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Rusty begins school with unexpected results.

The Feds are involved in a murder case with Major Crimes.

Provenza thinks the idea of a life coach sounds pretty good.


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I totally agree with Bopshi S.'s comments............it's going to be a long hiatus until the new season starts in the summer.......I am hooked!!


Major Crimes is wonderful!!! I love the new direction the show is going. It's not The Closer It's totally different. It's a smash tv show. Raydor is surpurb and the cast that I know and love are better than ever!! I even love Rusty he is a great addition. I will be tuning in for every episode!! Can't wait for the next one. The writers are top notch!!! Love the show, love the show, love the show!!!!!!

Major Crimes Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

Rusty: I shouldn't be going to this school. I'm not even Catholic.
Sharon: Just walk around with a guilty expression on your face. You'll fit right in.

Did this undecipherable code involve altering the first letter of names and leaving everything else unchanged?