Jeanne Tripplehorn Debuts on Criminal Minds: Hit or Miss?

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The Criminal Minds Season 8 premiere tossed Jeanne Tripplehorn right into the thick of it, as the new cast member - in the role of BAU member Alex Blake - helped the team investigate The Silencer, a murderer who sews the mouths of his victims shut.

Pretty standard for this CBS procedural, really.

Jeanne Tripplehorn on Criminal Minds

What did you think of the show's return? Of the Case of the Week? And of Tripplehorn's debut in particular?

Sound off now on the actress' first appearance:

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I so agree with everyone about Jeanne Tripplehorn not being right for this show at all! And im sayin this a someone new to CM. I cant barely watch the new episodes and look for the older ones to watch. She Does Not fit in and she is hard to watch, which i might not be doin anymore(except old eps) if they keep her. Horrible, awful, dont get it?? I kno Paget might not ever come back, but somebody has to b better. Like someone else suggested....Eva LaRue would b perfect! She's got the right look and background(similar show) and would keep the show hot. It'sgonna go down, down if they keep Alex, im sorry to say:(


Why does the show keep Tripplehorn when everyone (about 90%) feels this way. I have read other comments on other sites and they are all similar


I cannot stand Jeanne Tripplehorn. Hated it when Emily left but liked some other temp replacements in the past. This actress is all wrong. She doesn't seem like a television actress, looks into the camera at weird angles and does not seem to fit with the others. She is not photogenic on television as she was in the movies. I feel she is very stiff on camera and not believable at all. Please find a replacement or I may stop watching.


Okay so I just do not understand what CBS was THINKING when they added Jeanne tripplehorn. Don't u care about your fans?? Read the 50ish comments here all stating that they do not like Alex Blake. There are probably MANY MANY MANY more people who agree. Blake is arrogant and she seems like a drone. She brings nothing to the show and she is too old. She is a HORRIBLE fit for cm, and even tho I used to LOVEEE this show, I don't anymore (everyone I know who watches agrees with me), and I've decided not to watch anymore. Plus tell people I know who want to start it/are starting it to not watch and waste their time because after season 8 the show is a disaster. Jeanne tripplehorn must leave. If Prentiss can't come back (maybe she can? Please we want her back!) at least add someone who contributes to the team and doesn't ruin the total dynamic of the show.


Sidn • about a minute ago
Jeanne tripplehorn/ Alex Blake truly ruined the show for me and for everyone I know who watches it. She doesn't fit in with the rest of the cast, she's bland and emotionless, and is just not a good fit AT ALL for this show. Prentiss was my favorite character Because she was so nice and funny and had great chemistry with all of the other actors, and all of the personal moments at the ends of episodes were made better with her presence. I understand if she cannot come back, but, cbs PLEASE GET RID OF JEANNE TRIPPLEHORN. I just don't understand why you would keep her, and what she brings to the show......


I feel you all. I gave her a chance and watched a few episodes but every time she gets on the screen I feel so annoyed. I think it would of been best if they left the team how it was (even though its sad no Prentiss). Having Tripplehorn its such a miss in this show. I was a 200% fan, but then they go and take JJ out and then they take Prentiss out and they both come back and then Prentiss leaves. Like stop screwing with your fans. It was just too much to handle in 2 seasons. Then adding one more to the package was intolerable. I personally think Ms. Tripplehorn is a good actress and I like some of her stuff, but I just don't like her here. I not waiting for Prentiss to come back ( ive made my peace with it), but its such a headache watching a person trying to be smarter than Reid. Yeah no, the writers have made me feel like if there is no person in the world smarter than Spencer Reid. Then bringing her into the gang acting all smart and serious, well she just didn't make the cut IMHO. I used to wait anxiously for Wednesdays to watch this show. I endure it when JJ left. I endure it when Prentiss left. But bringing someone in so fast was just awful. Like I said I was a 200% fan now I'm not even a fan. Now if its Wednesday and I stumble upon it while browsing the channels I watch part of it and then I continue browsing.


Oh my goodness. PLEASE get rid of Jeanne Tripplehorn. She is awful on this show!! It's painful to watch. She has no depth.. and every line she says annoys me. Completely pointless. Her character comes off as a know-it-all with zero personality.


How many people does it take for you people get the picture. GET RID OF HER.


I don't think Jeanne Tripplehorn is the right fit...I am an avid fan of Criminal Minds and she's just not "one of the gang". Eva Larue, who recently made a guest appearance formerly of CSI: Miami made more of a hit than Jeanne ever has...I've tried to give her a chance...just not feeling it.....sorry...please replace her:-))

@ Leanna

She sucks!

@ Me

She comes across as motherly. She doesn't provide or bring anything unique to the team. Her character is a sore thumb. There is no connection. Reid is our cute resident brainiac. We don't need someone else being the same type of smart that Reid already brings to the table. It competes with Reid's uniqueness. Reid has a mother and also JJ looks out for him. They all do. Hotch is the leader as well as the fatherly figure him and Rossi. Morgan is Morgan the smart muscle of the team and big brother type. The new character comes across as weak. Prentiss was a bad a$$ that had her own connections that she brought to the team that could be used to assist. Even JJ is bad a$$ and she can make things happen! The episode in which Tripplehorn made fun of Reid referencing him to have an autistic syndrome and Rossi laughs with her was absolutely horrible. That team always protects Reid's naivety!


She is way too old and puts the team off balance. Remember the show should be entertaining. Just because she has a good relationship with the shows exec's it shouldn't give her a spot on the team. The show is coming closer to ending when you add a character like her. Criminal Minds has always maintained and understood how important balance is when portraying a team and its atmosphere. Get rid of her.