Warehouse 13 Review: The Biggest Threat of All

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Not since last season’s finale have I been this engaged in a Warehouse 13 episode, and kudos must be given to the writers for doing such an impeccable job of pulling the wool over my eyes in "The Ones You Love."

Artie Is Shocked

It seems that the Astrolabe is not about casting evil on someone else but rather inside the user. By reversing time Artie has unknowingly caused himself to become the greatest enemy of all.

I’m still attempting to gather my thoughts from such an epic plot twist. Artie is the absolute last person I would have ever guessed as having the potential for evil, and while this is not of his own doing, it’s still wonderfully done.

Artie’s erratic behavior - that’s gotten progressively worse over the season - hasn’t been from Brother Adrian (a big clue for me should have been that he and Adrian were the only ones in the cast ever sharing a scene). But Artie’s descent into paranoia as his mind created an elaborate plot to lay the foundation needed to further the Astrolabe’s effects really opens things up to a few recurring themes.

It fits both Artie’s original goal and the show itself. Artie used the Astrolabe to save the people he’s grown close to and he continues to do so now even if that means he needs to make up a story; however, the greatest cost to using it is the people he loves. As we saw with Artie (potentially) murdering Leena, and with many artifacts, the greatest cost to using them is usually the individuals in sight of the collateral damage.

All of which begs the question: What now? Nothing is ever going to be the same. Leena has been the emotional core of the show at times. She’s been a sister and a mother to those who needed her during certain crises, and while she’s never been a front-burner, Leena has always been part of the gang. When, or if, Artie is able to overcome the Astrolabe, this puts another huge weight on his shoulders. Leena’s blood is directly on his hands, and, after working so hard and risking to much to protect those he loves, in the end it’s his own doing that brings the end of his world.

Other thoughts:

  • Was Artie so self-convinced of Brother Adrian being the real bad guy that Steve couldn’t lie detect him?
  • Warehouse 13 pays some homage to Fringe and its amber. Have to say I absolutely loved it. Although I wish Claudia had used a gust of air to get her brother out.
  • This episode must have set a new record for how long Eddie McClintock has had his shirt off.
  • Must be the catnip.

What did you think of tonight’s Warehouse 13?


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I love warehouse 13 very much ,I have watched it since the very beginning and I love the story arc ,as they build up each week until the entire season ends .. I would love for a fifth season 2 come fort h and it not be cancelled ,like Stargate Atlantis, eureka ,and other shows ; now having said that I wish the writers would go back to writing like season 1 and 2 ,that made this show special and got it ‘s home on the Sci Fi channel …. on a special NOTE: – this is for all scifi fans, we all need to tell SciFi channel to stop canceling the shows that made scifi ,- sci f i Enough with all of these reality shows ,and B movies now don’t get me wrong I love reality shows and B movies but I would love to see more original shows like Eureka , Warehouse 13 ,Farscape ,Andromeda ,Stargate SG 1 ,Stargate Atlantis ,Firefly and finally of course Star Trek, one other thing ,maybe SciFi channel should add a second channel ,I mean why not, there are other networks with 2 or more channels ,and this makes great sense not to mention they can add all the old favorites that we loved and they can also add new ones as we ll plus they can keep the reality shows and all the B Movie ,and this would be a win win situation for everyone involved …. so let’s get out there people and do our little part ,so we can all have our special day of the week with our special favorite shows ….. Thank you


Well, i wish i could say I didn't see the twist coming, but I did... like five episodes ago... Oh, well... Meanwhile, I really liked the five way formula and it worked surprisingly well for this episode... More episodes that play around with the traditional W13 formula like Personal Effects are great to watch cause everything has been so cut and dry this season... Take some risks for the life of this show! Other than that... Fingers crossed for season 4.5... (8/10)


myka and her sister was funny I thought that h.g would have been in this episode and the ending was crazy with artie.


Is Leena REALLY dead? Last season we all thought Steve Jinx was gone from the show too. Then again, Pete died and Mrs. Fredrick before Artie used the astrolade,and then the time reversed. I don't know if Leena is gone for good. I do like her, although she doesn't seem to have much of a storyline most of the time. I hope she doesn't leave the show.


Didn't the dog also see Brother Adrian in this episode? It seems like the pooch was responding to something other than Artie.


I just remembered.. It seemed like Artie WAS brother Adrian at the very end. Lena didn't recognize him, remember? She knew he wasn't Artie anymore? That's gotta be significant.


This was a great episode and can't wait till the next one. It was fun seeing Pete, Myka, and Claudia's story's they where all pretty funny like when Claudia was talking to Joshua even though he couldn't here her and when she used the blow torch to get the scroll and when she broke him out he was like what happened and his hand hurt. Pete wasn't as funny but I liked the part when he locked himself in the room and called Myka and he got the idea to lay on the box to reach the tattoo and it worked I also thought the part where Myka was still on the phone and was asking if he exploded. I thought Mykas story was funny because she was looking for the artifact and ended up ruining some of the baby stuff it was also funny when her sister was trying to kill her because she didn't freak out or anything. Steve and mrs. Fredrick's story was kinda of interesting but really important when they found the brotherhood in the painting and the last one out was brother Adrian stuff started to make since. When Lenna found Artie in the bronze sector and mrs. Fredrick called her and told her to get out of there but she turned around and tried to help Artie I knew something bad was going to happen to her and I knew the minute he took out a gun in the Begining something bad was going to happen to someone. Leena isn't a major character like the rest of them but she's important sometimes and she's a great character it looks like she's dead but I kinda of hope she comes back to life but they probably woulnt do that because they've already brought someone back to life this season and the story needs a major death like this so they can do more and make it more interesting.


I agree with all you said. Artie is sort of the soul of the warehouse.. Haunted.
One stray thought... When Artie killed Brother Adrian and Adrian was so desperate for him not to do it-- was that real?


The evil the astrolabe creates makes one use it again in reverse or go insane from indecision! I'd have thought realizing he'd had a psychotic break might have helped Artie slow down his degeneration. The Myka, Pete, Claudia stories could have been shorter. I love all your Other Thoughts.

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Pete, oh my God, did you explode? Did you melt?


Pete: Myka, are you hurt?
Myka: Well not physically, but next Thanksgiving might be a little problematic.