Grimm Review: Hybrid 1, Hybrid 2

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"The Other Side" sets its procedural story up as one large metaphor for the upcoming drama that is about to unfold.

I just wish the killer kid story hadn’t been used back-to-back.

An Unexpected Attack

Thankfully, Pierce being the culprit isn’t the main takeaway from the story – it’s his genetics. Pierce is half Lowen-half Genio Innocuo, and, because of that, if he can’t keep his emotions in check his violent side comes out. It’s a light twist to what Renard is going through.

The potion Adalind’s mother gave Renard brought out, or brought about, feelings of infatuation with Juliette when he kissed her awake. His obsessions are growing, and according to Monroe, it’s only going to get worse and worse. The infatuation is already beginning to influence his choices. Like Pierce, Renard’s compulsive obsession with Juliette seems to be driving him subconsciously, and those actions are beginning to affect his life directly.

Renard slips up as he nearly runs over a man walking home. But instead of apologizing and going on his way, Renard perhaps makes one of the biggest mistakes of the night: he punches him. While it might not seem like the biggest blunder, the scene with Renard back at the station is telling, as we’re continually being focused at his ring, and it certainly looks big enough to leave a distinguishable mark.

The second part of Renard’s no good, terrible adventure is his run-in with Monroe at the spice shop. Nick’s biggest ally is now Renard’s best hope of squashing his obsessions, but to stir up a cure he needs far more information than Renard wants to give up. It sets up an interesting back and forth because Team Nick is not aware of Renard... and Renard is not aware of Rosalee and Monroe’s involvement with Nick’s Grimm-hood. Which side gets to find out first?

Renard is beginning to unravel, and hopefully it won’t be long before his own plans are brought out in the open; however, his half-status as a royal is still his biggest trump card because we don’t know if he’s with Nick or against him. He could be out for total vengeance against his family alone (although not likely because the coins showed him wanting great power), but whatever his plans are they do involve Nick. As big as the world of Grimm feels like, it seems that all plot threads are beginning to come around and focus on just a few: Nick and Renard. Their collective influences overlap on so many of the same people.

Aside from Renard’s horrible misadventure, the other area of significance is Adalind cozying up with Renard’s brother, Eric. Eric brings about more information on Renard: he’s a human/hexenbeast hybrid.  That’s right, a hexenbeast just like Adalind. Renard's mother fearing for his safety brought him to Portland.

Other thoughts:

  • There’s a new intern (squintern?) in town! The one and only Michael Grant Terry. He seems to have taken a liking to Nick and his cases. I’m sure it won’t be too long until he comes across Nick’s unique ways of solving cases.
  • I can’t quite figure out what Juliette is feeling with Renard. She has some kind of draw to him, and she, like him, is trying to ignore it.
  • Reverse viagra doesn't sound very pleasant.
  • Nick totally kicked Pierce's butt. I don't think I've ever witnessed so much getting broken in one fight sequence. I can't decide if it was cheesy or awesome.
  • When is Mama Burkhardt coming back?
  • Did the potion Renard take begin to bring his hexenbeast half out more?


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@KansasGuest My concern was about the other half; we KNOW he is half-hexenbeist, my doubt is how human the royal families are, if they are at all. That's why I mentioned Mama Schade's words; calling him him "nowhere near human" seems superlative, now, is that a clue or just a taunt? We don't know. This, plus the fact that Renard's seeming Woge during the purification ritual and the car crash didn't look like a hexenbeist, though we do not how male hexenbeist are supposed to look. I guess I should have been clearer about what side I was talking about, but you should have more faith in people and not assume everyone is a drooling moron.


@Serenity - I'm also starting to wonder if the writers are parenting a large number of adolescents at this time. Last week, girl going through puberty early. This week, boy puberty & tendencies for aggression. Even though I like Halloween episodes, I'm not looking forward to the whole "children in danger" theme again this week.


