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"Stay" was a really great episode of Haven, especially if you read Stephen King's book "Cujo" and always wished the movie had lived up to what was proposed in the novel.

We were also introduced to a new female character and it appears she'll round things out nicely for Haven residents. This was only the second episode of the season and we've already learned a great deal about what we can look forward to, with a hint of what to expect in the finale.

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Living up to its promise that the troubles will be larger than life this year, we had another doozy of one. The first troubled person who ran into the convenience store would have been far more frightening if he didn't look like he was doing a very bad impersonation of Adam Sandler from Little Nicky, but once we found out all the nekkid people running the streets were actually dogs from the local kennel, the leader of which was going to be euthanized for rabies, the story really took shape.

There were some great visuals with this particular trouble, including the headline for the evening edition of the Haven Herald as a naked man was seen running down the street with a collar around his head; the type that we use to keep our dogs from chewing at their stitches, etc.

If you read "Cujo" you know the story was an in-depth look at the psychotic nature of rabies and what it does to a dog's brain. How a dog feels pain, and yet still feels love for his family and the confusion that overwhelms him because they don't understand what is going on. If you watched the movie, you saw a nasty, mean dog. Not the same story!

The troubled man who took his dog to be put to sleep didn't keep up with his shots, and somehow his trouble transformed the family pet into a human. A human with as much love for the boy to whom he was attached as when he was in dog form. Claire Callahan, the new psychiatrist, knew a dog who is protecting something he loves would bury it. If they didn't find the boy, he might be buried alive, not out of malice, but because of the protective nature of Jesse the canine.

Everything I wanted from my earlier Stephen King movie came true in the moment Liam's father treated the rabid, angry adult as the family pet, expressing his sympathy and sorrow ...and he and all the other dogs returned to their true form. Jesse died, but they did find Liam alive.

While all of this was going on, Duke and Dwight (who is another fabulous addition to the Haven team in his expanded role) were trying to find out about The Hunter, as noted in the season premiere. Before I tell you what they found, I thought this was interesting:

Although the actor playing Dwight is Adam Copeland, formerly Edge of the WWE, because of the pairing of the show on Fridays with the WWE wrestling extravaganza, they've taken to calling him WWE Superstar Edge in the credits. Isn't that odd?

So The Hunter is a meteor storm that occurs every 27 years, right on target with Sarah's and Lucy's and now, perhaps, Audrey's departure from Haven. The bad news Duke delivered was it's happening again in two months. Audrey was so excited to keep a dog, but after learning about The Hunter, she decided it wouldn't be a good idea.

I can already see the writing on the wall with Nathan; she will fight to keep him at arm's length with the idea she's protecting him. That has to be part of the big triangle this season. Will Audrey tell Nathan about The Hunter? I have an idea she won't, and if she doesn't, that will only make her friendship with Duke all the more important for her, just to keep her sanity.

Granted, Claire could be of some help in that department, but it's Duke who she trusts and it would be Duke she would use as a confident that would hurt Nathan. Nathan would be loving Audrey and imagining she was forsaking him for Duke. I hope that's not the road they're heading down, but it makes perfect sense.

Would Nathan turn to someone else in jealousy? So many questions and still 11 episodes to go. One thing I think we can count on: The season finale will be centered on the night of The Hunter. Will Audrey leave Haven? If she does, it won't be 27 years before she returns in her next incarnation or Haven would be no more. I'm already counting on season four!


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I don't like Nathan actually because he is always so angry and hostile towards Duke..that's really annoying me after a few episodes.. I think Audrey would be better of with a Duke than Nathan!


Terrible episode. Blech! No idea what you guys liked about it aside from the new psychiatrist. Yes, there were revelations about the past and the future, but the story itself was absurd. This guy's "trouble" is that IF HE THINKS ABOUT KILLING AN ANIMAL it turns human??? The power to turn animals into people sounds possibly cool ... but only when you want to kill them??? And the ... never mind. The details are equally ridiculous. Terrible, terrible.


My question is when "The Hunter" meteor shower happens,will Audrey disappear again and will that mean a series finale cause I really hope not i love this show!!!!!!! What I am hoping is that they find the colorado kid and Audrey doesn't have to disappear this time and it keeps going!!!! But who is the colorado kid, is it Nathan... or who??? And like it's been said before by everyone who broke into the newspaper place????? With the Audrey and Duke... & ... Audrey and Nathan....
I am half and half... Half of me wants her with Duke, and the other half of me wants her with Nathan considering it seems semi romantic that she is the only one he can feel... when she touches him.


Another good episode. I can see Audrey pushing Nathan away because of "The Hunter" and turning to Duke as a friend. I can also see Nathan maybe turning to the new Doctor in town. I agree I'm tired of the love triangle because I just don't see one.
I don't see Nathan falling in love with the Doctor or falling for Duke romantically.
Who kidnapped Audrey; Who broke into the newspaper; Who is the Coloroda kid (Nathan?) and why do they want him dead?


I think Audrey has great chemistry with both Nathan and Duke, but I'd hate to watch another show with a love triangle. One person (or both) end up getting very hurt, and I don't want to see that happening to either character.


I love this show!!! :o) and NO Grace I think Audrey is better with Duke too!!


love haven, and i think im the only one who prefers duke and Audrey to Nathan and Audrey


This episode started out weird, but ended up being terrific, although the story about the dogs was heartbreaking. I really love this series! Why aren't more people watching it? The reveal about the Hunter meteor storm was surprising. It's a mystery how a meteor storm would trigger Audrey's disappearance or memory loss (if that's what it does). I wonder if the Colorado kid knows how to prevent her from vanishing or losing her memory, which is why she has to find "him" before The Hunter meteor (although the "him" might not even be the Colorado kid! Or maybe he knows how to stop the Trouble. "Lucy" found out the answer right before she disappeared, so couldn't do anything....so hopefully "Audrey" gets even closer. Carissa, that was a great review! I also found the "WWE Superstar Edge" credits odd until I read the article below: Apparently the WWE owns that name and he's considered product placement for the WWE!
Maybe it's part of his contract?


I thought this was one of the creepiest episodes of the whole series. The scene where the boy's father was talking to the dog (now a man) was very uncomfortable to watch. Regardless, this was yet another powerful episode in a row. Haven was always good, but season 3 (and the end of season 2) have been superb.


It was a great episode. This season looks fantastic. I just wish Audrey confided in Nathan. She needs that and Nathan needs to be able to help.

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Haven Season 3 Episode 2 Quotes

Audrey: I'm pretty busy now Duke!
Duke: I just thought you might like to know there is a very large, naked man eating raw fish by the south dock. Kind of looks like he should be in a Bow-Flex commercial. By that I mean he's like jacked, juiced...now he's staring at me.

And say what? We've got 8-10 cavemen in a barn, we might have found the missing link?