Jeanne Tripplehorn Debuts on Criminal Minds: Hit or Miss?

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The Criminal Minds Season 8 premiere tossed Jeanne Tripplehorn right into the thick of it, as the new cast member - in the role of BAU member Alex Blake - helped the team investigate The Silencer, a murderer who sews the mouths of his victims shut.

Pretty standard for this CBS procedural, really.

Jeanne Tripplehorn on Criminal Minds

What did you think of the show's return? Of the Case of the Week? And of Tripplehorn's debut in particular?

Sound off now on the actress' first appearance:

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Jeanne Tripplehorn is the absolute worst addition to the cast *EVER*. Not to say she's had anything but a blank stare acting method from The Firm all the way through Big Love, but really, they expect fans of CM to take her as a replacement for Prentiss. No way Jose!


Don't like Alex at all.. Very boring and she doesnt fit in with the group.


I have never commented, in any format, on a celebrity or show. But since Criminal Minds is a favorite I just want to say that Jeanne Tripplehorn is terrible in this role...boring, sleepwalking, brings nothing to the show. Paget Brewster was excellent but if she can't come back then bring in someone with personality. Jeanne is a good actress, just not meant for this type of role.


So far of what I've seen, I like her. Her role here is like Gideon , actually I think it's like returning back to the first season when Gideon was around. It was starting to be unbalance when Gideon left, it's like they were forcing it in order to cover the hole where Gideon left. But lets see how it goes.


Forced my self to watch, and couldn't wait for it to end. She is cold and not right for the part. A know it all, who seems to be stealing the spot light from the others. So I tried watching again and gave up and changed the channel.
I loved this show and never missed watching it, but if she continues on, it will force me to say goodbye. Get rid of her now, before she kills the show.
Give us back the real Criminal Mind!


Didn't like her at all. Her interaction with the group was terrible. Hope she either gets better or goes away.


They have finally ruined it...they have replaced people from time to time and has still been good, can no longer say that. Will no longer be watching, I guess I will be watching reruns from now on.


She is awful, me and a number of my friends are already close to not watching it because of her, and there has only been two episodes so far


I have found her to be a wooden and uncharismatic actress and this appearance on Criminal Mi D's is no exception. CM is one my favorite shows but she comes real close to ruining it for me. I saw absolutely no chemistry between her and the cast. Very poor casting choice.


They didn't get rid of her she left the show after her contract expired and after they treated her the way they did I don't blame her.