How I Met Your Mother Review: Bangtoberfest

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Barney was at his best this week on How I Met Your Mother, making his much anticipated return to the dating pool, tee shirt gun and all.

"Nannies" also marked Marshall and Lily's return to their normal grade of excellence, as the couple's chemistry was back after a slow start to the season. Perhaps the most improbable part of the episode, though, was how much I enjoyed Chris Elliot's scenes when we learned he wasn't always the absentee dad Lily made him out to be. 

The Nanny Search

While the Eriksens and Barney played nanny wars, two long-time combatants tried to see whose new relationship outshone the other. Ted and Robin turned in an episode full of great exchanges. While it was slightly off, I did like the attempt to foresee the Giants-Browns game, but I don't think anyone was capable of that. 

Barney retained the How I Met Your Mother quotes belt again this week, but Ted and Robin's ongoing game of relationship one upping was by far the best part of tonight. 

Marshall was a close second, however as he reverted to his boyhood and asked for the nine volt batteries and then five more minutes. 

The transition of baby photos featuring Lily and her dad to those showing Marvin growing up was very well done, tugging at my heart strings as they reminded me that our beloved show is most likely in its twilight.

Did I have myself a Nick moment there or did anyone else feel the same way? 


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Favorite part was Ted and Robin battling in the bar but overall this show is slowing down. I did like reading these theories that Ted and the Mother are already divorced! haha


Better episode than last week, I lmaof when i heard "Victoria keeps tampons and my apartment" and "you son of a itch-b" lol. The war between Robin and Ted was amazing... On the other hand, it was toally expected that Barney would end up paying the nanny's salary (but I didn't expect the last scene ha ha). I'm glad Lily's dad was finally shown as a good person. Can't wait for the next episode, just the title "who wants to be a goodparent" says it all : it's gonna be a fun episode !


so cute!!


Good episode but they should speed things up at this point.


You know, 4,5/5 is a smidge generous considering the complete and utter lack of originality in storylines here.
1)Ted and Robin jealously feuding over the quality of each others relationships (Wait For It)
2)Barney reverting to his old ways after a break up (The Playbook)
3)Marshall reverting to childhood (every episode)
4)Lily's daddy issues (Slapsgiving 2)
Hey writers, been there done that.... However, all that considered, the episode was still executed very well and acted very well. I really would have liked more tangible resolution on all the storylines and most of this episode was pretty predictable. Still a decent episode in a very bland beginning of a season (7/10)


loved the episode!!!

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