Revenge Season 2 Premiere Promo: R.I.P. Victoria?

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ABC has unleashed a new promo for Season 2 of Revenge, and it contains some interesting new snippets - namely from the funeral of Madeleine Stowe's Victoria Grayson, who met a perilous fate in the Season 1 finale.

Or did she? Looks like she did, or at least some people are being led to believe that. The plane bound for D.C., ostensibly carrying Victoria, went down, but we only saw this on TV news reports; there could be more to it.

On Revenge, there's almost always more to it.

While it's all but certain that Stowe will return in Season 2, it remains to be seen how or when. Victoria is MIA from the first batch of season premiere pics as well as any trailers so far. Think she faked her own death?

Check out the latest teaser for the September 30 premiere and comment below!

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She reminds me of Blair Waldof from gossip girl but more evil.


DING-DONG THE WITCH IS DEAD! IDon't think so. I totally agree with most of you: she fakes her own death,there's no point if she died before to pay and know who is her real nemesis. She must know Emily as Amanda and try get rid of her with class. Like a just a Queen would do.


No freaking way.


Queen B / Fabulous Stowe is the soul of the series (I love Emily and Nolan too btw) so I think she clearly fakes her own death, that would be so Queen B like!


Yes less than two weeks and the queen could never die, i think lydia is the one.


OMG!!! The suspense is killing me!!!


So if it's supposedly Charlotte in the video and we're all 100% sure that Queen V will never die.. does that mean that Lydia's gone for good? Bc I remember that somebody said that of the 3 supposed deaths in S1 finale, one was in fact fatal!


@ delphincink: do you remember we discussed about the woman Emily hugs in the promo? I thought (and kinda hoped) she was her mother (Jennifer Jason Leigh) but now looking closely I'm sure she's Charlotte, as you thought :)
Not Ashley, though.


The queen is dead! Lol if only for Emily


she led Condrad that she would board that plane no matter what but she didn't do that, as kayliej said, she's not that stupid. I' can't wait for more of Victoria Grayson, that woman gives me creeps, in the good sense :)

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Revenge Season 2 Episode 1 Quotes

[on Victoria] You think she's somewhere looking up at us?


Nolan: What are you gonna do?
Emily: Play a hunch. I need to get a camera in there.