The Big Bang Theory Review: More Of The Same

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To my surprise, "The Date Night Variable" did not kick off The Big Bang Theory Season 6 with Howard's return to Earth.

I guess space is just a cooler place to have a story take place than the North Pole, as we didn’t get to see the boys at the latter location between Seasons 2 and 3. Oh, sure we got a few flashbacks, but those are just not the same.  

Wolowitz in Space

So why does it feel like Chuck Lorre and Bill Prady missed the mark? Instead using this amazing setting as an opportunity to tell a unique story, they placed the focus on Howard settling a fight via phone and video between his mom and Bernadette. Didn’t he do something similar from space camp before he left Earth? 

There are just so many original things they could have done; that manly-looking Russian Cosmonaut (who sounded like his mother) that is attracted to him and chasing him around the module in free-floating air could have great potential. 

Then we had Sheldon and Amy, where the former found a loophole in the relationship agreement that allowed him to bring Raj along. After Raj left, Amy decided she was done with Sheldon - and I was cheering for her. Then she let a recycled line from Spiderman pull her back in. Okay, it was a good line, I’ll give Sheldon that.

But isn’t it time for him to evolve a little? What happened to her plan to make her want her more by playing off his subconscious? Wouldn’t he grow a little after two years and realize bringing a third wheel is a bad idea? The whole thing just came across like so much time on a treadmill, lots of motion but no forward progress.

Big Banging Away

Speaking of which: Leonard and Penny are still in a relationship but not sure where they stand. I was really hoping that Penny would break down and say I Love You to Leonard.

Sadly no, we got more treadmill running from the two of them as well. While there were several good Big Bang Theory quotes in the episode, it felt like the only original scene was Raj and Stuart having drinks and eventually making a date (without calling it a date). Here’s hoping episode two has a bit more bang and less fizzle in it. 


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Tried catching up on TBBT, a show I once loved. But into S06E02 I am giving up. It's like watching TBBT without the jokes. Totally pointless.


Very dissapointing season premiere. It feels like we are watching the same things over and over. Too much focus on the relationships, and the same recycled jokes,and I don't really expect things to get much better. The show is, I am afraid a soap opera now. The characters have become stereotypes, especially Sheldon, who is, unfortunately, turning into a loser.


It seems most of you missed the point of the episode: Despite drastic changes in circumstances, the characters' basic tendencies DO NOT change. Howard, for example, is in space and married and he STILL is hectored by his mother. Sheldon is TWO YEARS into a relationship with Amy and he STILL is living life on his own, weird terms. And Leonard and Penny STILL can't get past their own fears and insecurities even after surviving the trauma of an untimely proposal. That is VERY SMART stuff for a sitcom. The easiest thing in the world in this episode would have been for Penny to break down and say "I love you" to Leonard. Sheldon getting "human" would have been the easy move. Howard standing up to his mother would have been the easy development. Lorre made all the HARD moves by keeping the characters IN PLACE despite the changes swirling around them. Gutsy call.


how is beeing gay insulting??? @raj you are talking shit!
do you have anything against homosexuality? thats insulting!


The killing off of Malia Weston in Hawaii Five O and the refusal to give Raj at least an Indian looking female romantic interest (making him look like another desparate Indian) clearly indicates one of two thing: 1. TV does not think that two minorities dating or kissing will be accepted in an American TV show; 2. Indeed the white Americans fear seeing minority couples...dont know why..some fear...fear of how America might look in the future? I think the second is more accurate. Used to think that only interracial couples, especially those involving white women were not accepted. But, I guess it runs a lot deeper than that. If minority couples were accepted the lady who acted as Raj's sister (Aartiy Mann) would have been shown as his love interest. Instead they cast her in an inter-racial light...the audience, particularly the white female audience was not too happy and then she "went back to India" on the show and probably is gone for good. Some here on the blog may not see Raj as a representative of India, but I digress. The attitude of the producers who are probably reacting to a borderline racist audience clearly indicates that they think that Raj is different from the mainstream of American society. The show was pretty good in its earler avtars..however, they have been introducing more and more sex into the shows because they cannot show any violence..and it is getting more and more borderline racist. I think I prefer the crime shows, NCIS, NCIS Los Angeles, CSI, etc.


@raj: "most gays live in america" are u freaking serious!!!???? that has got to be one of the most stupid comments I've heard in my life. still laughing at that...


Hello guys!
Well, for me that was a really OK episode, but not a good season premiere.. I mean, a season premiere it's supposed to be more than that, right ? It sets the mood for the whole season; it gives the writes opportunitis for making big changes on the whole series... and this time they didn't change anything... Raj is still lonely, Penny and L. are still on the fence, Sheldon's attitudes are the same... very dissapointing...


Hello guys !
Well for me that


@raj : I guess most of us don't see Raj as a representation of India. He is indian, yes, but there's more to him than that. And although there are many comments, jokes,... about him coming from India, the authors have also tried to set him apart from India, by for example making him dislike indian food. As for indians being overtly portrayed as gay in the series, there's only that girl. Priya is straight, her ex-boyfriend she cheated with in India is straight, Raj's parents are straight,... Furthermore, we've seen Sheldon being misunderstood as gay (in season 2) by an american white gay male. And lets not forget Amy's huge girlcrush on Penny (and her many ambiguous comments). So no, indians do not have the monopoly of gayness in this sitcom, and neither are every indian portrayed as gay. Raj is indian, Howard is jewish, Penny is a "dumb" blonde,... the writers may use the stereotypes that exists surrounding those "cultures", but the characters never become the stereotypes themselves (imo).


Agree on all your points - esp about Leonard and Penny - though I was heartened a little by the friendshoip developing between Raj and Stuart. With all the other men in his life involved with women, Raj will need another buddy. But like everything else on this show lately, it will proabably go nowhere. I'm curious as to how they did weightlessness in the space station: were they filming in the traiining craft Ron Howard used in Apollo 13?

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The Big Bang Theory Season 6 Episode 1 Quotes

Amy: Soon my upper lip will be the same fake blonde as my beautiful best friend.
Penny: Hey, this is my natural hair color - Now.

Right now, Howard is staring down on our planet like a Jewish Greek god - "Zuesawitz".