Modern Family Review: The Best Birthday Present

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The Emmy-winning comedy Modern Family is back and it picked up right where we left off last spring: Gloria is pregnant!

She spends most of "Bringing Up Baby" trying to figure out how to break the news to Jay.

A Shock for Jay

Gloria is worried Jay will react badly. After all, he just said that having a baby at an older age is difficult, the rest of the family has made her nervous and let's face it... Jay's a grump! A few flashbacks of Jay telling Claire she looked old and Cam his food looked like vomit were par for the course and admittedly hilarious.

Jay had a new reason to be grumpy this time, though: his milestone 65th birthday. Doesn't everyone fear growing old? Phil's kidnapping gone awry didn't help pep his mood much either. Seriously, Phil Dunphy orchestrating a kidnapping? Bound to be a disaster.

However, the second he giggled at Manny's lame joke and cracked that goofy grin, I realized how much I've missed the Dunphy/Pritchett clan these past few months. Between Manny's overly adult mannerisms and Haley and Claire's constant bickering, I loved catching up with everyone.

Of course Manny is self potty trained! Would you ever expect anything less? I'm surprised Haley didn't try to hide her hangover. Usually she's busy trying to sneak around. I always enjoy Claire reminiscing on her badass teenage days. Great prank with the disgusting "hangover" drink. I don't believe in any of those, by the way: it's Advil, water and greasy food all the way. 

There was one dark spot in this revered comedy and that was Cam and Mitchell's heartbreak about the adoption not going through. It didn't help when Lily bounded into the living room wondering where her baby brother was. Also, how much paperwork is it to adopt a cat? That was the icing on the cake. The humping stuffed animals could barely lighten that moment. 

However, the redeeming part of the premiere was Jay's reaction to Gloria's pregnancy. On the fishing boat he got a glimpse of what life might be like going forward. Jay doesn't want vegetable gardens or to make his own pickles. He loves Gloria and it was the best thing he could've heard. Skip a few months later and he was still just as happy as he was when he found out...and obviously Gloria looked amazing and not the slightest bit fat. 

Did you all enjoy the Modern Family season premiere? What'd you think of Phil's beard? Are you excited for Jay and Gloria's baby? Hit the comments and browse through our updated Modern Family quotes section now!


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I’m just wondering about when Claire would pamper his upcoming bro/sis. This gonna be very funny.




I laughed out loud three times while watching, which, considering I was by myself, is high praise indeed. Glad to see they are continuing to reach the high standards they set last year. Emmy winners all! (Actually I wish Ed O'Neill had won this time but at least they kept it in the family )


I laughed out loud at the humping toys. Wasn't expecting that at all - and what a great setup for it too! And though the show was all-round just crazy great, of special note was the flash-forward to Gloria finally nearing the end of her pregnancy. That was a great idea. Manny's reason for self-training was perfect. (Yeah, I got misty at Jay's reaction to the news too)

Sarah silva

Such a great premiere! I loved every minute! I wish I could remember the super funny quote (that is not in the list of quotes) that Cam sad to the cat adoption lady I laughed so hard when he said it!
I had a tear in my eye at Jay's reaction to the baby news!


Trust me, try adopting a cat and going through all the paperwork to see if you're suitable. We cracked up at that scene because SPCAs all over the place are filled with cats...but you still need to go through a mountain of questions to take away kitty.


Maybe it's because I'm so used to the characters, but their relationships with each other are just so right, so believable (no matter how absurd)!


Was great as usual! Hilarious as ever. I forgot how much I missed this show. So excited for the new baby.


The show was hilarious. And yes, sad that Cam and Mitch didn't get the baby. The humping animals had me on the floor. And so glad Jay was happy about the baby. Manny is always a hit. And Phil, love Phil. The man cracks me up. The boyfriend was pretty funny, too. All-in-all, a great season opener.


I liked Phil with his beard. He suited it. Loved the episode - Jay was terrific.

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So what you're saying is you have a child shaped hole in your heart and you wanna stuff a cat into it.

Mitchell [to Cam]

Jay was really explicit about what he wanted to do for his 65th birthday, but luckily Phil Dunphy knows how to read between the lines.