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When I used to have a life, Halloween was one of my favorite holidays. With the costumes, crisp air and crunching leaves what isn't there to like? Now that I don't play with costumes, I get to live vicariously through television. "Real Estate" was an extraordinary haunted house story wrapped inside of a Halloween celebration and I loved it. Haven made me so happy!

Haven's Haunted House

The best thing about the episode was that it put all members of this extremely talented cast together for the majority of the show. When I interviewed Kate Kelton, she said this type of episode is done as a cost saving measure, because it is low on production costs. If it costs less to have them all together, then I'm all for more of these brilliant ensemble pieces. Did I mention it was directed by Jason Priestley? Apparently he enjoyed his turn as Chris Brody so much in season two that he can't stay away.

There was a lot of going on with regard to Nathan and Jordan this week. Seeing the look on Audrey's face when Nathan took Jordan's hand was like the worst Halloween nightmare come true. Just by showing up, Nathan was outed, and that house played tricks on everybody so that nobody knew who to trust. I love whodunnits where everyone becomes a suspect!

Since she was the odd woman out, Jordan was the main WHO that everyone thought done it, however. That just gave way for Nathan to grow ever closer to her. Don't get me wrong, I want he and Audrey to be the end game, but having this roadblock in the meantime is a worthy sidebar. It's better than putting Duke in the middle, because the three of them are too important to the main story to be at each other's throats.

Speaking of Duke, when he saw the gun on the floor, I expected it to fly across the floor when he bent down to pick it up in a classic haunted house trick. How easy am I? Every character had great quotes to deliver this week, and Claire was at the top of the list with a lovely one about Duke, in particular. Check out the Haven quotes to relive the best of them.

Iain Glen (Jorah on Game of Thrones) added a classy take on the Holloway house as the house itself. Once Mr. Holloway, his trouble was that he became the house. In lesser hands the speech he gave about becoming one with it and watching his family die could have been silly. Instead his presence was a powerful foe for Audrey and for Lucy as well. Audrey chose to make the same choice Lucy did in letting him rot in that house, but Dwight blew that sucker to the ground.

As the haunted house continued to get the best of our Scoobies, Nathan was clearly upset when he found Jordan at the bottom of the stairs. Whether he was meaning to or not, he's beginning to have real feelings for her. He was telling the truth when he told Audrey he trusted Jordan, and there was more to it than that. Audrey's continual rebuffing wasn't helping her case, and when he leaned in for a kiss with Jordan at the end, he sure looked engaged to me.

As she flashed back to Lucy in the house, Audrey recalled enough to finally discover who The Colorado Kid was, and found his Missing Persons report. His name was James Cogan. For a while, as they showed only his sideburns, he reminded me quite a bit of Nathan. For those of you who thought perhaps he might be Nathan's birth father, the glimpses we saw tonight sure swayed me in that general direction.

What did you think of the episode? Did you have as much fun with the entire group in one location as I did? This season just gets better and better. I can't wait for next week!


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@Anon & Anontoo, I with you guys. Balfour doesn't do it for me either. He,s got a weird face with a huge chin... Looove Nathan though. He's got those deep-looking blue eyes.


I can't stand Jordan her story is annoying Nathan needs to realize she's bad news. I mean I doubt Claire would have given up on her if she had any hope of being helped. I hated seeing how hurt Audrey was and Nathan didn't even realize Audrey was hurt! Ugh! you could tell he us just trying to convince himself to be with Jordan cause he can't even feel her!ugh and the Colorado kid has to be a relative of Nathans. Great show can't wait for next week


i love audrey and duke. they are amazing together


i almost didn't finish the episode because of nathan and jordan everybody is on danger and all he thinks about is that jordan woman. the rest of the epi was awsome though. looove audrey


Why does Audrey have to fall for either of them? I mean, the character is written as smart, independent, strong-willed. With all the crap she goes through? A true & sincere friendship would be priceless over a love interest. Hell, if she has to have a love interest? You might just wanna throw in the cleaner guy too. Mix things up a bit.


@anon you're not the only one that doesn't see a romantic connection between Audrey and Duke, but I see tons of chemistry between Nathan and Audrey. I feel as though I'm the only one way more interested in the Nathan plot line than Duke's. I find Nathan super hot, Duke is meh. Balfour so does not do it for me. I see Audrey and Nathan getting together, Nathan is just trying to gain Jordan's trust right now. This episode was amazing, so many twists and turns and we learned much more about each character.


The Colorado Kid can't be Nathan's father because we saw him at the end od season one in Spiral. Max Hansen.


I'm so sure that nathan has something to do with the colorado kid or Audrey's past. We know NOTHING about his past, plus...that James guy looked WAY too much like him for it not to mean anything.


Audrey and duke? just best friends. This is all just another hurdle that Nathan and Audrey will overcome, there is way too much there for them not to persue it.


i feel like i'm the only person who doesn't see a romantic connection between Audrey and Duke. Well, not on Audrey's part anyway. I sure as hell hope they dont keep pushing the triangle like they have in the vampire diaries, cos that's just incredibly annoying now!

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