Weeds Series Finale Review: Anything But a High Note

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Well, that was pretty much everything I hate about television.

By skipping ahead many years, the Weeds finale abandoned any sense of continuity and completely slapped viewers in the face with "It's Time."

Such a ridiculous maneuver made all Season 8 episodes leading up to it completely irrelevant - which, granted, isn't saying much, considering the mess of a final season and its lack of flow in the first place - and made it incredibly easy for the show to just tie everything up however it wanted.

This was the epitome of lazy writing.

Weeds Finale Scene

On any season, let alone the concluding one, a well-penned series builds toward some major character event or decision. There's a pace to good television, a plan viewers can clearly see when they step back and consider the various episodes as a whole.

But that goes out the window when you just cop out and fast forward a decade, filling in backstory with random asides (oh, Nancy married the rabbi? And he died? And Silas had a kid? And Shane fell off the rails? And Andy moved away? And, hey, how hilarious, Isabelle had a sex change!). It's an insult to long-time viewers to simply gloss over the most important developments in the lives of characters we've followed for so many years.

How can one even analyze what we saw or learned here? It was all utterly contrived.

I get legitimately angry thinking about it. What an awful episode and disappointing way to bring the series to a close.

What did everyone think of the final Weeds episode?


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Dear lord, the Botwins have beeen through ENOUGH!!! There is NOTHING wrong with a happy ending for this family; anything otherwise would have been a tragesty. I thoroughly enjoyed season 8, they definitely deserved the good fortune.

@ clinton

that wasn't a happy ending. the ENTIRE show i wanted and and nancy together. but they just couldn't do it. she was only poison to him if she was leading him on we never know that if they had a commitment that thier relationship could have been a healthy one


No, they didn't give us 8 seasons. They gave us 7. Season 8 is a total disappointment. It didn't have any flow to it, jumping around all over the place bringing up more questions than answers. And the finale, really?! Let's jump ahead to a point where everything in the show is different, after having followed this family so close your just supposed to take all these major storylines in little snippets of backstory. BS, one of the worst endings ever to a once great show.


Finishing from below: They all love each other in the end...and smoke some weed. Perfect ending.


Great messy ending, very thought provoking. I loved going into the future and the what happened to everyone was what it should be. Nancy loved her children, but her caretaking was very warped and self centered. It would have been unrealistic for the kids to end up perfect. Shane's all screwed up, Silas has done better but doesn't let Nancy off 100%. But they both still love her. She hasn't had to really answer to either of them...but then comes DIL and she finally gets the cold shoulder about her parenting. I'm not saying this is bad or good...but someone needed to do this in the show. It would have happened in real life. Stevie has turned out OK, because he's had the most stable home with Nancy's rabbi husband. Andy was able to get his life together after finally their episode, and realizing that it wasn't what he wanted all along. The ending..with them sitting out in the cold was poignant. Nancy, all alone at first. But then one by one, they all come back...they all love each other despite everything...and then they have some week. Perfect.


I never thought Weeds and Jenji Kohan would jump the shark! I was so disappointed at Season 8. It was a complete departure from the normal seasons where there is action, suspense, and comedy around every turn. Season 8 is just a long drama with a meandering sense of purpose at best. The entire season starts off slow, never really gets going, and leaves too many plot holes to count. As soon as the cast returns to Agrestic (now Regrestic), Weeds jumped the shark. It was mainly the scene with Andy and Nancy in Regrestic that destroyed the fabric of the entire series. It alienated so many viewers that it became a downward spiral of dying plot from there on out. And the last two episodes of "Its Time" were horrible in every respect. It made me almost want to cry for what they did to the characters- the Weeds writers (and Jenji) decided to destroy the 7 seasons of attachment the audience has built for the main characters and, by turning the clock forward 7 years, changed almost every aspect of each character. Why would you do this to your loyal viewers?! After watching Season 8 on Netflix, I can no longer recommend Weeds beyond Season 7. Stop at Season 7 and don't watch further. Leave it on a cliff hanger and be happy that you can still enjoy the characters for what the series built them to be. I wish Jenji Kohan would have never killed off Weeds with Season 8.


Until the finale, the writing was amazing. There wasn't really much more that could happen to the characters. Shooting Nancy, sending her to prison, getting shot in the head, to getting a job. I thought it was symbolic to end with a party for Stevie, a character that was born and grew up in a world of chaos. Other than that it was a contrived and unresolved 'huh?' ending. It reminds me of this book I read that really should have been entitled 'blue balls'. There is so much tension but nothing ever happens. When Andy finally gets his dream woman it was kind of gross and lasted one minute. It was so built up and has the least satisfying results. Then they threw in all of these surprises without showing them and had a big forced reunion to plug the full circle ending to reference the beginning. But it wasn't a happy ending. I thought Nancy was way to cool to be sacrificed in the ending and ditched by everyone who stuck by her side for eight seasons. The finale felt unnatural and forced. Not that those things wouldn't have happened, but it was so sudden. The ending would have worked if they would have played the things out a bit more. An overall good show with a another shitty finale, what can you do.


I liked the ending but, why the last husband had to die? All of Nancy's husbands died... & what happened to Heylia & Celia?

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