Emily Owens, M.D. Review: Heart and Soul

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Emily Owens, M.D.'s second episode was just as quirky and fun as its debut. It's not a cliff-hanging, nail-biting kind of show and in a television landscape dominated by edge-of-your-seat programming (or at least that's what my DVR looks like) the lightness of EO is something I can appreciate.

One of the things that I liked about EO's second installment is that there were several themes present instead of One Theme to Rule Them All. This episode explored Emily's insecurities, her abilities as a doctor and her heart - doing it all in a way that flowed together nicely.

The Nurses Vs. Emily

"Emily and...the Alan Zolman Incident" picked up right where last week's episode left off - with Emily reeling from her confession to Will. The last time she made such a confession, in high school, to Alan Zolman, the results were much the same. She was rejected. But, hey, at least Will didn't spit on her like Alan did. At least not physically.

I find hearing Emily's internal monologue as she approached both Will and the chief of staff and tried to coax herself into being the cool, collected girl she wants to be funny and endearing. We've all been there, right? One of the overarching themes of this series is that we never really leave high school. Sure, we grow up, but we don't really lose those parts of ourselves that are shy and insecure.

Emily's interactions with Will tonight conveyed that theme well. Their dance in the hallway that ended in her ducking under his arm was silly and awkward. And when she tried to convince the both of them that she's moving on, she got slightly over confident and went a step too far because the person she's really trying to convince is herself.

While I found her name-dropping Micah as her new crush to be far too juvenile for someone who should be nearing 30, that, too, goes back to her insecurities and the show's premise.

She's blissfully unaware of the fact that Micah is interested in her, and while his interest seems slightly forced because they've had nothing more than a handful of conversations, I can't help but think, again, that this is the better pair, probably because she's not expecting it and those moments of serendipity are often the best.

Having him confide in her and then having her sit with his mother while her patient was in surgery was a testament to the heart of this character. She didn't know Micah's mother. She doesn't really even know Micah. But she was willing to take her time to be with someone she doesn't know just so that person wouldn't have to be alone.

The cases tonight, both the woman with OCD and the old man, were excellent ways to show off Emily's skills and strengths. She may be awkward, but she's caring and considerate. She can't disconnect herself from her patients the way Dr. Pindari instructs her to.

Her heart is too big for that and Will points that out when he tells her that's not the kind of doctor she is.

Everything about Emily works for me and I find myself really rooting for her.

What doesn't work for me?

Tyra and Cassandra.

If I had to choose two residents to vote off the Denver Memorial island, those would be the first to go. So far, they've served no purpose aside from being the friendly and not-so-friendly instigators in Emily's life.

Emily's conflict with the nurses was partly Tyra's fault after she asked Emily to find out one of the nurse's sexual orientation instead of doing it herself, and while the larger issue there may be that Emily knows that nurse is sleeping with the chief of staff, Tyra's incessant updates about how rumors about Emily's life are being broadcast on every social media outlet available were annoying.

So far Cassandra has given me nothing to like, and yes, I realize we're only two episodes in, but surely she can do more than just pop in at exactly the right moment, throw out a line about how she's a bitch, and be Emily's nemesis, right?

I need more from both of those characters if they're going to stick around. Otherwise, they need to go.

What did you think of "Emily and...the Alan Zolman Incident"? What are your thoughts about these characters so far? Sound off in the comments and don't forget to check out the Emily Owens, M.D. quotes page.


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first of all it is a difficult show to watch as doctors do not give medication IV. For instance, with the Overdose drug user and low blood sugar; Emily would be calling for the medications and standing by as the nurses administered them. I am a nurse and it is hard to watch shows that play the doctors as being the only ones involved. Although, they have knowledge and orders to give to nurses. Nurses are an intricate part of the health care team and are smart critical thinkers that keep patients alive and well. They also have many skills to offer and can administer medication, the doctors do not do this. Plus naloxone IV bolus dose (fast instant infusion) administered does not last for hours, an OD would possibly need an infusion or bolus doses of narcan (naloxone) every 1-2 hrs as needed. He would not go from talking to coding so quickly, he would be more sedated. Bottom line; use nurses for the skills and knowledge they exhibit!!


