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It's only the fourth episode of the season, and we've had three new characters introduced. Fortunately, each has been a raving success. I would not have imagined that to be possible.

To start, I adore Claire. How can you not love a psychologist who learns regressive hypnotherapy on the Web despite Yale's insistence it's a bunch of hooey? Bree Williamson has made Claire completely irresistible and full of charm. Well done.

Duke Assits Audrey

Last week Dorian Missick joined as Tommy Bowen. Given his shady circumstances and that he's in Haven for nefarious reasons, I shouldn't be a fan. But Tommy seemed so clueless to the overall scenario he'd gotten himself into that it's a lot of fun watching him. I totally bought into Vince and Dave wanting to write a story on him, but it was even better that Tommy was played a fool by them. It suited him perfectly and showed just how little he gets about Haven.

It was damn clever of him to discover the Teagues own half of all the commercial real estate in Haven. They've always been so mysterious. Might Tommy coming to town finally shed light onto their true value and purpose to the town of Haven? They're bound to know more about Audrey than they've shared. If Tommy can expose them, that makes him invaluable!

Finally, we met Jordan McKee in "Over My Head." When Haven was moved from a summer show to the fall, the series started an Internet campaign about The Guard and she was the star. If you've paid any attention to that and the #escapetohaven hashtag, you were a little prepared for what we learned tonight.

We also interviewed Kate Kelton this week, and if you didn't read that interview, head on over because she was delightful. 

We didn't get a lot of interaction with Jordan, but what we did see won me over. Can you imagine having a trouble wherein one touch from you and another human drops to the ground writhing in pain? While it would be nice to ignore your manicure, the negatives far outweigh the positives. The look on her face when Nathan grabbed her hand was amazing. She had not felt the flesh of another human in years. How will she be able to keep herself from falling hard for Nathan?

On top of all of these new faces, the three mains have remained as intriguing and alluring as ever. Audrey and Nathan were this close to a relationship until Audrey discovered The Hunter isn't a person but a meteor shower, putting a time frame to her escapades in Haven. Once she learned The Colorado Kid could have died due to one of her past incarnations, she became unwilling to remain close to Nathan in the event he suffered the same fate.

That leaves the door wide open for Nathan to truly fall for Jordan as he pretends to woo her to infiltrate The Guard. Even though everything he does is to find a way to protect Audrey and ensure she doesn't disappear like Lucy and Sarah before her, surely he'll have a breaking point. Will he reach it this season?

Duke's new power is taking on a life of its own. Nathan gives him no credit at all for controlling himself, but Duke has worked harder than any of them to walk a different path than what fate carved for him. I loved how he took it just to the edge and used it as a superpower to save the woman trapped in the car when destiny would have meant for him to kill her. Plus, dude looks so hot when his eyes turn light blue! He needs to change more often. I'm a girl, I can appreciate these things!

Speaking of the trapped woman, she sure picked an odd way to try to get her friends and neighbors attention that she was missing, didn't she? I get that it was a Trouble, but how in the hell was it supposed to bring someone to save her? The woman in the pool didn't even have a chance to think let alone deduce that her friend might have gone over a cliff and was being circled by sharks. While it was a strange Trouble, it made for some great special effects. 

Friday nights bring me two of my favorite shows; Haven and Fringe. It wasn't even a competition in which one was better tonight. If Haven keeps up this level of production, it's going to spend a lot of time on top. What did you think? Sound off in the comments and share your thoughts on the newbies!


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Brilliant writing, performances & filming, Haven is quality at all times :) As others have suggested, I think Nathan is the Colorado Kid. My theory is: * The sheriff adopted him/raised him on Lucy's request after she saved him. Her saving him had a price & Audrey coming back to Haven in her current incarnation is broke the rules & triggered the Troubles. * The Bolt Killer is Max Brennan (I know he fell through the earth so to speak but doesn't mean he died). Yes, he's nuts, but he did ask Audrey whether she thought she was the only one who loved the Colorado Kid, which indicates he might be related to him and he is Nathan's birth father. Plus he has the Guard tattoo as seen in this episode. * The flashbacks/memories Audrey had this episode showed a young man/teen possibly dead & he just had the look of a young Nathan...could be wrong though! Theorising is driving me crazy...which is why I love Haven :)


My money is down that the serial killer is making an Audrey replica...


Carissa likes Haven and Fringe? WE MUST BE RELATED! :) I wanted to hate Jordan so much, but I can't. I'm actually feeling really sympathetic towards her right now. Can't wait to see how the season pans out.


Everything that DMH said.. Once again, nice review. This is one of those shows that really pay off the longer you stick with it, and the three lead actors do such a great job with their characters. I also like all three new characters. I thought that Nathan and Jordan had amazing chemistry, although I still ship Nathan and Audrey. I feel sorry for Duke, because I really think that he will eventually follow in his dad's footsteps to a certain extent, no matter how hard he resists. I suspect that Claire is right about his feelings for Audrey, but I keep hoping she's wrong, because it won't end well for him. The other great part of the episode is Audrey finally starting to remember. Plus, we finally got a clear image of the Colorado kid! Does anyone else think that the Colorado kid might be a blood relative of Audrey or Lucy's (like a son or sibling) instead of someone she was in love with?


May be strange but I want her with Duke...The dudes completely awesome and beats to his own drum...Nathan is so numb (pun intended) and one track minded...We need some more Dwight too...


Really enjoyed last nights episode. 1). Watching Nathan and Audrey together was awesome, you could really feel the pain, hurt and longing in every scene between them. I wonder how that will intensify when she finds Nathan getting closer to Jordan.
2). Liked how the Vince and Dave thought they were getting something over on Tommy and when he came right back at them, loved it! I believe they have a lot of answers about Audrey but refuse to help. 3). I like Claire too, just a thought but I think her and Duke would be interesting. Lastly I understand bringing in another character like Jordan to mix things up but I still want Nathan and Audrey to really get together these two have come a long way in how deeply they care for one another. Oh yeah, could Audrey remember something that could break the cycle of her coming back and just staying in this time period for good?!
With Nathan.....

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