Weeds Series Finale Review: Anything But a High Note

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Well, that was pretty much everything I hate about television.

By skipping ahead many years, the Weeds finale abandoned any sense of continuity and completely slapped viewers in the face with "It's Time."

Such a ridiculous maneuver made all Season 8 episodes leading up to it completely irrelevant - which, granted, isn't saying much, considering the mess of a final season and its lack of flow in the first place - and made it incredibly easy for the show to just tie everything up however it wanted.

This was the epitome of lazy writing.

Weeds Finale Scene

On any season, let alone the concluding one, a well-penned series builds toward some major character event or decision. There's a pace to good television, a plan viewers can clearly see when they step back and consider the various episodes as a whole.

But that goes out the window when you just cop out and fast forward a decade, filling in backstory with random asides (oh, Nancy married the rabbi? And he died? And Silas had a kid? And Shane fell off the rails? And Andy moved away? And, hey, how hilarious, Isabelle had a sex change!). It's an insult to long-time viewers to simply gloss over the most important developments in the lives of characters we've followed for so many years.

How can one even analyze what we saw or learned here? It was all utterly contrived.

I get legitimately angry thinking about it. What an awful episode and disappointing way to bring the series to a close.

What did everyone think of the final Weeds episode?


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I was so excited to finally see this final season. It felt as though my heart had been in my throat since the finale of season 7. But i was so disappointed... Yes, Nancy made a few mistakes but as humans we all do and she dis her best to make up for them. She is still trying to take care of her adult sons and it ia clear she did a far better job with Stevie than she did with Shane and Silas. For them to all leave her like that was nothing more than a slap in the face and the final scene seemed forced and out of obligation more than love. Plus we are now left to wonder what Nancy is going to do with her life, she has sold her business and she is essentially alone. Quite disappointing when we have an idea on everyone else's path. To leave the main character out in the dark like that is lazy.
I didn't like the way they jumped into the future, it felt sloppy and could have been handled much better in my opinion.
I will be sad to say goodbye to these characters and im sure i am not the only one.


Agreed with another opinion (by TJ) on here in that the real final episode was Nancy and Andy on the lawn after making love and him leaving her, and her crying out after him. THAT was it. That was the energy force of the whole show. No Andy. No Nancy. No WEEDS. EXCELLENTly written. I believe the actual last episode was simply to take some of the sting away from the true "ending" that occured right then and there on the lawn, for as endings really DO happen in real life, it was over in a moment. And it leaves everyone heartbroken. And the viewers would have been devasted. I know I would have. For sure, I am not always a fan of going into the future, but I believe it WAS a good choice here....though I do believe they tried to pull too many people in. Tying up too many loose ends gets kind of hokey, so I think that was a mistake. However the main point is that in the end, we are left with the TRUE essence of each character that was present since the first season: Doug, an ethically corrupted busineman; Shane, a lost little boy; Silas, the rebelous, strong-hearted lover; Andy, the supportive kind hearted yet misguided (dependent) soul; and Nancy, the strong, love-lost woman who holds vehenmently to her family by any means necessary....so she may ensure she will never be alone....and have to look at her own loss. Brilliant how it DOES end with her finally looking at the loss of Judah by walking down that street. Also brilliant that that's where Andy leaves her.
I thought season 8 was really great, and I'm happy it didn't end all sunshine and rainbows. : )


I loved this show, i watched Season 1-7 on Netflix and season 8 after i downloaded it. I loved the show, But it started to feel stupid to me around season 6, then i just got annoyed with Nancy and her stupid look on her face all the time. The finale was sooo stupid, only thing i liked was Doug in that. That was hilarious! The episode before, " this will be the greatest cult! I mean religion ever!" I love it, all purple full devotion. That was great. Im glad its over, i found myself dragging on to watch season 6 then i found there were 2 more seasons. I just wanted to see the finale of it all. Terrible finale. But oh well i saw it coming.


WTF? The ending, as was the whole series, was nothing short of magnificent. I cried through the whole hour. I started the previous episode when Andy and Nancy made love on someone's lawn, and knew that the ending was gonna be tough. 5 years in the future or so, the characters I missed were Celia and Isabelle, actually I wanted everyone to come back. They were all so damn much fun! Fuck, I wanted Esteban to come back! But Silas' telling Nancy that she coulda been better and Shane showing that even being the momma's-boy wasn't enough to protect him from shit (Nancy says to him "I'm really fond of you"! WTF! But big time!) And Nancy's screaming at the end of the previous episode when Andy walked away just reverberated thru this whole final episode. I'm exhausted and don;t know what to do with the rest of my life. Thank you so much, Jenji! And I liked the almost invisible iphones! Every part of it was so well done! It really wrapped up well a pretty chaotic life and pretty chaotic situations that they all loved through - esp the big 4 - Nancy, Silas, Shane and Andy. And none of it ending particularly well. Bravo!


The best show i ever watched never missed a episode an i just cried so hard watching the last episode thank you for the great show an thank you to the writers and all the producers thank you guys soo much nancy reminds me of my mother an wished the show could continue for ever but good things never last forever but atleast they gave us 8 season's right lol p.s fuck show time for not giving a longer contract


Really...you think only the finale sucked??? Honestly...you must have watched season 1 on repeat for the last few years if you think it just went bad at the end. This show divorced reality and sucked it dry for alimony for 6+ years...season 1 was truly good...funny, quirky and felt original.
It slowly started to fall apart, until Nancy turned it a total slut who just slept or married her way out of EVERY situation...many shows have ups and downs and there is always the chance to pull it back but that never happened with Weeds...it just got worse and worse until it was ultimately cancelled.
The fact that only 10,000 people clicked like on the facebook "save weeds" page tells the story...thats 10,000 globally!!


My on demand only showed Part One, so what happened to Part Two or the rest of the show. I thought it was an hour long end of season finale. What did I miss?


The ending should have been when she went to prison...


I'd first of all like to point out that this show was cancelled by the tv station kohen just had to roll with the punches If this show had to end in anyway this was the best way What did everyone expect for Nancy to drive off into the sunrise throwing free weed out her car windows being chased by Mexicans??? I am A huge fan of this show and although extremely saddened at the fact of it coming to an end I was quiet pleased.
This show always left us guessing what her next move was and it has certainly done this again in the finale. What a better way to end it seeing everyone passing a friendly joint around to say goodbye.


The real climax was in the prior episode--literally. This episode was merely epilogue--so it really doesn't "all go out the window." I thought it wound up many stories elegantly. Sorry it didn't end in a fairy tale for the "happy-ending crowd." It really was a very dark comedy after all--gee, who'dathunk...

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