Micah likes Emily!! see the way he looks at her when she "i like.." and he thought it was him! he likes her i want them together forget about Will! Emily and Micah should be together instead! they look cute together!!!


@Miranda Wicker (awesome staff member), you're reading my mind. As a friend Emily has seen only the good, fun parts; it would be different if they ever start dating. They have great chemistry as friends, I get why she wants more (who wouldn't!) but I don't think she's actually in love with him. BTW, I forgot to mention: Tyra and Cassandra really do need storylines. I want to know more about them.


Like Hart of Dixie, I am no longer feeling it. I am out. I may check-in every now and then, but highly unlikely. Enjoy fans!


I really enjoy this show, although I too cringe sometimes at some of the things that happen. But Emily has a tremendous heart and I love that she connects with her patients. I don't like Cassandra but I do like Tyra. It will be interesting to see how long until she finds out about her father. I prefer Emily/Micah and his face when she was talking to him was cute.


I'm interested to see what will happen when Tyra inevitably finds out about her father and that Emily knew. That should open up some more possibilities for her character and their friendship. I don't feel that they're forcing Micah's feelings too suddenly, because I didn't get the impression that he actually has *feelings* for her. More that the idea was presented to him and so he started thinking about it. Even his reaction to her explanation seemed more of a "it's nice that somebody might like me...oh" rather than a "does she like me TOO?" heartbroken thing. One thing that I find interesting about this triangle, though is that it seems fresh in how the two 'sides' are presented. For example, there's no nice guy/bad boy dichotomy. For the first time ever for a CW show and almost ever in general, I honestly wouldn't mind either pairing at this point even if I do have a preference.


I dont know if I like this show or not. I find myself cringing at parts with Emily, but then find myself loving her because she has a huge heart. Im not a fan of cassandra at all, as far as i'm concered she can leave. I do like tyra though and it will be interesting to see what happens when the info about her dad comes out. Out of the 2 boys I love Micah but I dont want a rushed relationship between him and Emily if they have one at all. I will give it a few more episodes.


This show feels so awkward to watch. I actually feel myself cringing for Emily. I am not attached to any of the characters yet at all. I think that is the danger of having a show with a lot of internal dialogue is it's too focused on the main character. It feels like she's a victim and everyone else is horrible. I may have Tyra and Cassandra confused but these girls are the biggest jerks. Every episode I just want Emily to skewer them. First, it's hard to believe that someone you knew in high school would still be exactly the same after all this time. Then because we never see Tyra do anything, I always wonder if it's in Emily's head or is she really is horrible/rumor starter. I am not sure what Will's deal is...I would make the same inference based on the phone message he left Emily. If you don't like her, stop leaving messages like that. The show makes the viewer feel completely impotent since we want Emily to stand/speak up for herself and it never happens.

Miranda wicker

@T--I do *like* Tyra, and I think the character has potential. I just don't really care for how they're using her so far. Hopefully that will change as the season progresses. Cassandra, however, can transfer to another hospital. @Lyla--I think you're on to something RE Emily/Will. She kind of idolizes him in a way that I think a lot of girls do in high school. He's cute, funny, friendly, and so she thinks there should be more when she can't see the better choice staring at her. It plays into the theme of the show. @Mrs. M--I know that Pindari said it was her first week, so perhaps not the second day, but I'm glad I'm not the only one who finds his feelings forced too quickly.


Like everyone here, I'm also a fan of Micah, but I'm puzzled like you, Miranda, about the feelings from Micah being a bit forced out too soon. Isn't it only the second day for Emily? Micah fell in love at first sight with Emily? Sure, on the first episode, we see Micah being sweet to Emily, but he already developed feelings for her on the second day? The timeline just seemed a bit mixed up.
But I still love the show. Compared to all the other shows, this one is light, fun and not exaggerated at all.

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Personally, I find gossip so irritating.


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