeting in a sense. He’s been clearly established as being very different from Nick in that he can’t see all Wesen creatures when they turn. Instead, Nick has to actively warn him so Hank can be on his guard.

In many ways Hank is being positioned as the man from the cop world, so we can think of Nick as the hybrid. Nick can go back and forth between being an officer and being a Grimm, but he needs a well-rounded team to juggle things that he can’t do or with which needs help.

Aside from the Resident-Evil-Umbrella-Corp outbreak, the best parts of "Quill" happened along the periphery, as Grimm began weaving together new and old story elements to expand the narrative.

First up? Juliette. Her memory loss is really shaping up to be one of the better stories on Grimm, and Bitsie’s acting is truly top notch as Juliette attempts everything she can think of to remember Nick. What I love is that, although she can’t remember Nick, his influence is everywhere around her - and nowhere is that greater than in the house; so as Juliette tries to remember, she ends up thinking back the touches of his life that might have been colored differently when she looked at him through the lens of love.

Now, with no real clue how she should feel about Nick, Juliette doesn’t necessarily possess the need to overlook or ignore certain aspects of Nick’s life that have bled over; which is just what happened when Juliette invited Bud over. Bud ended up spilling the beans about Nick being a Grimm.

I wonder if this will unlock any memories for Juliette, like maybe her inside Nick’s trailer.  Although, if history is any indication, this will only end up pushing Juliette further away.

Next are Monroe and Rosalee. Their adorableness is off the charts and the role reversal, whether it was plague induced or not, is truly awesome. Although Monroe is the big bad Blutbad, he ends up being so soft and flustered around Rosalee, and she ends up taking the reigns a little bit.

While some of that was plague-induced, it's still nice to see Rosalee finding the courage to make the first move because she's usually always hiding behind someone or something out of fear.

Finally we have the latest royal hound in Portland. This Nuckelavee is far better than the reapers sent before him. He’s not making his presence known, but instead is working on gathering as much information about Nick as possible before making his move. Perhaps the biggest development about all of this is Renard has an informant inside the family, and they are working towards a plan.

What plan is that? Well, this is Grimm after all, and that is all we get. Although it’s interesting that the key once again comes up, and Renard knows that Nick has it. I wonder if Renard wants the treasure because it reminds me of when he had the coins. Renard dreamed of using their charisma to rule the world and become a leader, and if Mama Burkhardt is to be believed that is exactly what the hidden treasure can do.

Other thoughts:

  • I wonder if Adalind’s cat will come back to the story.
  • Give Wu something to do other than being the poor guy that nearly gets killed by all the Wesen stuff.
  • My wonderful colleague Carissa reviewed last week’s episode in my absence, and I agree with her on almost all points. The only thing she failed to mention is how freaking awesome Grimm’s new title sequence is.
  • I'll see again for the next new Grimm episode: Friday, September 28.


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It wasn't shown, but you can clearly hear that the cat was hit by a car. The fact that Monroe said 'no' when Rosalee asks him if they should check on the cat (right after it being hit)proves that the animal is dead, never to be returned...


The last reviewer didn't forget to mention the new title intro: this was the first episode it appeared in. But yes, it's awesome. So much better than the lame voiceover they had before.


Thank heaven they're starting to use Hank in a way that we can all enjoy!! FINALLY...he's not painful to watch. This is good. This is very good. Same with Juliette - it's fascinating that the only things that are coming to her mind are the "Grimm" memories. I'm looking forward to seeing how this is going to be resolved. Monroe and Rosalee are awesome. Giuntoli gets better and better. Renard is still a fascinating mystery.


Monroe: "Hank knows?"
Hisyerical! It's like he was speaking for all the viewers. Perfect delivery too.


Hank's interesting, Juliette's interesting, Monrosalee are adorable, Wesen plague is original, and the new Grimm hunter seems smarter than the reapers. All the stories were interesting but I wish they wouldn't drop stories for several episodes, e.g Renard being pure of heart.


PART II (from below)...I know that Nick, like Buffy & Angel, is destined to survive. But, I don't like the feeling that Wesen of the Week are just there to keep the audience distracted in lieu of meatier character development. For example, it's been 2 episodes since Renard drank the potion to make him "pure of heart." Is that all we get? He literally had his insides smoked and there are no side effects/repercussions? On a side note, did anyone else think the Nuckelavee resembled one of those beings from AVATAR?


Enjoyed the episode, and the fact that the voiceover was removed from the opening credit sequence. It's much better without it IMO. I do have one nitpick - instead of a Big Bad of the Season, GRIMM is overdoing it just a bit on the Big Bad of the Week. With each successive "unbeatable" "lethal" wesen/assassin getting undone by Team Nick, they're beginning to look like a parade of makeup models. Remember when Hexenbiest were described as one of the most dangerous beings in the wesen world, waaaay back in the first episodes? Then they gave way to Reapers, to Ninjas, to Mauvais Dentes, to Nucklehead whatevers. The danger isn't just ramping up every season; it's every WEEK. It's at the point that I don't buy the danger/threat anymore...


Did someone else notice the picture of a baby in Renard's desk at the station? I think it would be weird if it was a piture of himself, so it's probably his child, or maybe a niece/nephew?
They showed him wearing a wedding ring in one of the last episodes, and now a child's picture. Why not a mention of his family (other than his royal one) till now?

Matt richenthal

@Soso: It has been confirmed by NBC: the next new episode is September 28.


This was a really good episode. Nice to see the people around Nick who are developing and having his back. The cat really freaked me out, chewing on the carrier cage and ending up on the ceiling. Hopefully, it will not come back.
I would love to see Nick and Juliette get back together. She is trying so hard and can not remember him. The plumber spilling the beans to her was funny and trying to backtrack what he said.
I was half asleep when the promos stated it will come back in three weeks. Glad to know that is not the case.

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Grimm Season 2 Episode 4 Quotes

Okay that warrants a "how the hell did it do this?!"


Oh my God, Hanks knows.