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To my surprise, "The Date Night Variable" did not kick off The Big Bang Theory Season 6 with Howard's return to Earth.

I guess space is just a cooler place to have a story take place than the North Pole, as we didn’t get to see the boys at the latter location between Seasons 2 and 3. Oh, sure we got a few flashbacks, but those are just not the same.  

Wolowitz in Space

So why does it feel like Chuck Lorre and Bill Prady missed the mark? Instead using this amazing setting as an opportunity to tell a unique story, they placed the focus on Howard settling a fight via phone and video between his mom and Bernadette. Didn’t he do something similar from space camp before he left Earth? 

There are just so many original things they could have done; that manly-looking Russian Cosmonaut (who sounded like his mother) that is attracted to him and chasing him around the module in free-floating air could have great potential. 

Then we had Sheldon and Amy, where the former found a loophole in the relationship agreement that allowed him to bring Raj along. After Raj left, Amy decided she was done with Sheldon - and I was cheering for her. Then she let a recycled line from Spiderman pull her back in. Okay, it was a good line, I’ll give Sheldon that.

But isn’t it time for him to evolve a little? What happened to her plan to make her want her more by playing off his subconscious? Wouldn’t he grow a little after two years and realize bringing a third wheel is a bad idea? The whole thing just came across like so much time on a treadmill, lots of motion but no forward progress.

Big Banging Away

Speaking of which: Leonard and Penny are still in a relationship but not sure where they stand. I was really hoping that Penny would break down and say I Love You to Leonard.

Sadly no, we got more treadmill running from the two of them as well. While there were several good Big Bang Theory quotes in the episode, it felt like the only original scene was Raj and Stuart having drinks and eventually making a date (without calling it a date). Here’s hoping episode two has a bit more bang and less fizzle in it. 

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It seems to me Raj is soon becoming the most loved character (if not already become) in TBBT. His storyline definitely was the best for me in this episode. But I like him in heterosexual content since it'd be fun watch him struggle to talk with the girl he likes. Not the best premiere episode of TBBT for me. Hope next one brings IT!


above all my friends replied thank you very much. the insulting in that series is they constantly showing raj have homosexual feelings, and even they showed a girl who wanted to marry raj is lesbian, that is insulting. because most of homosexuals live in America. And in that show raj means India. so they are addressing a nation as homosexual. and constantly they mocking on outsourcing. actually American corporates are getting rich by outsourcing because if you outsource the work you pay only pennies not dollars. example if one American does the job of outsourced work he will definitely asks at least $3000 but if it outsourced the job will done simply under $100. I watched every episode of tbbm. And Sexuality is one's personnel interest it is not correct applying to a person/community as gay when they are representing a country.


i will always love the big bang theory all four men compliment each other there all so funny.. as for howie and bernie get a two family house and stick the mom up or downstairs. raj needs to find love and feel for him. sheldon needs to loosen up and penny will lose lenoard if she does not show her true feelings for him what will she do then go back to the dicks in the world....
il liked the first episode but really wish they were getting some where to solve their issues.


Strangely enough, all that you read over the summer was that Howard would stay in space for a few episodes. So I wonder why the commenter was surprised about Howard not returning this episode.


For Raj, I thought they already establish he's not gay? Why return to that maybe gay maybe not storyline? Give the guy some pharmaceutical anxiety drug or send him to psychotherapy. If it's medical, I'm pretty sure it can be cured. Or make him fall completely in love with a girl, he could talk to her and only her. I don't know. Something. Other than the same recycled storyline.


@raj : insulting ? what is insulting on being gay ? I really want Lorry to goes further on Raj's story line and maybe write him as gay .


I'm not sure what I feel about the premiere. I disagree with the reviewer about Sheldon. I think I'd rather see Sheldon change bit by bit, a very slow progress than a drastic one. The fact that he can't let Amy go showed that he has evolved a little. Regarding Leonard and Penny, dude need to chill out. He's too pushy. Although we all know Penny loves Leonard, I'm glad she hasn't say it yet. If she say it now, it would be cause of Raj forcing them to or cause of the tension they are having now. I hope when Penny drop the L word, it would be sweet and romantic. The space Howard setting was cool but the scenario was lame. Writers should've gone to a different direction. For Raj, I thought they already establish he's not gay? Why return to that maybe gay maybe not storyline? Give the guy some pharmaceutical anxiety drug or send him to psychotherapy. If it's medical, I'm pretty sure it can be cured. Or make him fall completely in love with a girl, he could talk to her and only her. I don't know. Something. Other than the same recycled storyline.


@raj: I don't think they portray indians as gay, they portray Raj as gay. Furthermore, Stuart was also portrayed gayish in this episode, who is not indian. Raj has always been portrayed with a strongly developed feminine side, and I don't think it has ever been implied that it had someting to do with him being indian. It's just Raj =) I honestly hope we'll see more of this new development between him and Stuart. I don't want them to become a couple, but since all his close friends are in relationships, and with his best friend in space, it would be nice to see Raj not being a third wheel. It would be fun to see Howard coming back from space, seeing that Raj kinda replaced him with Stuart, and get jealous over it ^__^


first i liked the entire big bang theory,but lately this show is starting insulting a great nation (INDIA),and why does this show showing Indians as homosexuals? this is insulting.


(part 2) I was so excited when Raj started to lay it down on them. I really thought that what he said would provoke some confession or other out of Penny. Something. Anything! I really was disappointed when Raj got kicked out of the apartment, and that was that. Seriously, I love P&L together, but Penny better put on her big girl panties soon. They've known each other for five years now, they dated for one of them and started going out again a few months ago. Plus, Penny made all sorts of comments while they were separated (regrets, missing her chance,...), so her acting like that and their relationship going not only slow, but backwards, really frustrates me. If she doesn't love him now (or just can't say it), well she never will, so they better break up. With all of this in the air (including Raj's "date" with Stuart), I really really hope the second episode is part 2 of this episode.

The Big Bang Theory Season 6 Episode 1 Quotes

Amy: Soon my upper lip will be the same fake blonde as my beautiful best friend.
Penny: Hey, this is my natural hair color - Now.

Right now, Howard is staring down on our planet like a Jewish Greek god - "Zuesawitz".