Haven Review: Harvesting Time

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If you recall, in my review last week I had the sneaking suspicion that Audrey would push Nathan away because of The Hunter. I also thought she would fail to tell him about it.

As "The Farmer" began, she had yet to tell him, but when she discovered he was making plans for them months in advance, she surprised me and put it out on the table. Thank you, Haven, for doing the unexpected and proving me wrong. That's only one of the many reasons I cannot get enough of the show.

Duke's desire to help Audrey is not only admirable, but he has really great advice. Sure, some of it seems like mere words, goodies like 'I choose how to live my life and so can you...' but he's not far off the mark when your residence is Haven. Duke's destiny was to kill the Troubled and he proved he didn't have to follow it.

Disappearing, reappearing and having no memory of your Trouble, as Audrey does, might have a different nuance to it, but something tells me the Teague brothers have more to share that can help in that regard. They could have a lot of information they're holding back on the why of her leaving and the how. Time will tell.

The Trouble this week was pretty disgusting.

Haven 'The Farmer' Pic

A lot of Troubles are not sinister, but the Troubled have little choice in doing what they have to do. The Troubled man who was harvesting organs for himself had donated enough sperm to ensure when his time came, he would have loads of available organs. He didn't hesitate to use them to save himself. I was confused about the speech he gave his son regarding the choices he made when his own father took him for a walk and the overpowering will to survive because he then went on to do exactly to his son what we expected he would do; kill his own kids to save himself.

So why the speech?

For Audrey to try to force upon Duke to become the fate he was fighting put a completely new face onto Audrey. Why did she feel she had to use him to kill the Troubled guy, Nix? Couldn't she do it just as easily herself? Duke had already told her what it meant to him that he turned from his destiny and took his own path. He has been her greatest ally, and I couldn't understand why she would make such a terrible request. It was out of character.

Nathan didn't have any idea where her head was at and frankly, neither do I. Could she be changing into the person who leaves, and might that be why she leaves each time? I was grasping at straws, I'll admit.

Did we already know that Duke's killing the Troubled lead to the healing of their victims? If so, I had forgotten and it was one hell of a twist in my head. I knew he absorbed their blood and gained power of some sort, but not that it affected the victims of those he just consumed. Running from his destiny was taking him further away from the man he wanted to be, but for all the right reasons. The look on Duke's face as he shared what happened with Audrey and the tears in his eyes spoke volumes. Eric Balfour's acting just gets better with every project he does, and it's a pleasure to watch him work.

Finally, we were introduced to Tommy, yet another character who wasn't who he seemed. Is anyone in Haven? I enjoyed him, but didn't like that he killed someone to stay and accept the job offered by Nathan, nor that his presence appeared to steal screen time from Adam Copeland (WWE's Edge), whom I've quite enjoyed in recent episodes. Tommy can stay and keep spouting out the quotable lines, but let's not forget about Dwight!

I've been hooked since the very first episode of Haven, but season three is outstanding. By far the best show on SyFy, it's also one of the best sci-fi shows on television. With shocking story progression, realistic character growth and never-ending surprises, it's the definition of must-see TV.


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its kinda irritating when the auther dosent pay attention to the story and forgets key plot points


Like the original organ donor said, his trouble was triggered when his father went after him, so when he went after his daughter and sons, he triggered their organ failure and they are all subsequently dying. When Duke killed the father, he destroyed the trouble and saved all the children the father had attacked because he instigated their trouble by attacking them.


When Duke's dad appeared as a ghost last season, he explained that Duke had the ability to "cure" the Troubles for future generations if he killed the parent. That's why the Reverend had enlisted Duke...to cure troubles. They didn't show what happened in Tommy's motel room, which makes me wonder if the visitor actually killed Tommy and took over his body (like the shapeshifter in the first season), as a means to get closer to Audrey and get information about the Colorado kid. The other thing that confused me is why Audrey's kidnapper removed the nose of one of the killer's relatives at the end of this episode. What did he want with it?


The Troubles seem to return every few months to a few years before Audrey's arrival and go away a few moths-a few years after she leaves, so I don't think she brings them. However, she might be the only one who can end them, but disappears right before she can solve the problem. The 27 years is timed with the arrival of the Hunter meteor storm, so maybe there's something about the arrival of the meteor storm that triggers her departure. I keep wondering if Audrey has some kind of Trouble that is triggered by the meteor storm. Her Trouble could be time travel, memory loss, inability to age or something else.


@Just wondering, but, it's an interesting theory but I wonder why does she come back every 27 years if it isn't because the troubles come back every 27 years? But then, it's weird that she comes back every time the troubles do. Maybe she IS the cause of the troubles.


We have all been assuming that "Audrey" returns to Haven when the "troubles" start up again; several episodes have alluded to this. So, what happens if it is revealed that the "troubles" only come to Haven BECAUSE "Audrey" shows up; therefore, in order to end the "troubles," Duke has to kill Audrey? Is that what's going to happen in 46 days?


Duke's dad -Timoh Penikett, yum!- told him that when he came back from the dead ant the end of the last season. It's their own family "curse". Hopefully it's not a no way back situation for Duke, whose character growth is really amazing so far! It's really compelling how they all got here, knowing what will make Audrey disappear and perhaps finding a way to prevent it? Meanwhile, Audrey's relationship with both Duke and Nathan is becoming more edgy,,,big suspense here, yay!


It was noted earlier that if Duke killed the troubled person, he basically kills the trouble. While in some ways this is out of character for Audrey, I think she's feeling squeezed by the time crunch. She knows she's going to leave and she wants to take care of as much as possible with as much finality as she possible can.


Actually, they said in earlier episodes that if DUKE killed the troubled person it ends the trouble for the next generations. That is why she asked him to kill him, because of all the children he fathered, this trouble would have meant many more deaths in the future... I felt like Audrey and Duke were compromising on this one. I don't think it means Duke will now start killing every troubled person, but I think for this particular trouble they felt it was the right thing to do.

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Haven Season 3 Episode 3 Quotes

Duke: This guy had a family? And he's taken his kids with him?
Audrey: His organs are failing. He might need them.
Duke: For parts.

Audrey: Lucy loved The Colorado Kid and it cost him everything.
Claire: And you're afraid that will happen to every man you love.
Audrey: Not if I don't let it.