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When I used to have a life, Halloween was one of my favorite holidays. With the costumes, crisp air and crunching leaves what isn't there to like? Now that I don't play with costumes, I get to live vicariously through television. "Real Estate" was an extraordinary haunted house story wrapped inside of a Halloween celebration and I loved it. Haven made me so happy!

Haven's Haunted House

The best thing about the episode was that it put all members of this extremely talented cast together for the majority of the show. When I interviewed Kate Kelton, she said this type of episode is done as a cost saving measure, because it is low on production costs. If it costs less to have them all together, then I'm all for more of these brilliant ensemble pieces. Did I mention it was directed by Jason Priestley? Apparently he enjoyed his turn as Chris Brody so much in season two that he can't stay away.

There was a lot of going on with regard to Nathan and Jordan this week. Seeing the look on Audrey's face when Nathan took Jordan's hand was like the worst Halloween nightmare come true. Just by showing up, Nathan was outed, and that house played tricks on everybody so that nobody knew who to trust. I love whodunnits where everyone becomes a suspect!

Since she was the odd woman out, Jordan was the main WHO that everyone thought done it, however. That just gave way for Nathan to grow ever closer to her. Don't get me wrong, I want he and Audrey to be the end game, but having this roadblock in the meantime is a worthy sidebar. It's better than putting Duke in the middle, because the three of them are too important to the main story to be at each other's throats.

Speaking of Duke, when he saw the gun on the floor, I expected it to fly across the floor when he bent down to pick it up in a classic haunted house trick. How easy am I? Every character had great quotes to deliver this week, and Claire was at the top of the list with a lovely one about Duke, in particular. Check out the Haven quotes to relive the best of them.

Iain Glen (Jorah on Game of Thrones) added a classy take on the Holloway house as the house itself. Once Mr. Holloway, his trouble was that he became the house. In lesser hands the speech he gave about becoming one with it and watching his family die could have been silly. Instead his presence was a powerful foe for Audrey and for Lucy as well. Audrey chose to make the same choice Lucy did in letting him rot in that house, but Dwight blew that sucker to the ground.

As the haunted house continued to get the best of our Scoobies, Nathan was clearly upset when he found Jordan at the bottom of the stairs. Whether he was meaning to or not, he's beginning to have real feelings for her. He was telling the truth when he told Audrey he trusted Jordan, and there was more to it than that. Audrey's continual rebuffing wasn't helping her case, and when he leaned in for a kiss with Jordan at the end, he sure looked engaged to me.

As she flashed back to Lucy in the house, Audrey recalled enough to finally discover who The Colorado Kid was, and found his Missing Persons report. His name was James Cogan. For a while, as they showed only his sideburns, he reminded me quite a bit of Nathan. For those of you who thought perhaps he might be Nathan's birth father, the glimpses we saw tonight sure swayed me in that general direction.

What did you think of the episode? Did you have as much fun with the entire group in one location as I did? This season just gets better and better. I can't wait for next week!


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Claire and Duke, that could be interesting... Though I feel like he has more in common with Jordan. Or maybe they're too much alike, so Claire could be a right match for him since opposites attract.


Nathan and Jordan: the writers really jumped ahead with their story in tonight's episode. the scene when Nathan took Jordans hand, Audrey was really hurt. At the end when he kissed her it was believable that he was interested, what did Nathan tell Audrey? Jordan was like him and THAT is what he is feeling. Liked how we found out how Jordan's trouble came back and what she did to that person. Interesting she was a patient of Claire's. Duke/Audrey: didn't like that he was following her around like a lovesick school boy, when she clearly doesn't show anything more than a friendship love to Duke. Audrey: when we saw her talking to the Colorado Kid, I could have sworn that he sounded like Nathan. Excited to see we're the writers will take us next. As long as its with Nathan & Audrey and Duke & Claire.


You guys are right about Claire. I like her too much to want to think about it, but she was just accepted with very little vetting. She said where she came from and what she did, and was welcomed with open arms. That's very strange for a new character. Oh no....I don't want her to be a baddie. I, too, could spend an entire hour just listening to a conversation between Audrey and Claire. They have great chemistry. If it turns out to be due to dark forces I'm going to cry!


Great episode...very creepy! Plus we finally got a clearer picture of the Colorado kid and a name too! It's kind of weird that he looks so much like Nathan which makes me wonder if they are related in some way. I like Claire, but I keep thinking that she might be there to get information out of Audrey. I also like the chemistry between Lucas and Jordan, but ultimately I think that Lucas and Audrey belong together. I keep hoping that we won't have another love triangle or quadrangle, but based on how Duke has been acting towards Audrey, I guess it's going to happen. Sigh.


I find it interesting the theory that the Colorado Kid would be Nathan's father. And I like this season, they're developping the mythology, when shdrey starts remembering her time as Lucy. I wonder if that means she has to leave when she starts remebering too much. Did Lucy remember being Sarah before?


@Bored now, you have a great memory, I don't remember Eric Balfour in Buffy's pilot. And I'm a huge Buffy fan. And I agree with Skoobie79, you can't deny the chemistry between nathan and Audrey. Just because you're a Duke/Audrey shipper doesn't mean everyone has to be. I want Nathan and Audrey to be together. What they have is special, she's the only one he can feel. That's why I don't get why he's going for Jordan since he can't feel her.


The episode was absolutely A+ on all counts. I didn't know it was directed by Jason Priestly, he did an amazing job, and having the entire cast in there with so many different dynamics - hats off to him! I loved everything about this ep, edge-of-the-seat tension and a great trouble. Was cool to see Ser Jorah in there too :)


'Did no one else get that Dwight was dressed as the Undertaker from WWE?' Oh thank you, MickeyG123!!! I just could not put my finger on it and I was so bothered by it because it looked so familiar! Thanks a heap! @Weza: While it's okay to say that you prefer Audrey with Duke, it's unfair to say that Bryant and Rose have no chemistry. These two actors have managed to carry a 'romantic relationship' over 3 seasons spanning 3 years with pretty much no romantic dialogue and only a couple of touches and a spur of the moment one-sided smooch. That's massive chemistry and great acting right there.


I also like Audrey and Duke together, I see sparks between them. It's never boring when they're in scenes together. This season I really don't care what they do with Nathan, he looks like he's pouting and angry most of the time. The best scene last night was the cascading gun scene. Very well directed and acted!


Can the reviewer on this site stop mentioning her shipping bias towards Nathan and Audrey? I personally believe the end of Audrey would be if she hooks up with Nathan. Nathan is better with Jordan or whoever else. Audrey should be with Duke or somebody else. Anybody but Nathan. There's is no chemistry btw Bryant and Rose but the screen comes alive with Balfour and Rose and it would be a complete waste not to utilise that due to another misguided "endgame" issue. Just like the disaster that was Jack and Kate in LOST! No sense. Audrey and Duke or they should all have different lovers. Maybe Audrey and the Colorado kid!

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