Major Crimes Review: Make Sexy With Everyone

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"The Ecstasy and the Agony" was a classic throw-away episode. But any time you get to laugh out loud at the circumstances surrounding a murder, it makes for good television.

Unfortunately, there wasn't a lot of character development, departmental movement or anything else of interest to the overall series arc, leaving for a rather flat review. To make the best of it, I'll point out some of the more enjoyable moments of the episode...

Sanchez & Provenza Team Up

Rusty and Sharon: It seems like there are a good number of you who really don't like the addition of Rusty to the mix. I'm quite enjoying him and his smart ass attitude. He's a great foil for Sharon Raydor. They both say things with a straight face and then reply similarly and end up staring at each other dumbfounded, as if they can't believe they've found each other. Sharon's line about how to look Catholic was classic. Even if you weren't raised as such, certainly you've seen the rest of us wearing the mask of guilt. 

Provenza: It was so funny to see Provenza completely put off by the idea of a life coach... until there was one in front of him. I know the feeling he has of grasping at straws to try to make his mundane existence better. He really has it so good that he's afraid to admit it. He would have hated the long-term stress of being in charge. Acting like the put out old man is more his shtick. He likes being the funny man, but I don't ever expect him to admit it.

Sanchez and Tao: This week was too light on the Sanchez. With the Israeli wife and her shenanigans, he could have come up with some great one-liners, but they were left to guest star Michael Weatherly (NCIS), who did a fantastic job of playing the flaky life coach. 

I also enjoyed the exchange between Tao and Raydor when Tao said he remembered something really important from the crime scene, but he forgot what it was. The way Raydor has taken to behaving in such situations is purely her take on the character. She makes a slight tilt of her head, breathes in a bit and almost smirks before replying. To his forgetting she said something like: 'Well, come on back when you remember' and turned around and walked back to what she was doing.

It's as though she just expects the little moments of incompetency and won't let them get to her. That was not at all what I expected when she was put in charge.

Like I mentioned earlier, the episode was a throw-away. The case was almost slapstick in the way it was handled by the accused and next of kin, but it was fun. The wife of the deceased couldn't have cared less that her husband was murdered because she was making sexy with the life coach anyway. After all, who in the Hell wants to move to Tulsa and would anyone really believe a family of Israelis to be the McDougalls? That was one of the moments I laughed out loud. 

I'm quite pleased the writing team from The Closer has taken full control over the remaining cast and retained their sense of humor. Sometimes it's just fun to let your hair down and live in the moment. 


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Overal comments: resolve the Rusty storyline quickly and get
rid of him; burn Provenza's's embarrassing
to all police departments; make the DDA more likeable and not so dumb;
give Raydor a personality. CB


ok i was a little bored with this episode it took too long for the plot to thicken and by that time it was overcooked. thank you michael weatherly for the comic relief. even his part dragged out to the end, a little different from his dinozo character, but still the joker. obviously the captains character needs to simmer a little longer


I am so glad Brenda has been replaced by Sharon. I was really getting tired of Kyra trying to be funny and cute when she wasn't. She really distracted from the show. And OH MY GOD her parents were so obnoxious!! I don't think they added anything to the show. Major Crimes has become one of my favorite shows and this is mostly due to GETTING RID OF BORING BRENDA!! I always thought her supporting cast out shined her.




It's true, Sanchez, Tao and Buzz have more on-screen time now, they also contribute more to investigation. They don't wait for Raydor to give orders - this annoyed me sometimes in The Closer. And they together come up with the idea, who the killer is - not just Brenda having a "good guess" in House-MD-style.


I thought it was a great episode! Sharon's handling of Rusty is spot on. It's obvious she knows teens.
And the public loves Major Crimes! It had 5.8 million viewers Monday. And that's before DVR viewers are factored in. TNT has a hit!
It has the same writers as The Closer so I know it will continue to be great!


You guys!! Remember, we're only on the third episode. To have a funny episode so soon into the show that worked is actually pretty rare, even given the fact that we already know these characters. The Closer had a lot of throw-away episodes, even in the midst of some of the most crucial stories, i.e., the mole. The last six didn't even all have meaning. I believe the third of the six was the Flynn Provenza folly in the pawn shop that did nothing for the story arc. You can be disappointed, but I'll have to disagree with the garbage. I'll also disagree that all the characters were well developed in The Closer. Sanchez, Tao and Buzz have had more life in the first three of Major Crimes than they had in the last six of The Closer. I never realized how interesting they could be. Who's with me?!


"a classic throw-away episode. "
yes "But any time you get to laugh out loud at the circumstances surrounding a murder, it makes for good television."
This episode was horrible and a waste episodic time and space. The cast is reduced to annoying mugging and trying to act within the parameters of some absurdist 'plot' for murder with, easily the most irritating lame characters to deal with.
These charaqcters were already well developed within 'The Closer'. How they congeal within the framework of 'Major Crimes' should be a snap.
The writing in both of the stupid 'throw away' episodes has been horrible and taking the show in a 'light' direction is a recipe for disaster.


Whoops -- didn't realize the posts are character-limited. So to conclude my previous post ... My wife and I have loved the Closer and are liking Major Crimes, but this episode was an unfortunate departure from an otherwise excellent seires. Excelsior!


Weak episode. The interaction between the "Israelis" could have been tense/funny ... instead it was stupid/stupid. Hurling actionable accusations at each other IN FRONT OF the police?? Puh-leeze. Michael Weatherly apparently knows how to play one character and one character only, and just moved it over here from NCIS. Boring because totally predictable. Provenza's idiotic public fawning over the "life coach" would have gotten him fired from the force -- or at the very least a reprimand in his permanent file. This from the guy who had temporarily been IN CHARGE of Major Crimes? Granted, Provenza's impulsive and doesn't always think things through, but this was beyond nonsense. G.W. Bailey phoned the part in. And as someone already mentioned: Fritz shows up and NOBODY asks about Brenda???? I like the tough-love relationship between Raydor and Rusty, and how it's developing. It's a good vehicle to show he softer sides of both. My wife and I have loved The Closer and are very much liking Major Crimes. This episode was an unfortunate departure from an otherwise excellent series.

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Rusty: I shouldn't be going to this school. I'm not even Catholic.
Sharon: Just walk around with a guilty expression on your face. You'll fit right in.

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