Squintern! I definitely yelled "Wendall!" when he came on the screen. I too thought it strange they put two episodes of kids unable to deal with the changes back to back. Part of me was hoping it was mommy dearest who was taking out those who were distracting her son, but I had a feeling it was the son instead, just like last week's episode.


@Van - Seriously? This latest episode spelled out Renard's heritage for the viewers so there could be no mistake. Eric told Adalind that Renard's mother was a Hexenbiest. He even told her how he ended up in the U.S. vs. remaining in Europe. If that conversation doesn't convince you, I don't know what will.


I am not sure that Renard is half human/half hexenbeist, Mommy Schade said "nowhere near human" If I recall. Do we know for sure that the royal families are human? Well, either way, Renard being a hybrid is a great twist and explanation on his outcast status. If he wants to build his empire, he needs a Grimm. Which brings me to the awesomeness of Adalind's hex. Putting Juliette between Renard and Nick seriously screws with the prince's plan. How will he ever win his trust when he is infatuated (and it's only getting worse) with Nick's girlfriend? I think that Adalind had the foresight of knowing how her mother would help Renard, basically "booby-trapping" Juliete.


What I meant regarding Mrs. Schade's "cure" was that it helped Renard nearly eliminate his Hexenbiest side. If you recall, she said that since he was nowhere near being "pure of heart" to cure Juliet's coma, she had to do it chemically. After drinking it, Renard literally huffed and puffed his inner Hexenbiest out, leaving "purity" in its wake. But, now the "purity" effect is wearing off, and all the stuff that was temporarily suppressed or eliminated is returning. Purity isn't permanent after all. He isn't the "one prince fits all" cure for people under Hexenbiest spells. One aspect of the wesen-of-the-week that I didn't understand is why this obviously smart woman believed mixing lowen DNA w/hers would be a good idea. Was there no other less violent wesen option available? Can't a wesen be competitive without the killer instinct?


OH - The "squintern" quip was awesome LOL....I was totally saying that in my head when he showed up on screen!! I don't think the potion itself brings out his hexenbiest half; I think that it's effects are disrupting his self-control, and damaging his calm, so to speak. I think that's why the hexenbiest comes out.


We get adult Wesen in consecutive episodes all the time - it's all about how the story is told. The plots were different enough that I was okay with two kid wesen killers in a row. I've always thought that Renard's plan would ultimately result with Nick being an ally. Renard has gone through hoops to protect him, and my theory is that his attempt to get power as a royal will involve having a Grimm on his side. This makes his current predicament VERY problematic, because his obsession with Juliette pits him against Nick, and messes up his plan. It also is seriously messing with his legendary self-control. This is going to be a wonderful mess to behold. I was surprised that Renard didn't know who Monroe was, given the numerous attempts on Monroe's life, one involving Renard's ex-girlfriend...


(it cut off the last bit of my comment. Here it is) Awesome expisode. Really nice tension with Renard going to *Monroe* for help. You wonder when/if Monroe's gonna remember when he saw him before. Also, if Renard, with his growing obsession, is going to turn on Nick...destroying all his intrigues because he can't control this thing.


As for what Juliette thinks...I read her as having reservations about these feelings she's having for Renard. She can't remember her relationship with Nick, and perhaps is wondering if there's a relationship with Renard she doesn't remember either. Is she wondering if she had an affair she can't remember, and that's why she's drawn to the captain? And, if so, does that makie her a horrible person? She definitely looked disquieted. I don't think the potion wearing off is what caused Renard to Hexenbiest out. I think that was just another sign of him losing control. Which is significant, because he's extremely good at holding that side of himself at bay...understandable if he spent half his childhood pretending that he wasn't Wessen at all. Did his mother teach him that? Which begs the question...what happened that the Royals found out? Awesome expisode. Really nice tension with Renard going to *Monroe* for help. You wonder when/if Monroe's gonna remember when he saw him before. Also, if Renard, with his growing obsession, is going to turn on Nick...destroying all his intrigues because he can't control this thing.

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