Royal Pains Review: Gotcha?

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"Something Fishy This Way Comes" is right.

From flesh eating diseases to a woman claiming to be Paige's mother, there were certainly a lot of things to be skeptical of on Royal Pains this week.

Boris Calls On Hank

It's been a week since the shocker that had a random woman coming to town claiming to be Paige's mother. While the moment was less climactic than one would have expected for such a life-changing revelation, the decision to approach with such a lack of enthusiasm rendered it almost worthless.

I can appreciate a little healthy skepticism, but the way in which it was played out - with Paige doing a full background check and the woman coming back later saying "Oops, I should have just told you the truth from the very beginning" - was a little tired and disappointing. I was hoping she would at least have some minute detail or something to share that only Paige's mother would really know, like a birthmark or something, to make it more legit.

No, instead, let's jump straight to a definitive DNA test? Okay, Royal Pains, whatever.

I feel similarly about Hank and Boris' little international excursion. Dmitri is really starting to get on my nerves. He's an entitled jerk and Boris really ought to cut him loose. What does he do? He invites him back to the Hamptons! The only he brings is unnecessary drama. Again, Royal Pains, do what you want to do.

As far as Divya and Dr. Sacani goes, it's clear that Jeremiah has got it bad for Divya, and Divya only makes it worse without knowing it. It's really starting to get a little sad. It's beginning to feel forced and not genuine.

To make matters worse, it looks like next week they are going to artificially and forcefully ramp up the drama with explosions, cheating and DNA results. I can only begin to imagine the ways in which this could go completely wrong.

The two highlights from this episode:

  • Divya and Dr. Sacani working together.
  • Hank giving Amir his Doctor bag.

So, do you think overdone drama is in the future for Royal Pains? Were you as letdown by this installment as I was? If not, please explain/defend. Go!


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why everybody wants so much drama in this show?...its a good show may be people got habbit of all vampires drama which are totally fake... i luv the way they represent the reality of life not just sick vampires roaming around the town without get noticed by police or anyone c'mon guys enjoy the show with not heavy emotions in it... nice show love it and will more and more love in near future. just pull your head out from vamp world cuz there is so much to see in real world.


Oh, and yes, I miss Jill, too, and think Hanks new love interest doesn't seem to have the brains to be a doctor or a nurse, for that matter. And I, too, wondered where Boris's wife and child were, and why Hank gave away his medical bag, though it was a nice gesture, when he had a patient who was very ill to care for. Nice use of maggots, though, which were used during the Civil War to eat infectious tissue out of wounds. Honey was used as a disinfectant, too.


I am in total agreement with the review and the reviewer that the whole Paige's biological mom thing was really disappointing...I was tired of Rosanna Arquette two minutes into her appearance (though I did love the song that Toto wrote about her in the 80s).
And I totally agree that Dimitri is a thug and a loser and a jerk who should have been left to die in whatever godforsaken country they found him in. I can hardly stand his slurry accent and his ugly mug anymore, and was disgusted when Boris brought him back to the Hamptons...ugh! And yes, the crush that Jeremiah has on Divya is, as Mr WrWriteSF said, painful to watch, and doesn't seem to advance the characters at all. And yes, as a former nurse, I was screaming for Hank to get his gloves on when dealing with flesh-eating bacteria, which is contagious! He didn't seem to want to use infection control or wash his hands, which any doctor would have known was important.


I agree with Suzanne's comment. Too many shows drag it out before they make the obvious solution as to if she is her mother. You take a DNA test, what else. If she refuses then you know its a lie. As for Hank not using gloves, as a nurse, I certainly noticed that also. Gloves are infection control for both. The hand washing thing would be boring to watch, we have to assume that he has. As many times as a doctor or nurse has to wash their hands, it would not leave much time for the story. I did like that Hank left his medical bag for the kid, it was a great moment. I do understand the comment that he had nothing to help the patient he was dealing with, unless we are to assume he took the supplies needed. Lots of holes, but its not real life. I agree not the best writing this season, although, I don't think its been as bad some say. I'm still watching.


I love this show for Boris alone, dont know what he is up to but I hope its not all bad. Where is Marissa and his son? I would have expected to see some sighting of them in the show, its like he is single again!! Last season he was all over them this season its like they never existed?


Hank's new girlfriend is Harper Cummings, played by Kat Foster. It took a lot of work to track that information down! She's very cute, but has a slightly creepy teenage vibe going on, despite her age (mid-30s). For a (supposed) physician, she doesn't have much gravitas. I agree with the reviewer and the other people commenting here that the writers aren't trying very hard to come up with credible, appropriately weighty plot lines and character development. How exactly did Hank get from the Hamptons to nameless-Arabic-speaking-country and back in, like, 24 hours? How irresponsible is it for him to leave his medical bag with the kid when he's traveling with a diabetic patient suffering from kidney failure and a bacterial infection? Very arbitrary, very "hey, wouldn't it be cool if ...?"


This might be a subject already answered but where is Dr. Van Dyke?


I wasn't impressed with this week's episode and the show in general for a number of reasons -Hank is constantly falling heads over heels in love with someone only for the relationship to end;the friendship between Boris and Hank is constantly strained;there isn't enough substance in the Paige and adopted mother storyline to care about it and is Divya really that clueless?? I loved the show and the concept from the start - now, I will be surprised if Royal Pains last much longer - too many major holes in the writing.


Actually, the DNA test made perfect sense - saves a lot of emotional angst, which seems to be the specialty of the season. Sakani is supposed to have Asperger's and Divya is in a clueless love-fueled haze, so not so hard to believe. But, if she answered the phone and went throught that Rafa, Rafa, Rafa routine one more time, I was going to reach into the tv and throw the damn phone away! Also, given how short a time Divya and Rafa have known each other, and how precipitous their romance was, it's going to be hard to care that he "cheated" or even to think of it as cheating. maybe that will be a mechanism to allow Sakani to come to her emotional rescue (probably just another excuse for a miscue between them, though - he sees himself as knight in shining armor and new love interest; she sees him as supportive friend. Yawn!) Did it bother anyone else how much Hank does without gloves on his patients, never mind without hand-washing? Or does it just drive me crazy because I work at a medical center?


HA....I nearly called it. In my comment to the previous ep about how Paige's "mother" could have found her, I cited the widespread coverage of the election campaign, followed by efforts from a PI. Turns out her "mother" DID see the campaign coverage and did hire PIs--although they investigations apparently led nowhere (hence my use of "nearly). As for this week's ep, I'm with the reviewer on several counts: 1. Despite what Boris cites as philanthropic motivies, Dmitry is a misanthropic thug who gets what he wants by waving around a gun. 2. The Divya / Jeremiah thing is getting painful to watch. What's worse, Divya's acting like a schoolgirl regarding Rafa which is very out of character for her. Given the trailers for the next ep, it looks like that's about to come to an end. Meanwhile, if Christina called Hank to tell him about Dmitry, where was she? I didn't like her character and didn't mind that she wasn't featured, but this was a huge plot hole for me.

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