The Big Bang Theory Season 6: First Pics!

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It's a good day to be a fan of CBS programming.

The network has released a number of new photos from upcoming fall episodes, including shots from:

Now, fans of The Big Bang Theory are in luck, as we've posted a handful of pictures from the September 27 Season 6 opener, "The Date Night Variable." It will feature Raj feeling lonely and Wolowitz dealing with a fight between his mother and Bernadette.

Click around now for an early luck at the hilarity sure to ensue:

The Date Night Variable Scene
Big Bang Theory Boys
Penny with Amy
Eating It Up
The Big Bang Theory Season 6 Premiere Pic
Wolowitz in Space
Big Banging Away
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anyone know when this is airing in the UK?


Come on September 27th, hurry up already.

The Big Bang Theory Season 6 Episode 1 Quotes

Amy: Soon my upper lip will be the same fake blonde as my beautiful best friend.
Penny: Hey, this is my natural hair color - Now.

Right now, Howard is staring down on our planet like a Jewish Greek god - "Zuesawitz".