Hawaii Five-0 Review: Off And Running

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"La O Na Makuahine:Mother’s Day

Hawaii Five-0 Season 3 kicked off with the Chin-Ho, Kono and Malia-based cliffhanger we have been biting our nails over all summer. While my guess from the season finale of how Kono could be saved was really close (Adam saved her after Chin-Ho called him), my hope that Malia opening her eyes meant that she would survive didn't fair as well. 

Can we hope that Chin-Ho won’t go down a horribly dark path over Malia’s death because he was able to catch Frank Delano and shoot him in the face with a shotgun? I’m worried that we are going to have to deal with “Evil Chin-Ho” now for several episodes, which would drag down the overall feel of the show.

The premiere also gave us a complete answer to the questions that were asked most often during the show's sophomore season. To wit: What is Shelburne? It was Doris McGarrett’s code name when she was a spy before Steve was born. 

It was even better to receive the answer directly from Doris McGarrett herself as she explained why she disappeared for 20 years to Steve. I’m not surprised that Steve had some anger about his mom faking her own death. I was very glad that he got past it, though, towards the end of the episode when he called her “mom” instead of “Doris.”

Hawaii Five-0 Season 3 Premiere Pic

In addition to Christine Lahti coming on board as Mrs. McGarrett, Michelle Borth returned as Catherine Rawlins. She's now a series regular. While they didn’t explain why she is suddenly island-bound in the Navy, I enjoyed watching her and Doris together too much to really complain about it. 

Speaking of Doris and Catherine, I’m very curious why Doris didn’t shoot Wo Fat and, more importantly, why Wo Fat spent years trying to find her and didn’t even raise his pistol. I’m sensing that any relief I have over finding out who Shelburne was is going to quickly be replaced with questions about Wo Fat and Doris’ interaction and relationship. 

My only complaint about the opener was the way the writers decided to have Wo Fat escape. I just don’t get why it had to involve a helicopter picking up an armored car with a giant skill-crane style claw. Had they cut to a shot of the three-eyed alien from Toy Story pointing and saying Oooooh, The Claw!! it would not have surprised me... and might have made it better. 

I will say (claw-copter aside) that the rest of the action from Peter Lenkov’s story was great. I cheered out loud when Kono jumped straight up as the guy tried to run her down and then shot him through the windshield while standing on the hood.

In conclusion, this week’s premiere was excellent and the addition of Lahti as Doris made for some fun Hawaii Five-O Quotes. I’m excited to see where Lenov decides to take her and Catherine in relation to the core team. What did you think of the premiere? Do you like the addition of Doris McGarrett?


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Sarah silva

Gracie in hawaii with him

Sarah silva

I love this show. So happy to have my favorite man back on tv and he looks fantastic. They wasted no time getting back to business. I loved the whole premiere. While I am not happy Wo fat escaped I liked the action sequence at the beggining. It was the worst kept secret that Kono lived and Malia would die but that was a fantastic sequence too. I like Adam now. I thought it was odd that Doris did not shoot Wo fat and I think I agree with the theory Steve and him are brothers but if that is the case I wonder what it will do to Steve. Danny as always is great and funny and I love the ring tone for Rachel. He better win custody and keep


The chopper and the claw was just plain stupid, as I watched it my first thought was you've got to be kidding. They couldn't find a more believable escape plan? Where were Wile E Cayote and Bugs Bunny if we are going to become a cartoon? As for Wo Fat and Doris, they are going to milk this like a dairy cow. My guess is that Wo Fat is also Doris' son and he and Steve are brothers, after the helicopter silliness nothing is too outlandish for this show now.


I too have long believed that Wo Fat is Steve's brother and hence, why Doris did not shoot him.


I think the reason Malia was removed was because if they could not show her in a romantic light they had no use for her in the show...and they did not think that an All-Asian romance will sell! Why? It took a long time for the American audience to accept an all-black romance. Until the late 1990s there was hardly any show where any non-white person was shown in a romantic light even within that person's race with the rare exception of shows targeted to blacks. Even there shows such as Cosby or Sanford and Sons rarely showed couples kissing. It changed somewhat in the first decade of this century but not much! And I will bet anything that the new "Indian" show Mindy Kaling project will not show any romance involving South Asians!


@Andrea, that's exactly my thoughts too. From the first talk Steve and his mother had, I was waiting for her to say that she was Wo Fat's mother.

Mrs cleaver

SO glad they are back!
Yeah the escape scene was a bit over the top - someone give Catherine a cheeseburger (skinny skinny legs) - Steve looks great & he's got a half brother who is gonna cause problems at the Thanksgiving table - Mom is bad news all around - Poor Chin ;o( - Yay Adam! - Yay Adam & Kono! - Very funny car-gu-ment - Danno's Evil Woman for Rachel ringtone lol!


the show has "Jumped the shark" for me. If you don't know what that means google it.


Andrea, we were thinking the exact same thing. Doris is both Wo Fat and Steve's Mother. That's the only reason we can think that she would let him go instead of shooting him.


"What are you talking about George. Aren't Chin Ho & Kono Asian?" I said the day they jettison Kono. I fear they have been trying to whitewash the show since last year and the Laurie Wetson character did not work out. Let us see what happens this year. As far as Malia is concerned, she is still an Asian-American woman who did not get much of a role. In fact, she completely disappeared for a while after her December wedding, and then re-appeared very briefly and then get murdered. Does not seem like a show that is too enthused about giving more than one or two Asians much of a role even in a place like Hawaii. As I said, if they want a mostly white show they need to base it in Wisconsin, Massachusetts, or if they want a nice climate, how about San Diego, California? Some lack of creativity too. They should have somewhow shown that the Laurie and Malia (with exactly the last surname) were related...perhaps at the wedding last December. Now both the Wetsons are gone. Did not see any reason why either Wetsons had to be included in the first place if they disappear so quickly.

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