Hawaii Five-0 Review: Off And Running

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"La O Na Makuahine:Mother’s Day

Hawaii Five-0 Season 3 kicked off with the Chin-Ho, Kono and Malia-based cliffhanger we have been biting our nails over all summer. While my guess from the season finale of how Kono could be saved was really close (Adam saved her after Chin-Ho called him), my hope that Malia opening her eyes meant that she would survive didn't fair as well. 

Can we hope that Chin-Ho won’t go down a horribly dark path over Malia’s death because he was able to catch Frank Delano and shoot him in the face with a shotgun? I’m worried that we are going to have to deal with “Evil Chin-Ho” now for several episodes, which would drag down the overall feel of the show.

The premiere also gave us a complete answer to the questions that were asked most often during the show's sophomore season. To wit: What is Shelburne? It was Doris McGarrett’s code name when she was a spy before Steve was born. 

It was even better to receive the answer directly from Doris McGarrett herself as she explained why she disappeared for 20 years to Steve. I’m not surprised that Steve had some anger about his mom faking her own death. I was very glad that he got past it, though, towards the end of the episode when he called her “mom” instead of “Doris.”

Hawaii Five-0 Season 3 Premiere Pic

In addition to Christine Lahti coming on board as Mrs. McGarrett, Michelle Borth returned as Catherine Rawlins. She's now a series regular. While they didn’t explain why she is suddenly island-bound in the Navy, I enjoyed watching her and Doris together too much to really complain about it. 

Speaking of Doris and Catherine, I’m very curious why Doris didn’t shoot Wo Fat and, more importantly, why Wo Fat spent years trying to find her and didn’t even raise his pistol. I’m sensing that any relief I have over finding out who Shelburne was is going to quickly be replaced with questions about Wo Fat and Doris’ interaction and relationship. 

My only complaint about the opener was the way the writers decided to have Wo Fat escape. I just don’t get why it had to involve a helicopter picking up an armored car with a giant skill-crane style claw. Had they cut to a shot of the three-eyed alien from Toy Story pointing and saying Oooooh, The Claw!! it would not have surprised me... and might have made it better. 

I will say (claw-copter aside) that the rest of the action from Peter Lenkov’s story was great. I cheered out loud when Kono jumped straight up as the guy tried to run her down and then shot him through the windshield while standing on the hood.

In conclusion, this week’s premiere was excellent and the addition of Lahti as Doris made for some fun Hawaii Five-O Quotes. I’m excited to see where Lenov decides to take her and Catherine in relation to the core team. What did you think of the premiere? Do you like the addition of Doris McGarrett?


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As to Wo Fat's escape, check out the very last episode of the original Hawaii 50. Steve finally slams the jail cell door on Wo Fat and strides away. Then Wo Fat pulls a file out of his shoe and smiles at the camera. Hey, the claw-copter was cool.


I am over it with this show-the James Bond like Wo Fat escape was the crushing blow (the trip to North Korea came close to ending my interest in this show but I persisted much to my chagrin for being taken in this long). This show is all about the characters and not about solving crimes in Hawaii with all the fun and interest that setting has to offer. It was so obvious that "Shelburne" had let Wo Fat escape-they didn't process the scene before whisking her away into witness protection? Lousy policing, even lousier writing as has been pointed out. She abandons her son and shows up 20 years later and expects all to be cozy Mommy/son? More like "Mommie Dearest".
It's sad but other shows are starting to go overboard with character's obsessions, The Mentalist with Red John (please get over it), and Beckett with the Batmanesque who killed my Mother storyline (we don't know and we don't care go solve an interesting crime for heavens sake).
I watch cop/crime shows for the crime, the hunt, the puzzle and the solution. Longmire, CSI with Ted Danson has renewed my interest in that show and of course Person of Interest. Perception has an interesting premise and hoping Elementary with prove itself. But for now, aloha to Hawaii Five O


Hey "k" stop watching the show then...


The Shelburne storyline is not the problem, its the writing. The crime of the week stories were just as badly written as the Shelburne story. The writers try to be serious one moment and light hearted the next, but can't seem to handle either. We still have no genuine emotions between the team and all we hear is how they are meant to be a family. Not one conversation between Steve or Danny with Chin as to how he was coping. Instead we get stupid carguments and Navy SEALS calling their friends boo boo. Doris McG could have been a great character but she's already as horribly written as Joe was.
But even with all its problems the premier was far better than most of season 2 and I'd take over the top action anyday over forced cringeworthy forced "bromance" scenes.


@Patty - You are right. I still refuse to believe it but people do think they are brothers, at least 60% (according to my poll). I still hope it's not true.


I forgot to add, Peter Lenkov should not have McGarrett and Wo Fat brothers! If that is where he is going, he should change it to something more complex. The fans are too smart and already think that McGarrett and Wo Fat are half brothers. He needs to throw us fans a curve!


I Think the season 3 premiere was Fantastic!!!! I liked it so much I watched 2 more times on on demand. The plots, the writing, the special effects ( I thought the helicopter claw scene was cool even though unbelievable), the acting (especially Daniel Dae Kim) were outstanding. Anyone who missed it missed out big time. Anyone that chooses Revolution or Castle over Hawaii Five O is crazy!!!


@Lanika - I just opened a poll on my blog a couple of minutes ago, to see if people see Dorris McG as Wo Fat's mother. There are only 8 votes but let's see in a couple of days what people think.


My previous post was cut off as well.... My big question is Joe? As brought up by others, why did he not tell John that Doris was alive?
Or did he? One of the last things John says to Steve is that he was sorry?
Sorry for what?
Did Doris recruit Joe to help fake her death in order to keep John and the kids safe?
I have faith that the writers will give us satisfying answers to the questions and I cannot wait to see it all play out! So happy to have Season 3 underway!


I thought the premiere was fantastic! My ONLY complaint is that things seemed a bit 'rushed' - I loved the early scene with Steve & Mom and feel both actors were fantastic. Alex can show so much emotion simply with his eyes, he's amazing. And Chin......what else can be said, Daniel was brilliant. I think Cath will be a good addition as long as she's not a member of the 'team' According to interviews with Peter Lenkov, she has a big role in ep. 2 so I hope viewers reserve their judgement and see how things play out. Personally, I didn't like Lori's character. I felt she was forced on the viewers and I saw no chemistry with her & Steve. Cath on the other hand is established and if they play it right she can be a great asset to the show. The Core Four should be what it's about though. Four wonderful characters, all perfectly casted --- Alex, Scott, Grace and Daniel all are amazing!
I really hope that Wo-Fat and Steve are NOT half-brothers. My big question is Joe? As brought up by others, why would Joe not tell John McGarrett that Doris was alive? Or did he? One of the last things John said to Steve was that he was sorry. What was he sorry for?
Did John even know about Doris' life as a spy?
Did Doris recruit Joe's help from the beginning, helping fake her death to protect John and the kids?
I cannot wait to see how this plays out - I personally love the on-going story of Steve's family. I'm happy this show is not a straight cop procedural. Getting to know and love the characters is the best part of H50 in my opinion. I have confidence that the writers will give us satisfying answers and am so happy that Season 3 is underway!

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